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Overview Electric mixer construction

During repairs, the present owner or a team of professional artists can not do without a large number of assistants. One such device is a mixer building. they are used, usually, to dilute liquid consistency of building materials. The following will be considered the most popular models of modern mixers.

Concrete mixers for construction brand Bison

Model ZMR-2-1350Э

1350E-2 model is a production apparatus for mixing construction mixtures. The mixer is suitable for the work of any complexity. This is its main advantage. Thanks to several nozzles, may even mix viscous gummy mixture of.

Mixer Bison Expert MCH-1350E-2
Mixer Bison Expert MCH-1350E-2

Gearshift controller sufficiently smooth, so you can avoid the spray mixture at the beginning of use. sturdy material, through which you can avoid defects. Grateful buyers say in their comments on the simplicity and usability of the mixer bison.


  • In stock 2 tips for use. In this case, you can work with only one;
  • The main advantage of the model - highest torque mechanism;
  • Smooth speed switch mode;
  • robust housing;
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Model ZUBR MCH-1400 ES-3

MCH-1400 VC-3 is able to alter the volume of the viscous mixture prior to 180 l. Due to the high power, he is able to deal quickly and efficiently with any kind of repair work and construction.

Hand mixer ZUBR MCH-1400 ES-3
Hand mixer ZUBR MCH-1400 ES-3

Convenience creates the presence of two arms. Durable material prevents damage to the device and to the appearance of serious defects. In addition to reliability, Metal does not allow it to overheat, thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity.


  • In the presence of two nozzles for use in blends with any degree of viscosity;
  • Smooth speed switching regulator;
  • Cartridge with a fast clip for quick coupler nozzles;
  • Equipped with comfortable handles for work;
  • High-power device;
  • Made of hard metal.

Options ZMR-1350E-2 ZUBR MCH-1400 ES-3
Power 1350 W 1400 W
Speed 1 2
cartridge M27 M14
Life time 60 months. 60 months.
Gross weight 3.6 kg 7.5
cost of 6750 rub. 7800rub.


Mixer building Fiolent

The market for construction equipment broad popular mixers Phiolent. In terms of price and quality of these products occupies a leading position among buyers.

"Fiolent MD1-11E"

MD1-11E model is designed for mixing fluids like soft, and liquid. This can be a dry concrete, paint or glue. Sheer Mixer firmly fixed through a threaded joint.

Fiolent MD1-11E
Drill-mixer Phiolent MD1-11E

Many users have reported long-term reliability, despite 24 month promised manufacturer. All this is achieved thanks to the durable aluminum alloy body. It promotes efficient heat dissipation, so its service life is significantly extended.


  • The presence of an automatic thermal shutdown function;
  • The equipment has extra grip;
  • Many users report a strong grip;
  • Promptly and efficiently handle the job;
  • Longer lifetime;
  • Additional handle creates a comfortable work;
  • The compactness of the device (308 x 255 x 256 mm);
  • Housing made of durable aluminum alloy;
  • low cost


According to their model parameters are almost identical Phiolent. A feature of this model is the combination of two tools in one tool - drill and mixer.

Concrete mixers for construction FIOLENT MD1-11E

In this model it is possible to note the improvement of the electric version.


  • Powerful torque;
  • The presence of the insulation on the power cord;
  • Durable manufacturing material;
  • Brushes with the Sleep function;
  • rich equipment;
  • Convenient and easy to use.
Options "Fiolent MD1-11E" FIOLENT MD1-11E MASTER
Power 1100 W 1100 W
Speed 1 1
cartridge M12 M14
Life time 24 months. 24 months.
Gross weight 4.7 kg 5.1 kg
cost of 4000 rub. 5300 rub.



Electrical appliances Bosch brand known in the market of household and construction equipment but over the years. During this time, the brand has established itself as a reliable partner of modern housewives, amateurs and professionals in the field of construction and repair.

Naturally, against the background of its competitors, Bosch products stands out for its high cost. but, inflated price is justified by the quality of their work and life.


model GRW 18-2 E is designed to work with dense and liquid materials. According to the reviews of grateful customers can safely rely on the operation of the device in the most difficult conditions. All of this is provided by a universal stirrer, which operates at two speeds.

Building hand mixer BOSCH GRW 18-2 E


  • The presence of an ergonomic handle;
  • It operates in two speeds;
  • The presence of the electronic switch;
  • Includes basket of the mixing in diameter 160 mm;
  • Long service life.


BOSCH GRW 11 E Professional

With the GRW model 11 E Professional, you can easily mix any mortars, glue, paint, paint and other materials. Thanks to the work at two speeds, possible to achieve the desired speed, irrespective of the viscosity of the material. Plus, this model - working as a mixer , and drills.

BOSCH GRW 11 E Professional
Single building mixer BOSCH GRW 11 E Professional

Due to its power mixer can work with any viscosity materials. Mixer works with the electronic control system, which is very important in the process of immersion. With this system it is possible to avoid splashing in the beginning of the.

model GRW 11 E Professional work in the most demanding conditions. It is made of quality material, so that its service life is increased many times. You can seamlessly switch you need for speed with the slide switch.


  • It has two speeds,;
  • powerful enough;
  • Availability of control system;
  • The electronic control system;
  • Long service life;
  • Convenient and easy to use;
  • density.
Options BOSCH GRW 18-2 E BOSCH GRW 11 E Professional
Power 1800 W 1150 W
Speed 2 2
cartridge M14 5/8
Life time 36 months. 36 months.
Gross weight 7.2kg 3 kg
cost of 28 399 Rub. 29 249 rub.



Mixers Construction Hammer brand is widely known in the market of professional construction and maintenance equipment. They use it in their work, not only newcomers, but also professionals.


Duplex mixer HAMMER MXR1400A designed to work with any consistency construction materials. Of the features of this model it is possible to note the missing torque on the handle.

Mixer tools, building HAMMER MXR1400A

The overall torque has high. That is why you will be able to work with a large range of building materials, paints, glue and varnish. It can operate with a maximum volume of 180l.

Mixer works with the electronic limiter speeding. Therefore it is possible to avoid spray mixture at the time of immersion.

The device is made of metal. The robust material, it is possible to maximally avoid overheating during operation. Consequently, term reliability increases.

Numerous reviews of grateful customers testify to the ease of use of the device. Rubber grip does not cause discomfort to the work process.


  • The configuration has two heads (in diameter 120mm, 550mm length);
  • It has two speeds,;
  • The high rate of torque;
  • Having an electronic speed limiter;
  • Durable metal housing;
  • There is a power switch lock;
  • rubberized handle.


MXR1350B model usable with powdered and liquid materials. With its powerful engine, a mixer capable of achieving significant revolutions. Impressive also highest torque. These indicators provide intensive operation of the device in difficult conditions.

Options construction mixer HAMMER MXR1350B

You can not worry about splashing the material at the beginning of. Rubber-coated handle does not create discomfort while working.


  • powerful engine;
  • High torque;
  • It has two speeds,;
  • A smooth speed change;
  • Metal Reducer;
  • It works anti-vibration system;
  • Works lock the button;
  • Convenient and easy to use.
Power 1400 W 1350 W
Speed 2 2
cartridge HEX M27
Life time 36 months. 36 months.
Gross weight 7.8 kg 8.4kg
cost of 8 500Rub. 6000 rub.



Construction equipment Interskol its parameters are not inferior to their foreign competitors. In the market several models of drills mixers for use in the professional and amateur level.

Interskol KM-60/1000

Model CM-60/1000 Oe is used for paintings, construction mixtures and solutions. The model is also designed for drilling in all materials. start button is quite smooth, in this way, It achieved the highest level of usability.

Interskol KM-60/1000
A popular mixer Interskol KM-60/1000 Oe


  • Smooth start button;
  • The body is made of solid metal;
  • The presence of the protective sleeve;
  • Safety at Work;
  • An opportunity to fix the switch button in a certain position (including).

Interskol A-16 / 850ÉR

Model D-16 / 850ER has modest characteristics, than its KM-60/1000 Oe. It is much inferior to the power and, respectively, the cost. Drill having a drill diameter of 0 to 13 mm.

Interskol A-16 / 850ÉR
Interskol A-16 / 850ÉR


  • low cost;
  • Easy to use.
Options Interskol KM-60/1000 Interskol A-16 / 850ÉR
Power 1050 W 850 W
Speed 1 1
cartridge M14 BZP
Life time 24 months. 24 months.
Gross weight 6.8kg 5 kg
cost of 7650 Rub. 3860 rub.


How to choose a construction mixer

To choose the right device for the mixing of building materials, you need to perform a few prerequisites. They will help you make the right choice and will not spend the money wasted.

Determine the purpose of the device. If large scale works, so, you need the most powerful device. Devices least 1000W is not worth taking into account.

select nozzle. Along its length standard nozzle has a record 40-60 cm., in diameter 160 mm. If you see such a length is not enough, You can purchase additional nozzle in 40 cm. In this way, it becomes possible to work with a liquid 200 l.

Using screws. The choice depends on the type of liquid. If this paints and varnishes, better to choose stainless steel screws. Experts advise acquire nozzle with a ring on the end of the screw.

Torque indicator. Here's what you should pay particular attention. From this figure depends on the quality and level of performance of the instrument.


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