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Rating cooktops with ceramic hob

Modern consumers increasingly opt for electric hobs with glass-coated. They take up little space, easy to handle and easy to care for. Different models may contain various functional, increasing the safety of operation. Overview vitro-ceramic cookers will demonstrate the pros and cons of kitchen equipment.

What is cooktop

Vitrified clay hobs in many ways superior to traditional stoves, They are compact and take up less space. Devices classified into two types of: dependent, when they come with an oven and independent, these can be set aside or complement the oven another manufacturer (or mount it in another part of the headset).

species include panels as gas cookers, and electrical. From the presence of gas in the house or apartment will depend on the choice of a suitable model.

Power is divided according to the type of heating element:

  • induction (equipped with coils).
  • spiral.
  • halogen.
  • Hi-light (with band heaters).


Gas stoves are manufactured in two versions, when the burner or open, a closed working surface. The efficiency of such plates is considered the highest, can be compared with them except that induction or halogen electric panel. Classic spiral device obsolete and do not have the required parameters. Modern hi-light, Despite their functional, slowly heated, potreblyaya, wherein, more energy, but the most popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cooktops

When buying gas panels the user gets not only a functional and cost-effective device, but also a stylish addition to the interior of the kitchen.

Before purchasing an electric stove, is to understand, what their strengths.

  • Glass ceramics - durable material, which is often used as a board surface. Its peculiarity is the thermal conductivity, hot plates do not transmit heat plate rest area.
  • The surface is quite sturdy and able to withstand considerable loads. The maximum permissible weight for the whole plate - 15 kg, for one hotplate - 5 kg. manufacturers claim, that glass ceramics withstand the weight of an object falling in 2 kg from a height 50 cm.
  • In comparison with conventional plates, electric cooktops have broad functionality, greatly simplifying the cooking process.
  • Modifications plates include not only the traditional shape and color. The panel may be square, rectangular, oval or nonstandard. Color range begins base colorings and hi-tech design graphics application ends.
  • The user can buy a plate with different number of heating zones, Besides, burners may have additional zones, contours, or to determine the size of dishes.

Additional disadvantages of electric plates may be mentioned glass ceramic coating vulnerability to impact point. Chips or cracks may appear from falling / pin knife or fork. Also, ceramic is not resistant to sudden changes in temperature, the hot plate is not recommended to shed cold water or cold dishes put.

Unlike obsolete electrical or gas cookers, in hobs, there are some requirements to the pan: it must have a flat bottom with no chips and dirt.

Selection dishes and other kitchen items to glass ceramic plates depends on the type of heater: suitable for induction cookers only certain tableware with magnetic bottom, for halogen or hi-light panel tableware from any suitable heat-resistant material.

Trade marks

Many wonder, what firm to choose electric cooker with ceramic hob. Manufacturers of kitchen equipment, there are many, but only some of them are trustworthy.

Rating vitro-ceramic cookers manufacturers

  1. Bosch - German manufacturer, but the production is concentrated in different EU countries (Germany, Italy, France).
  2. Hansa - German manufacturer, production is concentrated in Poland.
  3. Gorenje - Slovenia.
  4. Electrolux - a Swedish company, factories are located in the EU and many other countries.
  5. Among other popular brands can be found: Zanussi, Kuppersberg, LEX, Fornelli, many, LG, Maunfeld, Siemens, Samsung.


Differences of electric cookers

Electric cooktops are classified into induction and ceramic (halogen, hi-light). Unlike the glass ceramic hob plate of the induction is in a different type of heating elements.

Induction - heating utensils magnetic field, halogen or hi-light transmitting ceramic plate heat first to the burner, then it is transferred to the dishes.

Another important point, the difference between the induction hob from ceramic - used utensils. As already mentioned, for the first type require special cookware, which has magnetic properties, but on a ceramic burner you can use any: copper, cast iron, aluminum, ceramic, a glass or stainless steel.

The best models

Table top glass ceramic plates - TOP-5.

Model brand name price the technical specifications Functional
EVH 320 BL LEX 7300 rubles Power 3 kW, 2 ceramic hobs Hi-light, oversize (28,8X52 cm), Touch control unit. burners timer, panel lock, The residual heat indicator, safety shutdown, recognition of missing / empty dishes.
BHCI65123030 Hansa 11000 rubles Power 6 kW, 4 ceramic hobs Hi-light, mechanical control. Residual heat indicator, safety shutdown.
CTR264KC01 Samsung 19000 rubles Power 5,8 kW, 4 ceramic hobs Hi-light, Touch control unit, 1 oval heating zone, 1 three-loop burner, 1 two-circuit cooking zone. Automatic boiling, keep warm, lock against accidental activation, timer, The residual heat indicator, safety shutdown.
FT6VS16 Kuppersberg 22000 rubles Power 6,3 kW, 4 Hi-light ceramic hobs: 2 small, 2 combi, Touch control unit. burners timer, Automatic boiling residual heat indicator, safety shutdown.
ZEN 6641 XBA Zanussi 26000 Combo model, 4 burners: 2 Hi-light, 2 induction, presence of dual-zone heating, power 6,6 kW, Touch control unit Safety auto shut off, Residual heat indicator, timer, control panel lock.

detailed review

Overview cooking electric panels is based on demand and positive customer reviews, also takes into account sales.

EVH 320 BY LEX (Lex)

An overview of a budget model from the company LEX . This economy version for small rooms or in addition to the gas or induction plate. The hob has only 2 hi-light ceramic hobs: 16 mass media 20 cm in diameter. Low power consumption saves electricity, will not unduly burden the wiring. This is a great option for those, who cook rarely or in small quantities.


What is interesting functionality:

  • Safety switch-off switches off the device when differential voltage, water enters the apparatus.
  • The panel is automatically deactivated, if the burner is no dishes or it is empty (determined by weight). This device does not work "in idle", but, Consequently, - saves electricity consumption.
  • Timer switches off the cooking zone after a set time, without requiring the presence of a user. Besides, during cooking does not have to pinpoint the time (when cooking eggs, coffee, pasta).
  • Residual heat indicator - designed for security.
  • Panel Lock will protect children from injuries, and is also useful during cooking - touch buttons are easy to touch and to lose the.

CTR264KC01 от Samsung (Samsung)

This model - the best choice for housewives and all, who love to cook at home. The device is equipped 4 ceramic hobs hi-light: 1 dual, oval area, 1 three-loop, 2 average. The user can simultaneously cook several different dishes.


For added convenience, the manufacturer has implemented in the plate number of useful features:

  • Boiling - intense heat for rapid boiling, after the temperature is automatically reduced to a set level.
  • keep warm or heating will not give food to cool down, if dinner is delayed a bit.
  • Control Panel Lock.
  • burners timer.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Safety auto-shutdown.

BHCI65123030 of Hansa (Hansa)

This is a great option for those, who are accustomed to the classic home appliances. A simple model with a mechanical rotary switches. The panel placed 4 ceramic hobs hi-light: 2 small and 2 large. The device is not overloaded with additional options and complex contains only basic:

  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Cutout in the case of changes in voltage or water ingress into the device.


Small functional democratic offset value and a fairly high-quality assembly. The contour of the panel passes frame, it protects the board from the side and corner chipping, will not allow spills to spread all over the table.

Model FT6VS16 Kuppersberg (Coopersburg)

It is presented in three colors: black, white or silver. This hob can be described as a versatile option for any kitchen. The device comprises a touch control 4 ceramic hobs hi-light (2 two-circuit heating zone and 2 small burners). optimal functional:

  • Automatic boiling.
  • Control Panel Lock.
  • timer 90 minutes.
  • Automatic safety shutdown.
  • Residual heat indicator.


The metal frame protects against spalling. Assessing user reviews, a combination of "price-quality" more than optimal, no complaints about the work. Despite the low brand awareness, This model on the right is in the ranking of the best cooktops.

ZEN 6641 XBA от Zanussi

The combined model is included in the rating of electrical vitro-ceramic cookers. The cooktop implement different types of heating elements. Of 4 burner 2 – hi-light, 2 - induction, dual heating zone. Combining different types of plates in one enables the use of modern technology (induction) and cook on a favorite / specific cookware (on ceramic burners).

The panel is enclosed in a thin frame to protect against chipping and spills. Functionality is quite wide:

  • Power Boost.
  • Timer to 99 minutes with snooze.
  • Automatic shut-off in the absence of dishes, when no suitable cookware.
  • Control Panel Lock.
  • Residual heat indicator.

Reviews of this model is not unambiguous, the majority of users say, that the hob is perfect, but there are several drawbacks. for example, type induction heating requires forced cooling fan. button control unit does not apply to the command "off", that is, you can accidentally turn off the stove, Reset timer.


Overall, the combined model - is the best option, on it is possible to use different utensils, by induction pans, waffle irons or to the Turks.

Thinking about, How to choose electric cooker with ceramic hob, should assess their needs in a variety of options, size device, control types. The variety of modifications to allow everyone to choose the most suitable option.



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