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Advantages of the floor heating unit

Using floor heating systems provide the owners and tenants of city apartments and private houses are certain advantages. This makes instroystvo underfloor heating in the bathroom more and more popular as a means of maintaining a comfortable temperature. A principal among these advantages are:

  • reduce the cost of utilities when using water heating. The average savings, obtained by reducing the temperature of the coolant in the tubes, up to 30%. For electrical floor, this figure is less than - but, thanks thermostats, the economy is still present;
  • uniform heating of the entire volume of air in the room, thus creates optimum temperature conditions - from 22 to 18 degrees depending on the distance from the floor;
  • enhanced security. Unlike conventional heating elements, by touch that can be burned, "Electrical appliances prevent" human contact with the coolant.

An important point is also is the fact, that hidden under the floor heating system does not violate the interior. And does not create noise when performing minor repairs or redevelopment areas. While the radiators had to be replaced by new ones, more suitable style, or hide under the decorative panels.

electrical system

Warm floor, powered by the mains, It is a system of heating mats - Product, created from a special fabric with the built cables. Each element is completely isolated, and the entire structure as a whole is equipped with a thermostat to control and change the temperature. option, how to connect floor heating this type, only one - with an electric cord, which is connected to the mains.

During installation, the mats are bonded to the concrete and screed, usually, closed top tile. All wiring system, represents an optimum choice for a small room, collected in a tube to prevent kinking and damage. Damaged or bent cords can lead to failure of the whole system.

Another embodiment of the electric floor heating bath under - Use only cable, is not built into the mat. When it is placed over the base should make a special scheme and stick to it in the course of the cord laying on a metal mesh and immersed in the concrete floor. This embodiment maximally protects the fastening structure of the kink.

Electrical floor heating system has several drawbacks in bathrooms, that should be considered prior to its design and installation:

  • additional burden on the power grid. This means, that when using electrical "warm floor" is required to replace the wiring in an apartment or a house, if it has not changed since it was built;
  • Improvement height reduction device when the system - sometimes the amount of 8 to 10 see above;
  • the need to provide for the heat generating with electricity connection of floor special floor heating through OUZO, and grounding devices.

should know: It is believed, the system creates an electromagnetic field in the room, have a negative impact on people. Although, given the fact, rarely linger in the room bathroom, than a few minutes, this factor can be ignored.

Radiant floors

The easiest and most affordable option, how to make a warm floor is the use of infrared film.

As well as electric mats, system is laid using concrete screed and cover tiles. A special feature of this method is to heat the room air is not, and floor covering. Tile temperature reaches 26 degrees, that allows you to walk on it barefoot almost, without the risk of ill.

Infrared heated floor in the apartment It fits for a few hours and can be done with their own hands, without recourse to the experienced craftsmen. And when you use electricity consumption compared with mats and cables from the system, It becomes even more profitable. Besides, installation design is in the bathroom and under the tiles eliminates its main drawbacks - burnout flooring and deformation of the film.

hot-water heating

Water floor heating system It can be used under various coating types - boards, laminate, linoleum or tile. Although the process of its installation and connection to the general heating system may be associated with certain problems.Radiant Floor

So, in order to reduce the probability of flooding of houses or apartments, floor heating device in the room It requires the installation of the floor covering below the level compared with other handicap. BUT, arranging the system in a private house with an independent heat supply, sometimes it is necessary to provide an additional boiler.

The process of connecting water underfloor heating in apartments even more complicated. Besides, that prior to installation of the system is required to obtain permission from the relevant authorities. And for the distribution of the coolant need to buy additional equipment.

Concrete screed

The most popular way to the device of warm water into the tub floor is to lay cement screed. In this first fit waterproofing, then insulation, and only then placed and fixed pipe. For a large room, the system further secured reinforcing mesh. When a small area is enough to fix the bathroom pipes with plastic brackets.

stacked on top Tube pour cement-sand mortar with the addition of a plasticizer. The final stage of system devices - stacking the finished floor. The coating is recommended to use ceramic or decorative stone, in extreme cases - laminated board.

polystyrene plates

Another option underfloor suggests the use of polystyrene plates, shaped convex circles. For easy coupling with each other, each element is equipped with a lock. A result of their placement is to create a monolithic insulating floor surface.

The advantage of this method is no need to use fasteners. The pipes are laid by laying in the resulting grooves in the plates and pressed. Top assembled structure stacked metal plates, and already on their own floor mounted.

Wooden floors in the country

Another way, how to make a warm floor from heating It is the use of plywood, MDF and edging boards. The pipes are laid on wooden joists, top and attached thereto by screws plate with special recesses for better heat distribution. As in the case with wooden floor coverings, the installation is carried out without the use of fasteners. detail, about technology without ties.

After completing the laying of floor heating, should lay the surface of the film. On top of the design set gypsum fiber sheets, dockable screws. They serve as additional heat-spreading layer and a base for finishing floor.

coolant distribution

at connecting underfloor heating heating to an autonomous system does not arise any particular problems. Special, if a condensing gas-fired boilers are used as the heater, coolant temperature which does not exceed 50 degrees. heated liquid distribution occurs by a special collector enclosure, to which are fed the supply and return conduit system. The first pipe is connected to the collector Razdan, the second - with a tap to have cooled down after use in a fluid system.

If the floor gets warm coolant from the central heating, required special thermal trip device, one element of which is a circulation pump. This equipment is intended for the collection of water from the overall system and reducing its temperature to an acceptable level.

Run water floor connection to a central heating in the apartment alone is unlikely to succeed, but, so, will have access to specialists, thanks to which the floor heating system is not only effective, but also safer.

Especially the choice of "warm floor"

Regardless of, was underfloor connection whether carried out by heating in the apartment or from an independent heating system in a private home, one of the main selection is nuances floor covering. The best one for this tile is.

for example, infrared underfloor heating is better use laminate.

When using an autonomous heating system in a private home the right floor heating in the bath water should be. On top of it and allowed laying parquet boards, and ceramics, and laminate, and even the filling of the polymer coating. Allowed and laying pipes or linoleum carpeting, although the use of these materials reduces the efficiency of the heating system.