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Where to start laying the tiles in the bathroom
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Self-made and ready-made mixture for laying tiles on the floor
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Laminate boards have interlocks, which greatly simplifies installation. This material has excellent thermal insulation properties and noise-. This effect is achieved by the substrate. It can be made of cork, PE foam and EPP. Variety of design. You can choose a natural wood laminate, parquet, linoleum or other desired pattern. The expensive types of laminate repeatable pattern 1:6 and higher. It means, that the pattern of wood is different, and 4 packages will 6 color options. In such embodiments, the cheaper the ratio - 1:3.

wear resistance, which depends on the class. The laminate is divided into such types:

  • 21 -23, the lowest class. It can be used in rooms with minimal load. for example, bedroom or closet.
  • 31 -33 middle class. This laminate is more durable and can be installed in rooms with an average congestion of people - children or living room.
  • 34 rugged look laminate. It can be used anywhere, including the kitchen, in the hall.

If you want to choose a higher quality laminate, should pay attention to the 30-ki. They can be used not only at home, but also in the non-residential premises, where most people patency. Such a laminate can be of three types: 31, 32, 33, 34. The higher the number, it increases the strength of, 34 most durable class, it can be used almost anywhere.

laminate layers

  • Low weight. You can use it on any grounds. This is especially true for rooms, who do not have robust construction and a base.
  • Environmentally friendly. In the production of the laminate producers use compressed wood, which is absolutely safe for health, plastic and phenol-formaldehyde resin, large concentration which may release hazardous formaldehydes. This is what you should pay attention when buying laminate. It should smell like wood, instead of chemicals. The lower cost laminate, the more it these resins. Therefore, to maintain health is better to buy quality laminate trusted manufacturers. Affordable price, which reflects the low production costs.

Resistant to moisture. laminate board consists of layers:

  • Protective covering;
  • decorative coating;
  • basis;
  • waterproof layer.

The most important role is played by the foundation, the density of the material density is directly dependent. Laminate flooring is glued and lock. The first kind are much more resistant to moisture, because he does not have gaps, where water can enter. Castle laminates less humidity resistant. But the board of the adhesive laminate can not be replaced in case of damage.

An excellent embodiment is a latch waterproof laminate. Its resistance to moisture should be within 18%. You can check this at home, just down the board in the water. Good stuff to swell 16-18%, and poor quality on 40%.

For good protection against moisture laminated should be thick. he is a solid, absorbs sound, it is easy to stack. Optimally fly laminate thickness 8-12 millimeters.

But laminate also has many drawbacks:

  • Despite the new and improved types of laminate, it is not recommended to lay in areas with high humidity, especially for low-cost coverage.
  • The same goes for sound insulation, because plastic, which is its basis, perfectly reflects the sound.
  • The basis under the laminate must be absolutely flat, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the laminate boards.
  • To wash this material do not use aggressive cleaning agents. There is a risk of damage;
  • The warranty on material 10-15 years old, compared with the tiles is very little.

The advantages of tile

Tile as a floor material is optimally suited for the kitchen or hallway closet. it is durable, practical and waterproof material. When choosing a tile should pay attention to such of its properties: resistance to moisture, fat and damage.

To date, the choice of floor material is huge. How to choose a tile properly and quickly. To do this, you need to know its species.

  1. Ceramic or glazed. It is the most popular, in fact it possesses excellent strength characteristics, stiffness and environmental. Ceramic tile is not lit., It does not conduct electricity, It does not change color. It can wash any detergents, which makes cleaning quick and easy. The only downside of ceramic tiles can be called, she is cold. Therefore, for maximum comfort better before laying install underfloor heating;
  2. Porcelain tiles. This material is more durable, but its price is much higher. Gres is not afraid of moisture and temperature difference.

How to choose a tile on the floor

Probably, all in the first all pay attention to the design. Designers are advised to select it in the tone of the kitchen furniture or make a contrast. Look beautiful geometric patterns or imitation of natural stone. Better to choose the rough, instead of glossy tiles. She and stains are less visible, and the possibility of injuries below.

Also be sure to pay attention to the hardness and wear resistance of the material. The best option is 3 or 4 class. This tile strong, resistant to chemical agents.

Term of tile service is directly dependent on the correct stacking. The foundation under it must be perfectly flat, and she tile be free of cracks and damage.

An important role is also played by rubbing the mixture and tile adhesive.

Clay is ready and dry. The first option is more expensive, it is not necessary to plant before starting work. But he is not always better. It all depends on the type of tile and flatness of the base under it. Much more important characteristics such:

  • water repellency;
  • Plastic;
  • High adhesion and the ability to rapidly adhere to the surface. But too quick drying glue should not, after all, the master must be the time to adjustment incorrect position of the tiles;
  • For different types of tile fits different glue. It is also important to the installation site: wall or floor, internal or external work.

Grout Tile also need to choose the right, given its composition, strength, appointment, color tiles and moisture resistance. Well, if it will also be resistant to temperature extremes, fungi and mechanical damage. On sale is a special additive, which, when added to the dilution of the grout and improve its performance.

As for the color, the case design. If you choose to match the grout to the tile, get solid monochrome surface. If you want to select each of the tiles, Pick up contrasting mixture trowel. But it fits, Only if the tile is perfectly straight, and there are no rough edges. Otherwise it is better to use grout to match.

What to choose as a flooring tile or laminate - a matter of taste and financial opportunities. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first thing to focus on practicality, durability and environmentally friendly floor covering.