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water hygiene. Textbook on the water

water hygiene. Tutorial
water hygiene. Tutorial
Author: Yuri Lizunov, Michael Bokarev, Vladimir Naryk
price: 150.00 rub.

Through this e-book, which can be downloaded free of charge in fb2, you can learn a lot of useful information about drinking water and drinking water supply. All materials comply with current regulatory documents. And as, in the book there is information about the physiological importance of water and hygiene, bases of technology of cleaning and disinfection of water, it can be read free of charge and without registration or download in any format.

The tutorial covers all the basic aspects of hygiene of drinking water and drinking water supply: physiological and hygienic importance water; water and human health; water sources, the rules of their choice and hygienic assessment; sanitary protection of water sources; hygiene requirements for drinking water quality; basics of the technology of its purification and disinfection. In connection with the growing threat of "water famine", a separate section is devoted to the problem of providing the population with water in Russia and abroad.

Material benefits set out in view of the provisions of the existing at the moment of legal documents, as well as new scientific evidence in the field of hygiene of drinking water and drinking water supply, which is reflected in the materials of hygiene and environmental forums, held in the last decade.

The manual is written in accordance with the program, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science for students of medical faculties of medical schools.

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