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Safety when working with a saw

Tools with electric drive are currently being used in everyday life are increasingly, since we purchased a compact size and become affordable. The use of power tools for the manufacture of a variety of metal and wood products saves time and effort. And one of them becomes a power saw. And to use it is necessary to know the safety regulations, to avoid injury or something worse.

types of electric saws

There are two types of this tool:

  1. chain.
  2. disk.

The first option is suitable for, to saw thick bars, large ridges, boards and plates.

The second type of power saw used for sawing boards and planks along both, and across. In addition, this tool is equipped with two handles for easy. When attaching it on a workbench, turns often used in domestic production is very user-friendly machine, intended for sawing boards.

Using power saws

But no matter, which tool you've selected, should know all the rules, which simply must be observed, not to harm themselves or others.

Safety precautions when using power saws

Safety regulations must be followed when working with electric saw. And be sure to carry out dozens of conditions can be noted. Divide the total of all the rules in three parts:

  1. Advance preparation for work.
  2. Safety during use of the tool.
  3. Requirements for completion of the work.

Each of these parts is undoubtedly important, and therefore consider all the rules of each of them in order.

Download your safety when working with a saw.

Advance preparation for working with electric saw

First of all, consider, what must be done before, how to get started:

  1. prepare clothes. In the first instance it should not be open areas, because they can fly off knots, which are quite dangerous when flying at high speed. At least in the skin can vstryat, But there are cases, and getting into the veins and arteries, which entailed the loss of blood, and even death.
  2. also need to carefully prepare the workplace. It should not be a people, passages should be free, and in addition, completely absent foreign objects.
  3. Before beginning work, check, It is in good condition fastening parts and wiring, securely fastened saw blade.
  4. Also worth checking out and saw cable, it does not in any case should not be damaged.
  5. In addition, the electric saw must be earthed.
  6. When using the supply voltage must not be higher than permissible for.
  7. Sawing boards permitted only in dry, ventilated area. It is forbidden to start work near water, wet or damp location.
  8. It is important to closely monitor the saw blade or a chain.
  9. Besides, pre worth checking the oil level for lubrication, and if necessary top up.
  10. All saw elements must be enclosed. Work is strictly prohibited without.
  11. also note, it should be possible to quickly turn off the saw in case of emergency, wherein, also necessary to exclude the possibility of self-disconnection from the network.
  12. Check the level of sharpening the chain, or disk, as bad teeth sharpened saws lead to its rapid and strong heating when operating.
  13. It is also necessary to use protective eyewear, and preferably respirator or gauze bandage.

how to cut an electric saw

In this preparation the right to terminate, and now move on to the next item.

Safety while working with a saw

follows, that must be considered, safety rules when working with electric saw, among them the following:

  1. When working with a chainsaw is only allowed crosscut, longitudinally cut the prohibited, since it will lead to rapid heating circuit.
  2. It is also important to monitor the position of the power cord, that it does not come under the chain.
  3. In case of emergency you must use a special brake.
  4. In operation, the tool should be carried out with special emphasis teeth on wood.
  5. We can not allow crushing circuit between layers of wood, which may entail a break.
  6. It is forbidden to finding people on the other hand saw the torus with its work.
  7. During operation, the tool can not be transferred.
  8. If it is a cut down tree, you need to make an oblique signature to a third of the diameter from the larger part of the crown, then the opposite dopilivat.
  9. It does not allow outsiders in the work area when felling trees.
  10. If you have any troubleshooting tool must be immediately shut down and repair or pay for repairs.

Terms of Use saws

In this work with a saw the right to terminate, but it is important to know the safety precautions when working with a saw in case of emergency. There are not many rules, among them are the:

  1. If the cable is damaged and electric shock assistant should immediately disconnect the device, provide first aid and call an ambulance.
  2. In the case of chain scission, or descent should immediately disconnect the device, and use the emergency brake, to avoid injuries.

work with power tools

That's all and now move on to the final step.

Requirements for completion of works

safety advice when using power saws

last, Things to know, This precaution to complete the work with electric saw.

  1. priority, that it is necessary - to disconnect the device from the network, and to lay down the cable.
  2. Chain drive or need to remove and clean the saw from sawdust.
  3. Wipe kerosene and before the next use of the power tool, stored in a specially designed box.
  4. Also, when it detects a problem it is necessary to do repairs or give master.
  5. Clear clothes from sawdust and dust, change clothes and take a shower.

Here is such a small set of rules when working with electric saw.

See also how to choose a chainsaw correctly and do not forget personal protection.


Now, acquainted with all the terms of use saws, you can easily work with it. But remember, that compliance with safety regulations is the most important thing =, that can save you a lot of trouble at work, which can often be over injuries. Finally, we offer a few videos about, how to use an electric saw.



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