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Choosing a modern kitchen style

If you decide to purchase a kitchen, but you don't know yet, what do you want, then you should think about the size of the room. If you have more than 15 m. sq., then you are in luck. In such a room, you can not really think about saving space.. If your kitchen area is smaller, then you need to think about saving it. This is what various corner kitchens are created for.. In this way, you not only save space, and also make it easier for you to access equipment and other things.

Recommendations for buyers, acquiring a kitchen

During the selection process, you can view more than one store and online resource. The problem with these kitchens is your room size., where do you install it. Not always a certain kitchen can fit well in your home.

For, to avoid such problems, you should:

  • measure the size of the kitchen itself and its height. If you can't do it, it is necessary to turn to professionals, just like us. A real master will help you here;
  • after you need to decide on the size of the kitchen itself. Our specialist can help you with this too.;
  • after that you can proceed to the model selection process itself. It is necessary that the kitchen is not only suitable in size, and also fit into your interior. Don't neglect it;
  • after you need to think about transporting and installing the kitchen.

It is also worth thinking about, that the angular arrangement of objects in the room is not just the most convenient, as well as rational. In the selection process, you should also think about communications.. All plumbing and drain units should not interfere with each other and can be easily removed.

The most ideal option, is the purchase of a custom-made kitchen directly from the manufacturer In this way, you reinsure yourself against possible errors and errors.. Simply put, all components will be clearly located in their corners.. You don't have to think about, where to put those extra 15 centimeters or more. The production of such kitchens in Jäkatnrenburg takes place according to the size of your premises.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the corner components. Sometimes the manufacturer can make them empty. But, it's not very convenient. Any hostess in a small kitchen will appreciate every centimeter. Unfilled corners should be removed and replaced with cabinets or other components..

The next step in choosing will be the location of the sink. If you want a standard car wash, that's your right., but it's not economical. Corner sink will always be larger and save you an extra half a meter of space. At the same time, it is worth adding, that all pipes and drains are always connected near the extreme left corner of the room. Putting a sink there, you will simplify your problems with piping.

Corner sink can be made from various materials. The most commonly used metal, metal-ceramics, ceramics. The most popular option is a stainless steel sink., but does not mean the best. All chips, bumps and scratches on it will be visible. Ceramics behave better with external stimuli. It does not change its color and appearance for decades..

Choosing corner kitchens, it is worth noting, that all corners must be rounded. If you see, that the corners are not rounded, then always wake up for them to catch on during operation.

It is also worth worrying about warranty service.. Most often, kitchens are covered by a guarantee of 2 to 5 years.. The more guarantee, the better the quality of the food. Don't forget to also check if the product is certified..

Basic styles of cuisine

Nowadays, the kitchen plays an important role in the life of its owners.. Of course, gourmet cuisine, made from expensive materials, is a reason for the pride of its owners. But it's not just her looks that matter., do not forget about its convenience and functionality.

There are seven basic styles. These include the classic, country, high-tech, art decor, modern, minimalism, ethno. Let's dwell on each of them in more detail.:

Classical. The advantage of this style is, that it will be relevant at any time. For such a kitchen, furniture is made from various types of wood.. The color palette can be as dark, so bright. This style is used mainly for large rooms..

Country. This style is very popular not only for the interior of the kitchen., but also for finishing other parts of the apartment. This style is similar to the previous theme, what, used furniture is made of natural materials, but with the added effect of aging. The use of linen curtains and wicker furniture is a good addition to this style.. Appliances in such a kitchen must be masked as much as possible..

High-tech. A feature and difference from the previous two styles is the use of metal and glass.. The main element of such a kitchen is modern technology.. Colors should be as contrasting as possible., eg, yellow - black, lime - purple. Despite that, that this style is simple and ideal in its proportions, it depends a lot on fashion., because of which it quickly becomes obsolete.

Art deco. Kitchens, made in this design, considered one of the most sophisticated and expensive. Furniture is made from expensive and durable materials such as, leather, ivory and marble. All the decoration of such a kitchen is saturated with splendor.. The color scheme is rich and varied.

Modern. This style is perfect for a small kitchen interior.. Convenience and practicality provided by built-in household appliances. The color palette is varied, but at the same time harmonious.

Minimalism. A characteristic feature of this style is the absence of any decor., regular geometric shapes, using one color.

Ethno. This is a very fashionable style., reflecting the culture and life of a particular people. The most popular directions of this style: Japanese, Indian, Chinese. The color scheme directly depends on the direction.

From the above it can be concluded: if you are not a supporter of constant changes and updates, then you prefer to stick to calm styles.

How to choose a kitchen color

Choosing a color for the kitchen, define your wishes, in particular, whether you want to get relaxation from the kitchen or expect a stimulating effect. For kitchen, which always overheats, it is better to use cold shades - blue, gray and green. Pastel colors are suitable for dark kitchens - pink, citric, apricot, pistachio, peach.

To make the right decision in choosing the overall color of the interior of the kitchen, it is better not to use saturated and contrasting colors, as well as complex patterns on small areas of the walls and the working surface of the table.

How to choose a kitchen color? The color performance of the kitchen affects our subconscious in different ways., so you need to listen not only to advice, but also to your own taste. Do not forget, that the color of the kitchen set and other furniture for the kitchen affects the general mood and behavior in the kitchen during cooking, according to experts, it can improve or worsen appetite and even well-being.

Yellow, which is considered to be the color of the sun, kindness and communication, evokes a feeling of warmth, and also puts you in an optimistic mood. Besides, This color symbolizes wealth and power.. Yellow color makes a person active, so it is better to use it indoors, which are not intended for daytime recreation. It can be used with confidence in dark kitchens.

Orange tones keep a person constantly in good shape. This color pleases the eye and creates a good mood.. Orange color has a very mild effect on a person.. Kitchen interier, done in orange, brings warmth and joy, also stimulates the appetite. But do not forget, that in a small room you should not overdo it with this color, because you just visually reduce the already small room.

Despite, that red is considered to be the color of love and great feelings, it is also the color of fire, blood. In addition to the surge of activity, it can cause irritability and aggressiveness if overexposed. People should be careful with it, those suffering from hypertension, because it raises the pressure. There is an opinion, that the color red promotes appetite, however, tests have shown otherwise., restaurant visitors ate hastily under the influence of red color and quickly left it. Premises, which are in red, can create a feeling of embarrassment. Small red details in a kitchen interior, combined with certain natural shades, can look very attractive..

Everyone hears these expressions., like pink glasses, "pink Elephant", "see the world in pink", all this once again confirms, that this color expresses tenderness, fragility and sensuality, romance, kindness, softness and comfort. Pink will soothe, relieve obsessive thoughts and help in a crisis. Despite these advantages, an excess of pink may indicate infantilism, superficiality and frivolity. In connection with what, its use in strict classical interiors is inappropriate.



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