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A bit of floor construction technology of modern apartment

For a more detailed consideration of the organization of work, depending on the floor covering technology considered reasonable to begin with a simple circuit device of modern flooring.

The basis for any kind of floor modern apartment, and today you can read all kinds of residential buildings, having as a base made from concrete, is the floor structure. For some, the building is reinforced concrete slab, For others, built on cast-frame technology is a monolithic construction, even modular options can be for prefabricated houses, where part of the ceiling combined with wall structure.

The next layer acts insulation layer, at the same time also act as sound insulation. it, usually, expanded clay layer from 10 to 25 cm. This layer is quite enough, to ensure the normal temperature of the floor surface and reliable sound insulation (the greater the better the layer) between floors.

Further, is concrete screed, playing the role of sub-floor, and provides a surface hardness, in many respects from that element it depends not only on the upper surface strength, but its compliance with horizontal.

Further, depending on the material can be a coating linoleumovoe, laminate system, parquet and wooden floor.

The role of the screed in the construction of various structures sexes

To properly repair floor screed is in the apartment, as the main floors based on the elements and is given the greatest amount of attention:

  • carried out preparatory work on the floor leveling;
  • estimated level difference - the presence of deflections and sites, rising above the surface;
  • It determines the level of the largest and smallest distance to zero horizon;
  • works on the surface hardening;
  • preparing a waterproofing layer, and construction defects are eliminated most ties.

For certain types of structures floor screed device may have a relatively small value, eg, to plank floor is enough, to tie was just a flat, and had a slope of no more than 1-2 mm 1 meter. But to make the self-leveling floor 3d will have to make a perfectly flat surface.

In this way, floor unit in its various forms and technologies necessary to tie:

  • I had the high mechanical strength;
  • It was almost perfectly flat;
  • He had flaws surface.

The achievement of such results, possibly, when applied following floor leveling technology:

Apparatus cement screed

Alignment floor using cement screed technology does not require high skills, but it requires a certain knowledge and skills, including work with construction tools.

Technologically process looks like a square room liquid pouring cement-sand mortar over the compacted base using a reinforcing mesh or without. For this type of screed is necessary to fill the horizon leveling floor, determining the lowest and the highest point of the base.

Order of works:

  • cleaning of the subfloor;
  • surface seal (if the surface has no upper concrete layer);
  • ties horizon marking;
  • installation beacons;
  • styling and fixing reinforcing mesh;
  • preparation of the solution, filling and leveling with the help of rules.

A positive aspect of this technology leveling concrete floor protrudes relative cheapness Technology, and ease of work. The ability to align the floor for the installation of laminate, plank floor or coating linoleumovoe, allowing certain technologies error.

Negative side stands:

  • the need to use reinforcing metal mesh;
  • the high volume of work;
  • risk of cracking;
  • the need for compliance with the temperature in the room;
  • the opportunity to continue working only after 3, and that i 5 days from the date of filling;
  • devices need at least 4 cm layer of concrete.

As one of the embodiments may be used semi-dry floor screed technology. A feature of the technology performs drawing on the basis of no liquid solution, a sand-cement mixture with a minimum amount of water in it. Adding very small of water to the mixture, It allows you to form a coarse porous screed, with a much smaller period of time of hardening. Slightly dampened with filler, humidity which should be enough just to cement setting allows you to create a tie from 4-5 to 10-15 cm, wherein, located on the surface of such ties can be within 24 hours after pouring, and finally his fortress semi-dry floor screed gets, like the rest of the concrete quality through 28 day. Ease technology lies in the possibility to accelerate the process of forming a floor surface. Read more about the, how to tie a conventional method or apparatus to conduct semi floor screed can be in the form of rollers of this technology.

Bulk floor Knauf

A relatively new way to level the floor under the laminate or floorboard stands bulk technology Knauf floor screed. A relatively new technology, allowing moreover, that smooth the surface in the room, so more and further arrange another layer of the body and soundproofing.

Bulk floor Knauf
Bulk floor Knauf

The essence of this method Device dry floor Knauf It performs a uniform distribution over the surface of the floor of a special granular material layer not more than 15 cm, leveling and unfolding it over a special thick 1 or 1,25 cm sheets of material Knauf dimensions superlist 2,5*1,2 m.

Features of technology in favor speed and ease of use of all materials, excellent performance and environmental standards. On the other hand, for mastering such technology before, how to make a dry floor screed is necessary to hold a series of preparatory work:

  • clean the surface;
  • put additional waterproofing layer;
  • following technologies use only genuine materials and components;
  • use a special glue for bonding sheets.

Before you approve the use of this technology, before align uneven floor, it should be remembered, that the bulk form of ties with Knauf superlistov allows not only quickly and reliably level the surface, but also to provide rigidity. After all, as practice shows, Such a coating can easily withstand an SUV load, in this case the plate does not bend, not deformed and do not subside. So that the calculated load 500 of square. The meter adopts multi-storey residential building, well maintained unmade tie.

Use of liquid forms ties

The idea of ​​using special types of recipes, ready for pouring and mixtures for floor leveling practice shows, can significantly improve the quality of work and speed of execution. With, a set of positive qualities, This method allows you to make the floor surface is particularly smooth, without the use of additional materials.

liquid screed
liquid screed

Considering the problem of how to align the floor in an apartment is already finished, but very uneven surface roughing screed can use the application technology of the finished dry mix for floor leveling. This dry mixture is a mixture of sand and cement with the addition of special fillers and additives, that the preparation is increased fluidity of a solution. Unlike the conventional cement-sand mixture, such supplements, do not give the basic filler - sand settle down and thus form a space surface deflections. Besides, cellulose and acrylic additives form more saturated as compared with a conventional concrete mixture. With the increased mobility of the solution prepared according to the formulation, but here the emphasis should be, that is the amount of water, added to a mixture of, It indicated on the package and must be strictly adhered to in the preparation of. The solution spreads on the surface and forms a smooth surface.

For best results, before pour filler such self-leveling floor mix, rough screed must be prepared to fill.

To do this, perform the following operation:

  • removed all the large debris;
  • deep fractures, chipped, potholes are sealed in the usual cement-sand mortar;
  • thus obtained are stripped irregularities, nodules or removed once the layer of solution;
  • with a brush dust swept out, or passes processing construction vacuuming;
  • floor processed primer deep penetration for forming a homogeneous solid surface, without cracks and flaws.

Further, premix for leveling the floor is poured on the surface and rolled special spiked roller, removing, in this way, air bubbles, solution and leveling of the floor. Having processing spiked roller, left to dry on the floor 1, and better 2 day. Further, self-leveling floors are processed according to the instructions for use.

At the same time, Self-aligning dry mixtures have several negative aspects in the use of. for example, need to know, that this solution is technologically possible to fill depressions and irregularities to 3 cm floor screed thickness, and in fact recommended to apply for the use of alignment is not more than 1-1,5 cm. Applying such a solution, it should be remembered, that the pre-equalization is desirable to make a conventional manner, After all, if the floor is not entirely smooth, and it has a gradient of more than 1 see 1 meter, the consumption of such mixtures increases more than in 3 fold

Technology of polymeric self-leveling floors

Today gaining popularity a new kind of coating, combining unusual design and special practicality of liquid polymer flooring, It is not only technology,, but also qualitatively improved results.

Polymer self-leveling floor, today more and more gets its application not only because of its attractiveness, but also an increasingly cheap manufacturing technology. Today ordered a decorative self-leveling floor can be almost in all regional centers, Several years ago it was only available in the capital city.

technology feature is, to create a flat surface on the mirror image of the base screed and cover it with a protective transparent or colored coating.

An apparatus of this epoxy filler floor begins with careful substrate preparation. As with other types of bases, over which the device is planned special glossy image or just a glossy surface, better align the floor base, the better the final result.

At the initial stage of the concrete base is removed with the dust, aligned surface, sealed with potholes and cracks. Next, using an electric drill with the grinding cup, or a special tool is held dry and wet grinding roughing concrete screed, rubbing all irregularities. The prepared base with the construction of the vacuum cleaner and the dust removed is carried priming. usually applied 2 Deep penetration primer layer, a first layer applied by brush. After the final drying of the first layer is applied to its second applied by using a roller. Before you make the right tie for polyurethane floor with a decorative pattern, applied basecoat, is ready to self-leveling Mastic, spreadable on the surface and forming the coating thickness 3-4 mm. Considering that, that the material has high flowability, the foundation under it should be prepared very carefully. The main condition for the use of such material is prepared by a flat base surface. Directly itself polymer sealant is applied with a spatula and rolled repeatedly spiked roller. This requirement is due to the fact, that the polyurethane filler field in the final stage, forming a three-dimensional image, It required before installing the printer printed on the fabric flat area.

after solidification, a process that should be kept fully, through 1-2 the day begins the next phase of work. Sticker cloth with the image, and it does not have to be 3d-image, it might just be a bright print, geometry, or abstract pattern, pasted on a diluted at a ratio of 2:1 polymeric topcoat, recommended solvent. This adhesive composition and pasted cloth with the image.

technology-polimernyh nalivnyx Polo
3D-image on the floor

after drying,, but it is also not less than 1 days at Figure colorless applied protective polyurethane filler field, the composition should completely cover the surface and the base layer as they have a self-leveling function. Drying of the screed layer also last at least 1 day. The final stage of self-leveling floor screed depicting acts colorless coating it with a protective lacquer, this phase of operation does not differ from the conventional technology of applying varnish on a wooden floor or parquet.

Here are examples only, and for the preparation of floor technology, more details about the repair in the apartment found on the website <made repairs>.