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Why the toilet smells and how to solve the problem

Your toilet should be a place of maximum comfort and cleanliness.. Homeowners do it all, to keep their toilets bright and clean, but sometimes it seems, that there is no solution from this awful smell of urine. You, probably, wondering: why does my toilet smell like urine?

Underlying causes include residual urine on the toilet seat or urine on the bathroom floor , but these are not the only possible causes of all problems and their solutions.

Toilet seat hides odors

The first problem is the most common, as many people inadvertently urinate on the toilet seat. To spill a few drops of urine on the toilet seat, it just takes a moment to deconcentrate.

Droplets of urine quickly hide under them, so you can't even see them, especially in a dark bathroom. what can you do, so is it to raise the toilet seat, to check for traces of urine. Yellow spots are easy to spot, so it's time to do something about it.

Solution: clean the seat.

Luckily, solving the problem with the toilet seat is not difficult. You just need to clean the toilet seat properly., and the awful smell of urine will disappear. To make the job easier, we suggest to remove the toilet seat.

It is attached to the toilet with a pair of bolts., therefore they must be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Turn the bolts counterclockwise, until they are weak enough, to pop out. Then clean the seat and the entire bowl., to eliminate unpleasant odor.

Connection problem

O-ring rubber pipe or corrugation connection, which seals the toilet bowl , does not provide an airtight seal. As a result, the smell passes from the toilet - between the sewer pipe.

If the rubber o-ring is damaged or slipped off, Sewer odors can leak both intermittently and constantly.. You won't see piss on the floor, but the smell comes right under the toilet. The only way to prevent this is to clean the base of the toilet and replace the corrugation.

Solution: replace the corrugation of the toilet.
First of all, you must close the shut-off valve, to avoid water leakage. Do it, by turning the supply valve clockwise. After that, unscrew the bolts or nuts., connecting the toilet. This type of odor problem is typical of both floor-standing toilets and insolation..

At a wall-mounted toilet or instillation due to improper installation, namely, connections to faience or there is a poor casting of the ceramics of the outlet pipe, there is a violation of the geometrization of the connection.

Now, when only the bowl is left on the floor, you have to detach it from the base, unscrewing a couple of bolts. It allows you to move the toilet, so pick it up and place it on the side of the floor.

Then you should thoroughly clean the toilet and replace the corrugation or rigid eyeliner. Additionally, if necessary, the connection can be passed with a sealant. No more smell of urine in the toilet.

When you do, you can start assembling the toilet. Replace the bowl, and then reinstall together with the filling hose. Turn on the supply tap, so that water can flow back into the toilet. Break the drain for tightness with a napkin.

Weak flush system

You should flush urine in every toilet, but sometimes the flush system is too weak, to do it properly. It means, that some urine remains in the toilet even after flushing, what makes your toilet smell.

Solution: improve the flushing system
If you have a low-flow toilet in your home, you should consider upgrading it. Can't convert low flow toilet to high flow toilet , but you can make the flush system more powerful with the following tricks flush cistern adjustment:

  • Raise the tank float, to increase water intake.
  • Unscrew the filling valve, to get more water into the tank.
  • Move the balloon float to the toilet cistern.

How to get rid of smells in toilet cisterns

Before you start deodorizing, please note the following:

Mold – If you see a mottled black substance on the inside walls of your tank, it could be black mold. This type of mold can be hazardous to health, so clean the tank immediately and make sure, that you have collected everything you need.

Bleach use - Sometimes the problem can be too serious, so that it can be solved with mild detergents, and may require bleach. In this case, start thinning, by adding a cleanser from one part bleach to 10 parts of water. Increase strength only if, if you need it.

Protection - Be careful when handling bleach or other harsh chemicals. Put on gloves and a mask, make, that there is airflow in the bathroom (an open window or fan will do), and never mix multiple chemicals in a tank.

Quick fix - Company will arrive in an hour? Light a match in the bathroom, to temporarily mask unpleasant odors with less unpleasant (and for some people just wonderful) smell of sulfur dioxide.

And the best way to rid your bathroom of musty cistern smell? After that, how do you clean the tank, follow the prevention method. If you go there a couple of times a year, you don't have to do it in a pinch.

To learn more about odor removal and effective methods bathroom cleaning.

Poor ventilation system

Sometimes there are no stains or urine residues in the toilet, but urine smell remains due to poor ventilation. This mainly applies to bathrooms with small windows and no exhaust fan.

Solution: install an exhaust fan.
To add windows to the toilet, a serious bathroom remodeling project will be required, but you can install one of the best exhaust fans . This is a practical device, which removes persistent urine odor and wicks moisture away.

The second common reason, especially in multi-storey apartment buildings, this is the smell from the ventilation from the neighbors. This can be: blockage of the ventilation duct, no pavilion flow distribution, redevelopment, a powerful fan installed by the neighbors. A simple solution, ventilation check valve installation.

There is urine around the toilet

Accidental pissing on the toilet seat is not the only option. in front of, there may also be urine residue on the floor. This is especially true for families with boys., who still lack patience (or growth).

Frequently asked Questions
What causes urine to smell in my closet?
Many things can cause urine to smell in the toilet. This is mainly due to the fact, what did you accidentally write outside the toilet, therefore some drips remain on the toilet seat or under the toilet.

How can I do this, so that the toilet does not smell of urine?
If your toilet smells like urine, it must be thoroughly cleaned. The second step is to identify the cause of the problem and prevent it.. for example, you can replace the brush or start urinating directly into the toilet.

Solution: thoroughly clean the floor
Luckily, the solution to the problem is simple - you only need to mop the floor in the bathroom and teach the children to pee in the toilet. Pay attention to the area around the toilet, because urine can go in all directions.

There is piss around other things in the bathroom

Sometimes the same problem affects other items in the bathroom.. for example, urine may be on the walls, trash cans or toilet brushes. All this is next to your toilet., so a few drops can get there.

Why does my toilet smell like urine?, if i use cleaning products?
Sometimes you will regularly clean the toilet., but the smell of urine still remains. The usual explanation is, that you forget to clean all the items around the toilet, such as shower curtain, toilet brushes and laundry baskets.

Another explanation is, that your cleaning agent is not very effective against urine odor. We recommend using natural ingredients, such as vinegar , lemon juice and baking soda .

They are very effective, but do not harm nature and your health.

Solution: clean the bathroom
Again, the solution is, to wash all items, standing around the toilet. Wipe down each item with your favorite cleaner - that should be enough, to get rid of the urine smell from the toilet. Wipe additionally with a vinegar solution diluted in water.

How to get rid of the smell in the toilet in the apartment with the help of household chemicals

Toilet cleaners vary by manufacturer, chemical composition and purpose of application:

Clog removers. These include "Tiret", "Mole", "Mister Muscle". According to instructions, the substance is poured inside or poured into the toilet bowl, then after a certain amount of time wash off. Substances dissolve debris particles due to caustic substances in the composition.
Detergents for hard-to-reach places. Produced in bottles with a convenient neck. The most common ones: "Toilet Duck", "Domestos", "Forced". They contain salt, glycolic, phosphoric acid, that help destroy microorganisms and remove unpleasant odors.

Along with detergents and cleaning agents, fragrances are used for the best result in getting rid of unpleasant odors..

They are produced in different forms.: tablets, dispensers, vials, blocks. Tablets and blocks are installed directly into the toilet, eliminating not only odor, but also by disinfecting plumbing.

Natural remedies for toilet odors

In addition to chemicals, natural products help to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the toilet..

Air fresheners destroy the ozone layer, and they contain toxic volatile substances, that enter our lungs and cause irreparable harm to health. Especially, air fresheners are not always able to cope with persistent odors.

The SmellOff odor neutralizer for removing stubborn odors even tackles deep-seated odors (eg, in public toilets) and besides, has a natural composition and is therefore absolutely harmless, and safe for humans, as well as for pets.

Compared to conventional air fresheners, does not mask odor, and completely removes it at the molecular level.

For, to remove the bad smell from the bathroom:

Clean all surfaces in the bathroom from visible dirt with an ordinary rag and water (toilet, floor, walls, ceiling).
Apply neutralizer liberally to all surfaces by spraying. It is necessary to spill the agent on especially contaminated and deeply absorbed areas.. It is important to spray the product on all even hard-to-reach places., eg, angles, place behind the toilet, etc..
Leave the room until the neutralizer is completely dry, without washing it off. For maximum and fast results, it is necessary to exclude the appearance of drafts, low temperature and dry air.
To do this, it is enough to prepare a thick paste of soda and lemon., which with a sponge should be applied to the stains, formed on the surface of the toilet. Then leave the product on 10-15 minutes and wipe clean areas with a damp cloth..
Essential oil concentrate will help freshen the air in the toilet room. A few drops should be applied to the inside of the toilet paper roll.. During the unwinding of the roll, the essential oil molecules will be activated, emitting a pleasant aroma.

You can eliminate the smell of urine with the help of table vinegar. Half a glass of funds is poured into the toilet. Wearing protective gloves, thoroughly clean the inner surface with a brush and rinse.


So why does the toilet usually smell like urine?? Reasons why this might happen, let's take a look at them briefly:

  • There is urine on the toilet seat or on the floor around the toilet.
  • There is urine under the toilet, because the wax seal is damaged.
  • Your toilet has a weak flush system.
  • Some drops of urine may be on other items in the bathroom..
  • You have a poor ventilation system in your bathroom..

Very often the smell of sewage comes from the washbasin., shower, bathroom when flushing the toilet. reason, system airing, an aeration valve must be installed, for supplying air to the sewage system when draining. This is an aerator or a vacuum valve.. Simply, there are sewer check valves, which do not apply in this case..

Sewer smells occur for only two reasons.: hydraulic seal violation (shutter stall, insufficient shutter depth, drying out) or violation of the tightness of the sewerage elements. Check the condition of the valves on all devices and the tightness of the systems.
pipe aerators 50 and 100 mm diameter

With a volley discharge, when a lot of fluid is drained at once, pressure rises in the sewer. When the liquid leaves the local branch and approaches the central riser, vacuum in the pipeline leads to the failure of hydraulic seals, as a result of which an unpleasant sewer smell enters the apartment.

Another situation, when the water stinks, when you start using water, especially the shower. It's the legionella smell, that start in shower heads, mixer aerators. Helps cleaning, shower head, rinsing in hot water (at temperatures above 60 degrees), soaking for a couple of hours 3 % bleach solution. Or a watering can replacement.
Each of these problems has a solution., so share your tips - they will help many get rid of a smelly toilet bowl.



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