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Re-planning of housing

Перепланировка фотоQuestion: I live in a double house. Do the right of my neighbors without my permission, placed under a common wall with the bathroom toilet, if from my side of the wall is a living room (Hall)? BUT. baking, g. Dnepropetrovsk.

Answer: In order to improve living conditions, bring the dwelling to the housing standards, the legislation establishes the right of home ownership for its repair conversion or redevelopment residential premises.

Alterations provides for the establishment, replacement or transfer of utility lines, sanitary - technical, electric, other equipment, which needs to amend the technical passport. Re-planning of housing provides for changing its configuration. As renovations, and redevelopment of residential premises should only be undertaken after consultation with local councils and require that changes to the technical data sheet living room. To carry out these works the owner must take into account the consent of the owners of adjacent residential pomescheny. In this way, according to Article. 100 Housing Code requires the consent of the owners.

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