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What type of juicer is better to choose for the house

Maintain health and constantly keep yourself in the best shape allows vitamins in the form of the selected power. And today it is difficult to imagine a healthy person without consumption of juices. But acquired juices and nectars in the shops and supermarkets, undergo heat treatment, losing a large number of useful properties - output may be drinking freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables. To do this, it helps to understand in more detail in the choice of the existing juicers, so you can get the best solutions for the use of equipment and obtain the required type of vitamin and mineral from your use of juices.

What are the juicer

Before buying any obozrevaniya and modern technology is important to determine its functionality and provides an opportunity to use every day, or with a certain periodicity. Modern manufacturers are ready to offer, as variants of centrifuges for a large family of several people, and and give a chance to choose a miniature solution for one or two people.The correct choice of juicers

In the current situation the choice among a wide range of juicers should begin with determining the type of mechanism for obtaining juice. Namely, there is much work principles juicers, such as:

  • citrus;
  • universal;

Each of the above types have their advantages and opportunities in the production of various juices. It should be understood, that the use of a mechanism to extract juice from denser vegetables will be more effective, and in case of use for the base of fruit juice should give preference to the owl another mechanism.

It is worth noting the separation centrifuges overlooking Matera products, it will allow him Bole e practical use and give a reason to serve for a longer time. Namely shared housing types:

  • plastic;
  • hybrid;
  • metal, with the presence of a special protective layer against corrosion.

In the case of the metal body obtained solution with a durable mechanism of functioning and constant use of equipment. But here picking plastic solutions should give preference to dense and resistant material, for periodic use, this will reduce the plastic wear.

Also should pay attention to the product dimensions. After all, it is important to get equipment, that will not take up lots of space in the kitchen and at the same time to perform all tasks postelennuyu. In this case, better to choose a juicer, which will be able to give the amount of juice, for the reception during the day, with the presence of the respective tank for receiving pulp and juice directly. This will avoid additional losses for constant cleaning and washing, given the amount of juice consumed.

Opting for

When selecting a juicer it will be important to get a universal formula to maintain a healthy body, Eat with fresh juice. The equipment should consider the following options when choosing such a timely rashchenija for their own health, namely:

  • practical to use and easy cleaning;
  • consumed amount of electric power and;
  • principles of containers and placing containers for juice and pulp;
  • in the use of safety;
  • reliability of body material and internal mechanisms, allowing to get the juice;
  • low cost technology and the availability of quality assurance.

Given these points. You can combine the best solutions and to select a modern juicer. It should detail the pick up not only the individual models from manufacturers, but the approach to the selection, taking into account the practicality of solutions. This will allow to receive high-quality and fresh juices, for themselves and their families.


Optimal solution, which allows you to get the juice is citrus. Choosing a juicer, which is optimally suited for every day, taking into account the use of such topical vitamin C, It gives reason to eliminate the excessive waste of time for cleaning and cleaning technology. At the same time this type of juicer fit, for a large family, and for one or two people. possible, due to the minimum size of equipment and the practical use of the reservoir for the resulting cake and juice. And if you want you can always practical to clean them up and make the required portion of the juice.

But this type of juicer has its drawbacks. Namely, it is only suitable for the juice from citrus fruits, and is not suitable for different type of fruits and vegetables. Also, if consider, that getting more juice will require additional physical effort, it is better to choose other types of juicers. After all, not everyone's strength will squeeze out more juice, constantly his hand on the device's ability to squeeze out a portion of the juice.

Bosch MCP3000 3500
Popular model Bosch MCP3000 / 3500

It is also worth to consider that item, that this type of juicer if much cheaper and will quickly pay for itself. Making it possible not to resort to buying expensive models and find a solution for price and quality products. The large number of this type of juicer allows you to choose the mechanism, multiple turnover rates and on the, we can choose to work, both in one direction juice Product, and in spirit, giving reason to get more useful and natural juice from citrus.

What you should pay attention to

  • In the selection of the juicer is important to pay attention to the quality of the junction elements. This avoids rapid wear frostbite. A well sealed containers united under the cake and juice, let not spill products, and the whole process does not give cause for additional cleaning kitchen.
  • Here it is worth noting and the point, with the presence of multiple speed operation of the equipment. This will allow more practical to make juicing, with soft fruits, at minimum speed, but with a more solid vegetable, operation at maximum speed. The presence of the switch, It should allow the practical moving speed and turn off the process of getting the juice, in emergency situations.
  • Great solution is to have a long cord in a juicer, to connect to the power outlet. This will not resort to additional extensions and place the equipment on any of the surfaces, except getting juice on a wall or some furniture surfaces.
  • Presence of Lifting the neck, will not lose and do not spill the juice, at the time of replacing the container in full filling products. Also, this mechanism will provide a more practical movement of the container.
  • An important element in any type of a juicer, is the presence of a base rubber or several legs. This will provide benefits and a stronger adhesion to the surface, without bias in the process equipment. Also, this kind of solution will reduce the vibration and pressure on the countertop, create optimal conditions for the pomace juice.
  • The division into several components throughout the equipment design allows more practical to produce cleaning and washing. This will give a reason to prevent ingress of moisture in the foundation of the working mechanism of the electric motor.

Universal models

The combination of price and quality of products allows you to define the requirements for a versatile juicer. Over they will be much more expensive than in citrus analogues, but also allow to obtain juice from any fruit and vegetables. Also, the use of screw will provide oil from the nuts or seeds, giving excellent performance in terms of reliability and performance but their cost is more expensive.

It is worth noting, that the two main mechanism for obtaining juice can be identified, enjoyed universal juicer, namely:

  • centrifugal;
  • screw.

They differ fundamentally on the principle of work and obtain the juice. In addition, each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. If you take to using a centrifugal mechanism for making juice, it is necessary to understand, that the equipment will be more practical for durum fruit and vegetables. But here it is worth noting, and excessive noise, during the execution of tasks postelennuyu. It is also important to understand, that the work of the mechanism will require more power, for whirling knife inside juicer, and this excessive power consumption.

sieve for centrifugal juicers
It is important to pay attention to the quality of the screen in a centrifugal juicer

WITH auger juicers you can find a solution for juices, that you want to receive daily, of all fruit and vegetables, green and even wheat germ. Since the process of work in the morning and providing virtually silent operation process technology. This decision is overdue, When a family has young children, and excessive noise may put them to sleep. Also significant advantage of this type of juicer will create a thicker juice, with the presence of fibers, which are so necessary for the body to food. This is not an example of store purified juice, and saturated embodiment for complete nutrition. To date, the most popular auger juicer.


The main Rosalia between the three types of centrifuges is versatility, at squeezing juice, and performance. And then the first place is a screw mechanism works, providing up to 90% by weight of fruit and vegetables. But in the case with the choice of citrus juicers do not have to worry about cleaning the fruit from the rind, since it will not be involved in the preparation of juice.

Features and advantages of a juicer, working on a method of centrifugal force, It will be able to dive the whole undivided fruit, by the presence of large neck. This saves significant time when the juice, for family.

Juicer with a conical separator. The presence of this mechanism greatly simplifies the work with a lot of fruits and vegetables kolistvom. This is achieved by the momentary passage of the fruit pomace and garbage in one separate container. This eliminates the process juicer constant cleaning and gives reason to perform the process more than once pomace juice. The resulting volume of the finished juice can reach up to 2 liters. But here, you can fill a minus, is the minimum amount of the finished juice, in relation to the applicable product weight. It can reach up to 70 %, due to the rapid release of the cake, with the presence of not fully squeezed juice.

What features are important

In each of the selected juicers can be separate functions, allow to extend the possibilities of the equipment. Citrus Juicer - is the ability of the motor in several directions. Allowing to get more juice. The presence Detachable mechanism for quick removal of the cake inside the tank, without a complete analysis of the juicer.

Zelmer 377 Julita
Citrus Juicer Zelmer 377 Julita

For universal models, It will be a great solution having a job at low revs and faster, with maximum power up to 1000W and a minimum of 100W. This will give the chance to carry out extraction of oil in a cool option, with nuts and seeds. But at faster speeds, practical to postpone spinning vegetables, with a fetal structure.

The presence of filters, presented in element pitcher, receiving juice, It enables practical weed out the resulting foam and pieces of cake. This will be true for a centrifugal juicers one work, because in the process of admission of juice, a large amount of foam, which then must be defended.

Kitfort KT-1102
Juicer Kitfort KT-1102

The presence of several containers for receiving juice, allow to replace them quickly and practical, when a large number of finished products, without the use of supplement Noah dishes. It will be important for centrifuges with a large amount of work, and the existence of a tank pomace.

Name Zelmer 377 Julita Bosch MCP3000/3500 Kitfort KT-1102
Principle of operation centrifugal juicer citrus vertical auger juicer
Power power 250 W power 25 W power 150 W
Submission of juice supply of juice directly into the glass built-in capacity for juice a glass of juice to complete
Additional functions automatic ejection of flesh supply of juice directly into the glass
material articles plastic housing plastic housing plastic housing
price 1830 1300 6250

In addition, we recommend to watch the video at the choice of electric juicers, it will help make the right choice.






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