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Repair and decoration of a country house

Repair and decoration of a country house
Repair and decoration of a country house
Author: Fedor Dubnevych
price: 159.00 rub.

If you plan to repair at his country house or cottage, then this e-book will be your assistant! After all, in it you will find all the necessary and useful information, which applies only to the construction of cottage or country house. Without registration you can download a free book on your e-book and learn, how to put the right foundation, how to repair the roof, How to make interior walls, that and much more. Just download books in formats- txt, epub, pdf, fb2 you are able to identify the defects and faults of constructions. You want to make high-quality repair at his country house with their hands, then read the free ebook and you will succeed.

In popular and accessible form the basic questions of finishing and repair of country houses and cottages with modern and traditional techniques and materials. The methods of self-troubleshooting and building construction defects. Described in detail the practical steps to repair the main elements of the house: foundation, wall, plinth, inter-floor and attic floor, roofs and roof, wooden and reinforced concrete stairs, interior partitions. Considered exterior and interior, repair and replacement of floors, windows and doors, furnace construction and repair, fireplaces, chimneys and smokestacks, etc..

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