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Selection of the toilet structure with direct or oblique release

Repairs in the bathroom finishes choice plumbers. To address this issue should be approached very carefully. Plumbing should organically fit into the interior of the premises. But when it comes to toilet, many wonder, what to give preference to the release.

A variation on production of sanitary ware

To date, the store offers a wide range of sanitary ware, which somewhat complicates her choice. This applies particularly to the toilet. Before, how to go to the store, necessary to define, as a sewer pipe is. Depending on this,, Toilets come with the release of:

  • direct;
  • Kosygin;
  • horizontal.

In toilets horizontal outlet drain opening is flush with the sewer pipe. Most often, such a scheme is found in products imported. Recently, they are widely used in new buildings. In this case, plumbing installed directly against a wall. Horizontal outlet toilet connected to the sewage system through special cuffs.

The advantages of such a toilet include easy installation, aesthetic appearance and convenient location for repair. In the market represented a great selection of designs of such products. This will allow everyone to choose for themselves the appropriate option. Of course, do not forget about the shortcomings, chief among which is the fragility of the compound with sewage plumbing. Horizontal outlet with time of water in the toilet is leaking.

Vertical and oblique release

When the vertical release of the drain hole in the floor directly directionally. Often, these toilets are used in private homes. In the process, there is no noise. The product has the aesthetic appearance and allows you to save space in the closet. Toilet with direct release is presented in a wide range, that makes it easy to choose a model for the design space. Connecting the toilet vertical outlet can be easily performed with his own hands.

Toilet bowls with vertical outlet can be funnel, rounded shape and design. In the latter case we are talking about plumbing to order. Also worth noting, that current models are equipped with a single-mode, dual-mode and contactless drainage system. The second option is good, that it can be used to reduce water consumption. As for the non-contact system, it is rarely used, due to its high cost.

Quality toilets with an oblique release have quite an extensive history. They began to be produced even during the Soviet Union. Production operates today. therefore, If the toilet is broken, it can be replaced by a new, but serious efforts. In such toilets drain is located at an angle to the floor, that lets you connect it directly to a cast iron knee. In this case, to the selection of the toilet bowl with an oblique issue should be approached very carefully.

If necessary, a plumber can install a toilet seat with a direct release, which is widely used in new buildings. To carry out the installation of toilets with an oblique release, You need to buy an adapter for the sewer pipe. Corrugation should be qualitative, that will ensure the durability of the connection. In this case, it is obligatory to use a sealant.

Special features: pipeline accessories

When choosing a toilet is necessary to pay attention to the location of the sewer pipe. This will allow to calculate the time and cost of installation of sanitary equipment, that it will take. In some cases, you may need adjustment of discharge under a particular exhaust system. If the compound is conducted using background pipe, it will allow to create the appearance of unity with the plumbing connecting elements, made of the same material.


Installation of plumbing has its own characteristics. Items must coincide with socket sewer pipe. It is very important, since the connecting element can not fit through its cropping.

When you install used eccentric sleeve. They are made of polymeric materials and consist of two laterals, whose axes are offset from each other. The products can have different lengths, that the best option to connect to the sewer plumbing, even if the removal and socket do not match.

With respect to the corrugations of the corrugated tube or, it has a plastic form. Thanks to this detail can be easily stretched and compressed. Also, it can be bent at any angle. This greatly facilitates the installation of the toilet bowl. the main thing, select the angle of bending corrugated pipe, that there were no problems with cross drains.

Also do not forget about the sealant. With it, the compound given strength, which will ensure reliable operation of sanitary ware for a long period.

Besides, to install the toilet will need the following tools:

  • wrench or a set of wrenches;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • hacksaw in metallu, by means of which will be the dismantling of the old plumbing;
  • sandpaper;
  • Hammer Drill with drill pobeditovym;
  • hammer;
  • dowel;
  • Cement.

After all the tools and materials will be prepared, you can proceed directly to the dismantling of the old toilet and perform other preparatory works.


Earlier in old houses drainage in cast iron pipes. If necessary, they can be replaced by plastic products. Before you get to work, you need to know, that modern pipe are somewhat smaller diameter, than cast iron products. Therefore, the need for connecting a special rubber sleeve. Before installing it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning of sewer socket of rust and other contaminants.

Dismantling begins with removal of the solution at the junction of the funnel and the tube. For work need a screwdriver (teeth) and a hammer. Screwdriver set for cement, and starts tapping with a hammer. When all of the cement will be eliminated, a tube mounted her stick and begin to move up and down. This will allow to stir up the connection and get the pipe out of the socket.

After that, the socket is cleaned of rust and plaque. For this purpose, an electric drill with a special nozzle. Large pieces can be removed with a chisel or screwdriver. Thereafter the socket wall treated with a special substance, which corrodes pollution. This will greatly facilitate cleaning of the pipe. At the final stage of the funnel is wiped with a clean cloth.

Partial change of sewer pipes allows the ease of installation of sanitary equipment, as well as extend the life of the system. Preparatory work also involve cleaning the site from various debris and dirt, which remain on the site of the old appliance installation. The place should be thoroughly cleaned, especially when it comes to devices with vertical outlet.

When drilling the holes for the fixing dowel is worth considering especially the installation of plumbing fixtures. This applies in particular to the requirements of the place of their installation. here also take into account the design project. If necessary, the device can be displaced in the direction. This is possible through the use of corrugated tubes.

Installation of the product with vertical outlet

Installation of toilets with direct release often carried out in older homes and cottages. Here, the siphon pipe and are features plumbing. Therefore, after installation, they are not visible. Basically, the toilet is installed at a small distance from the wall. This is due to the fact, that the pipe fitting takes up little space. Before you install the product, you must remove the old toilet and prepare the site.

Installation is carried out on the following technology:

  • Make markup by fasteners. Set screw-type flange. It has a lock and a hole. The flange is used for a dense stykovanie sanitary device with a sewage pipe in the floor.
  • Put the toilet in place and test, to all connecting holes converged. The appliance is turned slightly, which leads to splicing two elements. Between the parts taken sealing ring, which ensures tightness of connections.

Installation of a toilet bowl with a direct release may be considered as completed. It only remains to connect the device to the water supply and check in. Particular attention should be paid sealing joints.

Installing the device with horizontal outflow

If sewage risers installed vertically, it is better to stop the election on the unit with horizontal outlet. This will greatly simplify installation. The product is set in the vicinity of the funnel sewer pipe. This should especially be considered in the design of bathrooms.

A compound of the toilet is carried out using a cuff or corrugated pipe. In this case, experts recommend the use of silicone sealants. This will prevent the occurrence of leaks and odors from the sewer.

If the toilet bowl to be shifted with respect to the socket sewerage, for the compound plastic is used area with a small pipe or the corrugated pipe. We should not forget the rubber cuff, compound which provides leaktightness.

Toilet with an oblique release: editing features

This plumbing widely used in the second half of the twentieth century. At that time the device sewer system used metal pipes. This complicates the installation of the device. Indeed, in such cases must be carefully dock toilet with sewage bell.

Butt smeared with cement. Thus it is necessary to see to it, to grout did not get into the sewer riser.

Before you start the toilet sewage into the socket, Issue smeared with a mixture of, consisting of linseed oil and minium. Then, it is wound as a strand of resin, that its end was left free. Release secondary smeared with red lead. It remains only to install the toilet and fix it in place.

Also, the compound sanitary device with sewage performed using rubber sleeves. To compound were reliable and leak-proof, you must thoroughly clean the mouth of the old cement. If the toilet bowl to be shifted with respect to runoff, it is better to stop the choice on the corrugated pipe.


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