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How to make money online. You can send us your material (article, a photo, drawing / sketch, video), if you are at least semi Occupation Construction / renovation of apartments, related work. We will check the materials submitted by you, and if they do well) written by experts, b) unique in the network and) will be useful for users, then edit and publish them on the website and pay you:

1) each unique, adopted wording for the placement , thousands of articles of characters (excluding spaces) by 40 rub.
2) Each unique in the network unit of photos 10 p. Each photo must be signed, or the process taking place in the photo is described separately. Payment for photo by 5-15 p. to hush.

3) Illustration / sketch 60 rub.
4) Each video is edited adopted by minute 15 rub.

This is a pretty good way to save or earn additionally as a hobby.

It permitted the publication and free of charge, but if you want to place advertising materials, references, to you here.

Contributions should be sent by e-meil sdelalremont( dog:) We wish you success and creative inspiration!