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work electroplane

Работа электрорубанком фото
Proper use elektrorubanka

The main purpose of this tool - surface leveling boards or wood-fiber plates along. electroplane work is carried out by rotating planing mills, set in motion by an electric motor. front ski, periodically rises and falls, allows you to adjust the, how deep the milling cutter penetrates into the solid wood. Before you start working with electroplane board must be mounted on a workbench. Thereafter, the tool is carried on the surface, and it is not pressed, but only help to promote in a given direction.

Planer must move only in the direction of growth of fibers. It is important to ensure that, to under the skis did not get sawdust and shavings. Plane must be turned off before the second and third passes over the surface of timber, return to the starting position, and only then turn it back on. If necessary, break the plane is turned off and placed on its side or upside skiing. Security measures at work with a plane are mainly in the pre-inspection wiring serviceability, turn off the cutting tool at the time of the break and gentle treatment in the course of work.

Surface, processed electroplane, not in all cases a smooth and even. The occurrence of defects possible, if not sharpened cutting mills or incorrectly unevenly disposed in the groove with respect to the ski level. At the end of the cutter to be removed from the grooves, clean kerosene and put in a box. You must precautions the use of power tools including electroplane and power saw, in order to avoid accidents.

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