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Choosing options for lighting for apartments stretch ceiling

solving, some better lighting for suspended ceilings in the apartment, must be considered, for what purpose are established fixtures. They can not only give the proper light, but also be used for zoning room, increasing the visual space or raising the ceiling. Proper selection of lighting can become a successful design solution. How to choose lighting for suspended ceilings in various rooms?

Types of lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings

People are often afraid to experiment and try to create beautiful lighting suspended ceilings due to the nature of these constructions - painting the ceiling is quite delicate and can oplavitsya from too powerful light source. So the first thing you need to find the distance, at which light will be from the ceiling surface.

This distance depends on, what type of light source. With some nuances, you can use any light bulb:

  • incandescent lamp - very hot, It can therefore be placed at least 30 see from the web;
  • Halogen - less powerful, but nevertheless much warm;
  • energy-saving - best suited for recessed lighting stretch ceiling, located close to the web;
  • LED - the Most Effective (power diode 3 watts shines, as a 40-watt incandescent bulb), durable and cold.

Types of lamps to illuminate the premises
Types of lamps to choose space lighting

Besides, LED bulbs They can be used to create a spot light on the tension ceiling - this is a rather original way to decorate the interior of the room.

Ways to create a light, there are several:

  • Chandelier on the leg or on a chain - required when using incandescent lamps, but it requires a great height ceilings;
  • common lamp with a flat bubble - pressed close to the ceiling, therefore, it is necessary to use the lamp "cold" light;
  • spot recessed lighting - have a variety of forms, cheap and easy to install;
  • lighting for suspended ceilings LED Strip - they are placed in niches along the perimeter of the room and illuminate the entire surface of the ceiling;
  • fiber optic spot lighting - to create a simulation of the sky on stretched canvas, It can be used in wet areas.
A method for spot lighting fixtures

Recessed spotlights are further divided into two types - with or without a rim. Models without this details create a bright glare on the surface of the ceiling, that can complement the lighting design of suspended ceilings. Models with collar hide shrink ring in the mounting holes. The collar can be fitted with a reflector light. Use spotlights as the main source of light is possible only in small rooms - they do not shine very brightly. It is better to use them for zoning or accenting certain elements of the interior.

When installing the LED strip is important to achieve a uniform dispersion of light, not to create a bright streak of ugly dotted focused luminous diodes. To achieve the desired effect is easiest, if this type of lighting is used in ceiling height from 2,7 m. Not to be mistaken, should carefully consider examples lighting suspended ceilings LED tapes.

Lighting options for different rooms

When choosing lighting for the room of a stretch ceiling is necessary to take into account the functional characteristics of the premises. Thus it is necessary to use the basics of design - using the proper selection of lighting can visually increase the ceiling height, make the room more spacious, highlight the important parts of the design, and more. Consider the different lighting examples.

Living room

Select lighting suspended ceilings in the living room easiest - it uses the classic combined scheme: Powerful switched chandelier, when you need general lighting, and spotlights are used in other cases. They can be placed on the perimeter of the room, in corners or over certain areas - depending on how you planned living. It is important to take into account the, which is usually placed in the living room television - the light should not be directed to the screen, special, if it is glossy.

If a multi-level ceiling mounted in the living room, can be used LED lighting options in the room a stretch ceiling. Along the perimeter of the extreme level is a shelf, to which is attached LED strip. voltage transformer and other equipment, necessary for light bulbs, easily concealed within the ceiling structure. Soft light diode will be ideal for relaxing in the evening or for family gatherings.

lighting in the living room
Lighting option in the living room

Lighting option in the living room


in the bedroom, usually, bright light is not required, so you can choose the options for lighting in the bedroom with tension ceilings without the use of chandeliers. If you are using glossy canvas, effective solution would be the use of indirect lighting. Spotlights can be hidden in niches or behind curtains, Let the scattered light on the ceiling - it will light up evenly, The light will be shed as if from nowhere. The reflection was bright enough, ceiling should have a lighter shade.Option Lighting in the bedroom


In the children's room, as well as in the bedroom, best suited suspended ceiling with lighting without chandeliers. The atmosphere in this room should be as quiet and pleasant for a child, so you should choose the dim lights. It is worth here to create an imitation of the sky.

To realize this idea in two ways:

  • install conventional LED lights below the main ceiling,, then make a suspended ceiling, using fabric with a large number of small holes;
  • use fiber optic lighting - thin sections of luminous cables, Connecting to a microprocessor, regulating the degree of illumination.

For such lighting to look more effectively, You have to use black stretch ceiling. That because of this in the nursery was not too gloomy, It should turn up at the sky only a small area in the center of the room, by making the second perimeter, light coloured, level point-LED lighting.

This original lighting suspended ceilings can be done and informative, if you try to translate part of the real sky with these constellations.

the lighting in the nursery
Lighting option in the nursery

Lighting option in the children's bedroom


In the kitchen, use three types of lighting:

  • point or LED - for the working zone;
  • dim light for dining area;
  • General lighting - chandelier.

If the kitchen is small, enough and a set of spotlights, which can be supplemented by lamps on the dining table. In a large room, which can be divided into separate zones, They use different kitchen lighting options a stretch ceiling.

Work area need a bright light, which can provide light-emitting diodes. At the same time during cooking does not necessarily cover the whole kitchen, therefore it is necessary to set individual LED Strip. They can also be used for soft lighting dining area, If the suspended ceiling has several levels. Individual spotlights can illuminate the bar.

Option Lighting in the kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen with tension ceilings


An important task of the lighting in the apartment with tension ceiling is a visual extension of a small hallway. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Empty stripe LED light on the edge of the ceiling, around the perimeter of the corridor;
  • directing the scattered light on the wall, hidden spotlights in the ceiling recesses;
  • Using bright glossy canvas, brightly lit longitudinally mounted luminaires.

It is best to combine these options - to make the suspended ceiling light and install spotlights with reflectors on the perimeter of the hall. If the brightness of the light will be missed, you can optionally install sconces, sending them to the ceiling.

hallway lighting with tension ceilings

pihozhey lighting with tension ceilings


In the bathroom, it is important to use waterproof lighting types of suspended ceilings. The air in the room very humid, so the specifications of lamps will be more important, than their aesthetic side.

Open lamp in the bathroom can not be used. The best option will be the spotlights with diode light bulbs - they are best protected from humidity. The main thing - to choose a model, marked with special marking, evidence of sufficient degree of protection. detail about the choice of lighting in the bathroom.

calculation of lighting

When calculating the required number of luminaires is taken into account several parameters premises:

  • ceiling height;
  • room area;
  • the presence or absence of a central chandelier;
  • type of additional light sources.

It is important to keep in mind, The optimal lighting power for residential apartment equals 20 W 1 m2. Number of lamps easily, knowing the number and power of lamps. So, If the room area 20 m2 set standard point-saving lamps, having power 9 W, calculation of lighting suspended ceilings is carried out as follows::

  1. 20 m2 umnozhaem of 20 W - obtain the necessary total power lamps, equal 400 W.
  2. divide 400 W 45 W (power of light from a single 9-watt lamp) - need about 9 fixtures.

Calculator power lamps

room Dimensions
The length of the room m
The width of the room m
Number of lamps PC
lamp type
type of lodging
The calculation results
lamp power W

If there is a chandelier, calculation of additional fixtures will be different - you need to consider, that spotlights will support, so that the power it has to be less than optimal. Energy-saving lamps can be too bright - it is also necessary to take into account, choosing the type of lighting.


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  3. Since I like the stretch ceiling and pendant lights and contour (ICE, chandeliers). the main thing, the whole film is a luxurious gloss has not been spoiled by cheap lighting.

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