Tips for repair and construction

Site Assistant, which will help you to carry out a high-quality overhaul of any residential premises with your own hands, from apartment to country house. The articles contain photo and video materials, many articles are written in the form of step-by-step instructions and will help you visually see, how to do this or that stage of the construction work, repair and improvement of premises. Here you will find a lot of up-to-date interior design tips., interesting product and technology reviews. Determining the direction of design-bedroom apartment or a big house – this is a very important point, it involves the creative process, which you can easily do on your own., having studied the presented materials of the site

Make repairs flats, houses, garden with his own hands, it is necessary not only to restore their attractiveness, but that would meet all the requirements, in order to maintain and improve the housing – performance of, and in some cases, cosmetic, to increase the market value of the property. Besides, any of us have a craving to improve anything in your life. Improvement of their own homes more fully respond to this aspiration.

Types of repair work carried out in the home


Repairs can be capital, which is preferred, if you need to update the basic design apartments. Replacement may be subject to such elements of the room, window, doors, even some walls of those, that they are not carrying. But it will take much longer, energy and resources, than cosmetic, a lightweight version, which is made to clean up the appearance of the premises. There is another very important issue when planning repairs, This is not allowed common mistakes at work.

Manage their own, or to attract the help of professionals? Of course, repair the premises on their own is much harder, Yes, and it takes more time, than with the help of experts and proven construction – repair companies, because daily duties has not been canceled, and at the time of repair of an apartment or house, I need a place to live and work (if repaired workroom). Besides, when it comes to making serious design solutions, wiser once to accept the help of the designer or stylist, than to have many years in front of the eyes is absolutely bad interior. Assist in the selection of the interior are designed to design tips.

Renovated apartment, home and any living space, It begins with the following steps:

But to a certain extent independent safer option, because the owner has full control over the process from the purchase of materials to cleaning after repair, He is doing everything for yourself, so the quality of work is not worried. Yes, and payment of the work of these professional builders and decorators will be high enough, and in making repairs, "amateurs" is too great a chance, that the work will be performed substandard. Repairs with their own hands more economical, it will allow to spend the remaining funds to another. However, this option is more suitable for people, in which there is not only free time, but there is a certain experience.

In any type of repair, it is important to observe the technology, preparing a solution from, finishing technique painting walls and ceilings. It is very important to respect the civil codes and regulations, in order to serve and everything looked as it is necessary for a long time.

This online reference master – builder, users are offered a lot of necessary information, which can not only greatly facilitate the repair of the premises, but also allow for its faster, better and cheaper. online calculators will help determine the flow rate and the desired amount of material procurement, which will calculate the costs of repair, which the, by the way, it is not possible to finish, can only stop… In addition to this knowledge and take another practical tips and secrets of how to build an apartment, visually expand the space, accentuate interior details, etc.. Also in this process will help selection video materials and record TV programs on repair, eg: "Repair School" and "Housing Problem". All headings is a lot of useful advice construction professionals and craftsmen, which will help to make a beautiful and high-quality repairs with their own hands.