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Choosing the right toilet: what you should pay attention

Bathroom - it's one of the most visited places in the house. And there is the toilet takes center stage. With his choice of guided only by this criterion, as "like - not like" is not advisable. It is necessary to take into account a number of other nuances: manufacturing of material, floor space, design features and more. A wide range of plumbing budget is presented in the store Leroy Melen is only important to correctly determine with the choice of a suitable model toilet. Correctly picked up plumbing will last a long time and will delight for years to come.


Classification toilet models

The shops plumbing choice of the buyer is given a lot of models of toilets. conditionally, they can be divided on several grounds:

  • by type;
  • in material manufacturing;
  • to size;
  • Bachkova in shape and chash;
  • on the specifics of the water supply to the reservoir.

Today, customers not only offer a standard model white. Investing a little time, you can pick up the toilet ideally suited to the design of the bathroom.

The choice of closets in Leroy Merlin
The choice of closets in Leroy Merlin

Design features toilets

This feature depends on the size of bathrooms, on, how important or not important space savings.

According to the type isolated:

  • Suspended toilets

Flushing cisterns such models are built into the wall, which gives more space.

Benefits: quiet operation, easy cleaning, density.

disadvantages: broken free access to the communications, the need for dismantling the wall when replacing / repairing toilet or pipes.

Choosing toilets suspended
The choice of hanging toilet installations in Leroy Merlin
  • Attached toilets

A tank of these models are also hidden in the wall. And the construction itself is mounted on the floor. Such toilets on the principle of operation does not differ from suspension and have the same advantages and disadvantages.


  • Monoblocks

A bowl and tank constructions are integrally. Bowls-monoblocks comfortable to use and durable, although they are a bit more space.

Benefits: convenience, slight chance of leaks.

disadvantages: in case of breakage of the bowl or tank is necessary to change the entire structure.


  • Outdoor high tank

Perfect for interior in retro style.

Benefits: little chance of breakage and leakage of toilet tank.

disadvantages: high price, design It takes a lot of space.


  • Compact

The most popular and common model, which is ideal for the decoration of any bathroom style.

Benefits: easy installation, serviceability, acceptable price, ability to replace items individually design.

disadvantages: drain tank located outside, it takes little space.

so, the most economical is to buy toilet-CD. A quieter work of different ladders and suspended toilets.

Material is also important

From material selection, which is made from plumbing, It depends on the duration of the period of its operation and the degree of ease of care products.


The most common models are made of porcelain and sanitary ware. Although you can find toilets and from more exotic materials: a rock, gold and silver, bronze and copper. Such models are usually made by individual orders. Stainless steel - the best solution for public toilets.

The most durable model will, made of porcelain. Such toilet can last about 60 years old. Products less absorb pollution, respectively, they are easy to clean. The only negative - quite a high price.

Toilets of less expensive sanfajansa, but also more difficult to clean. Moreover, their life less, 30-40 years old.

The outer cover toilet

Toilet bowls can be manufactured not only from different materials, but also have a different coating:

  • water-repellent;
  • antibacterial;
  • antigryazevoe.

These characteristics make it possible to significantly reduce time and save power on cleaning plumbing. Special coatings protect the surface from rust toilet, raid, contamination.

Cistern: control the water flow

Correctly chosen product is not only last a long time, but will slightly reduce utility bills.

Toilets with a large volume tank and one-click enhance the flushing water flow. To avoid this, better pay attention to the model, which provide for a two-stage drainage system, a function of "start-stop".

System "start-stop" is very convenient, as the touch of a button you can stop the discharge of water. And thus regulate its consumption.

Expensive models of toilet bowls can be fitted with the sensor or remote water drain.

The design of the toilet tank - the key to the quality of the toilet bowl

The type of tank and its method of fixing depends on the noise level, which will operate the toilet.

  • The most common variant of the water supply to the reservoir - from below. The advantages of this type: the possibility of installation in any environment, eyeliner hidden from, less noisy work.
  • water supply, executed behind, also will not be as noticeable. However, it should carefully calculate the distance between the wall and the tank.
  • Side water supply in modern models of toilets is now hardly used.

Besides water supply type, you need to pay attention to the flush valve device. If the design is very small and difficult, the fix and clean it will be much harder. Better to choose the model with the most simple design.

What a way to wash more convenient?

The most modern way - is shower wash. Its main advantage - the lowest noise level. Besides, this method is very hygienic: water passes across the cavity of the bowl.

Threaded wash is the most economical and not very hygienic, as the flow of water does not wash away dirt from the sides of the bowl. Moreover, when flushing formed splashes.

Most models are considered to be strong, erosion which is governed by buttons, because they are more resistant to stress.

Types toilet bowl: advantages and disadvantages

In form, the bowl for toilets can be:

  • trumpet;
  • Belleville;
  • Visor.


The classic version of the form of the bowl - Belleville. Toilets with a shelf in a bowl almost do not create spatter when flushing, but also create a number of problems. Open form does not absorb odors, It requires excessive water consumption, more susceptible to contamination.

The funnel-shaped thicket quickly and effectively perform the function of draining, but it is often accompanied by a large number of spray. Current models of toilets are increasingly equipped with a function of "anti-vplesk". With a special design (narrowed funnel toilet, sloping sides) spatter when flushing is practically reduced to zero.

Visor bowls - the most comfortable and versatile, easy to clean.

Additional features - a fad or necessity?

Basically, for little money you can buy a toilet bowl, which will last a long time and will not cause problems at harvesting. Slightly more expensive cost model, equipped with additional functions.


Built-in help acquire the necessary appliances for personal care, I do not borrow at the same excess space. Typically, a small nozzle or pull spout is attached to the rim of the toilet bowl.

Seat lifter

This seat is gently lowered, thus avoiding the appearance of cracks and small defects.


Maybe not the most necessary, but very convenient feature. It allows you to see in the dark, raised or lowered toilet seat cover. "Advanced" model equipped with a motion sensor, which includes the light when approaching the toilet bowl.

heated seats

The availability of this function - depends on personal preference. Such models toilets are much more expensive than conventional. Besides, seat heating comes from the network, ie have to do anything extra outlet, or stretching the wire to the existing.

Additional functions depends on personal preferences and financial opportunities. Not all of them are so necessary. The most important thing, toilet to qualitatively carry out the basic.

proper installation

The most important thing, What to consider when choosing a toilet models - a type of water discharge into the sewer system. he is:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • oblique.

The choice of type depends on the room size and structural features of the sewage.

If the output is in drains located in the wall (the most common variant in Russia), then you need to buy a toilet bowl with horizontal outflow of water.

Vertical water release intended for cases, when access to the sewage system is in the floor.

Toilets acquire with an oblique release, if the pipe is located at the junction of wall and floor. Now these models are very rare.

What else to look for when choosing a toilet

To select the right price and quality model, It should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • fixing the tank to the toilet bowl (the most reliable option, when the cup is the basis for the tank);
  • bowl height (You should be comfortable for all family members);
  • the height of the tank mount (low tanks are easier to install and maintain);
  • the color of the bowl (with the purchase of a non-standard color model is better not to save: substandard dyes can be harmful to health, and quickly lose their aesthetic);
  • fastening the seat and lid (should give preference to models with metal elements).

whether the price impact on the quality?

Buy high-quality integrated toilet, which will last a long time, you can not spend large sums of money. Often models of popular brands make margins only because of the popularity of the brand.

The most budget models include the products of domestic manufacturers. Low price does not mean poor quality. It is influenced by the lack of having to pay many taxes and duties, which are subject to foreign producers.

By the mid-priced category includes products from neighboring countries. The most expensive plumbing manufacturers, toilets which are represented on the Russian market, - Sweden is, Germany, Austria. For greater clarity, watch the video on choosing the toilet in Leroy Merlin.



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  1. Just two months ago we bought a new home toilet. It seems like a trifle, but we chose him all day. Correctly stated in the article,, that in the toilet, we spend a lot of time, and some for half a day, the more it comes to men for some reason, it is they love to sit there “think”, anyone with a phone, someone with a newspaper or crossword, and who is studying the composition of toilet paper)) We chose Uncle toilet very carefully, eventually settled on porcelain toilet, told, that it is the quality of the best, It will last for many years, that we, in principle, and it is necessary. Rinse off in the shower it, but the tank itself is not small, and runoff is not regulated, if you press, then all the water from the tank ran. In principle, we do not prevent some. Generally, toilet remarkable, his way is very easy to clean, I use more stickers on the toilet, even their toilet is cleaner, I really liked the bowl of porcelain. Price of course is much more expensive than the usual, but believe me it's worth it, Yes, and not bought at 5 years old.

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