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The list of required tools, depending on the chosen technology

To perform work under screed floor with your hands need a tool kit, want to buy:

  • laser level;
  • roulette 5-10 meter;
  • building level;
  • T-shaped profile majachnyj;
  • special clips for fixing profiles majachnyh;
  • rule;
  • mortar mixer;
  • electric hammer power 1,5-3 kW;
  • Cordless;
  • electric drill;
  • it's desirable 20 liter buckets;
  • TERK and poluterok;
  • spatula finisher;
  • roller for applying the primer;
  • Needle roller holder for self-leveling floor;
  • studded shoes for self-leveling floor;
  • assembling mixer or nozzle on the drill.

tool kit may be added based on the needs in each case. The presented set of tools suitable for the device of hard coatings of any kind as a wet, and dry. each master, who has decided to apply the fill screed own hands, usually becomes a universal set of tools, which may be necessary for any other renovations in the house or in an apartment.

classical screed devices Technology

Devices Technology classical cement-sand coating consists of several interconnected stages. The main stages at screed device can be determined as follows:

  • preparatory stage - clean grounds;
  • surface markings and the base installation beacons;
  • screed;
  • elimination of errors, hardening of the coating Care, if necessary, the device top Self-leveling floor.

When the durable coating on the bottom floor are used as insulation layer and fine expanded clay middle fraction. The same layer may be used for elevated floor. Dry mix for floor screed consists of sand and cement. To reduce the thickness of the screed at a constant value armosetku strength used a metal wire with a diameter of 4-5 mm and the cell 50-100 mm. In addition to steel mesh for the reinforcement coating is often used plastic mesh, composite reinforcement and the polypropylene fiber. The flow rate of the mixture is determined floor screed, based on the floor area and the thickness of the screed. The mixture consists of three parts sand to one part cement, brand of cement should be at least 400. The amount of water is governed, based on the plasticity of the resulting solution. To learn in detail the amount of material and calculate screed calculator online.


Before starting work on the Gulf floor screed is necessary to make preparations. Dilapidated wooden floor joists must be disassembled. If the screed will be carried out on the old coating or ceramic tile, necessary via perforator packed knock down all the old coating, swollen flaking screed or tile. If the base is concrete preparation, you need to patch up all the potholes solution. The same is done, if the tie is scheduled for reinforced concrete Overlap. Closed up all the through-holes, removed all the garbage. Before starting work, do not interfere with a powerful vacuum cleaner construction. If provided by the project, must Apply waterproof base or soak Primers, deep penetration.

Recently, very often in the hard-coating layer or the insulation system is installed so-called underfloor. It is necessary to mount and test prior to pouring the screed. It is a water coolant or completely using an electric heating cable. After performing dismantling, cleaning Up, laying the floor heating system can begin to layout the floor and installing beacons. Then look at the rules of screed in stages.

The marking of the floor surface and installing beacons

An important stage in the screed - a markup and installation beacons. From a qualitative installation beacon quality screed surface depends: smoothness, lack of deviation from the ideal horizontal plane. Before the start of markup you need to know the thickness of the screed and the thickness of insulation, if it is provided by the draft. The whole process of labeling is to fathom the entire subfloor area.

If it is an apartment with several rooms, you must fathom foundation in all rooms at the same time. For this purpose the most suitable laser level or a laser level, that one and the same. Now there are many similar devices models from simple to highly professional and clever. Ease of use laser level is, that the layout can be done to one person. The essence of the mark is to identify the highest point in the room or apartment, which is conventionally called zero. At this point, the first beacon is set to the required thickness of the screed. Mark this lighthouse is transferred to the rest of the whole area of ​​the premises. If the floor structure includes a heater, then calculate the thickness of insulation and screeds for our zero point and carry this mark throughout the room. Using laser level allows to install beacons with precision 1-2 mm per meter. Everything depends on the accuracy and experience of master, and experience comes in the course of work.

To install beacons used special profiles Lighthouse T-shaped cross section, available in lengths 3 m. Recently, for the installation of such facilities produce steel profiles special clips, which are easily mounted using screws and latch the profile sides. Installation height clips easily monitored using laser level, tightening the screws screwdriver up to the mark, which beforehand is applied to nozzle. This mark is determined by the first zero lighthouse. Majachnye profiles are arranged in parallel rows with a width between them, equal to the length rules.

Filling coverage

After installation of beacons proceed to the main screed step - pouring it. A solution is prepared in the mortar mixer, if you pour a large area, or by a mixer in the vessel 30 liters, if poured screed in the apartment. Consider, how to pour the floor screed. The resulting mixture was partitioned between buckets mounted majachnye profiles, and leveled with a rule, which relies on the sides to set beacons, finally align. The outer surface is adjusted to the desired quality using the trowel or float. The entire casting process takes place zahvatki from the far corner and working your way towards the door opening. This is the most crucial part of the work on the screed and the most time-consuming. Therefore pouring cement or concrete screed perform better link three or four people.

After completion of the pouring and smoothing the upper surface of the screed is necessary to stand for at least 4 weeks before the start of operation. This holds the polymerization process of cement mortar at room temperature. After said time, the device can start a decorative floor covering. For this purpose, it is now a popular laminate, parquet, ceramic tile, linoleum or carpet.

Self-leveling floor

Often when applying the solid base resorting to a complex method, when the top of the main screed layer is applied to another thin layer of self-leveling floor. Since the pour floor screed with an accuracy of 1-2 mm is quite difficult, a device for laminate, Parquet is required such precision. In this case, to align the cement screed, a thin layer of self-leveling floor, 2-3 mm. Since a mixture with self-leveling floor screed receives perfectly flat surface, with a small layer can be dispensed with beacons. Work on the device is self-leveling floor mix preparation and its pouring. After flattening the entire surface is further tested repeatedly spiked roller, to get rid of air bubbles. Operate at a casting inlet in the floor must be a special shoe soles with spikes. After completion of the work necessary to enable the mixture to harden, it will take at least seven days. After that, the subfloor unit is ready for any decorative coating. Consumption of dry mix for self-leveling floor screed is indicated on the packaging

Apparatus semi screed

A distinguishing feature of a semi-dry screed from other types of coating with use of cement is the technology using the lowest possible amount of water in the preparation of the solution. Alignment of the outer surface also occurs on beacons. Also in the process of hardening through the polished surface of the screed 5-7 days, to obtain a smoother surface. detail about technology semi-dry screeds.

semi-dry-screed technology

Installation of a dry screed

All cement screed using the device are wet methods. The main drawback of such ties is in the curing time, which is not less than 30 days. Modern technology of dry screed can significantly reduce the time. The principle of the device consists in mounting fiberboard insulation layer on top of the expanded clay fines. Insulation of the expanded clay is poured on the subfloor by established beacons. Dry floor plates are stacked one behind the other along the wall, starting from the entrance. Mounting plates is performed by means of glue and screws. Such a coating can be performed during one shift, thus it is possible to operate almost immediately after the device. When using high-quality materials the service life of the floor can reach 10-15 years old. detail about the technology of dry screed Knauf.

dry floor laying technology
Floor laying technique using dry sheets GOLS


Given the wide variety of types of ties, each interested person a question: "The better to do screed floor in an apartment or a house?"In this case, you must decide, a decoration layer will lay on the floor, on which floor is located the room, which will be arranged screed. Depending on this, you can choose one or the other type of base. Optimally when there are difficulties to contact the experts. The most universal coverage, which is suitable for almost all premises, - a cement-sand screed thickness 30-45 mm. but, if important criterion is the time factor, it can come to the rescue of dry screed, which is very quickly installed and immediately ready for use.