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Calculation of the power conditioner

If you wish to purchase and install the air conditioner to cool the air in the room is simply not enough to choose your favorite model. Previous How to determine the air-conditioned, you need to make calculations, To determine its capacity. Calculation of the power conditioner to cool the room, It will help determine the main parameters and functionality required air-conditioning.

To calculate the cooling capacity of the room quickly and easily, You can use the online calculator.

area, m2:
room height, m:
Indoor lighting:
Number of people:
Number of computers
Number of TVs
Power other machinery, kW
Number of air
Guaranteed 20 ° C
Top floor
Big window, m2
cooling capacity (kW.):

Calculation of the power conditioner is based on the formula:

Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3


  • Q1heat inflow space;
  • Q2Heat influx of people, inside the room;
  • Q3heat inflow from computers, televisions and household appliances.

To calculate the ratio Q1 formula is used for the main parameters:

Q1 = S · h · q / 1000


  • S - area of ​​the room (m²);
  • h - height of the room (m);
  • q - room lighting ratio, equal 30 – 40 W / m³:

also on Q1 influenced by a number of additional parameters such as:

  • Ventilation - increases the coefficient of base coefficient Q1 from 10% and higher, depending on the multiplicity of ventilation
  • Support temperature 20 ° C - increased required power for 20%;
  • Floors - Top Floor, increasing base Q1 on 15%;
  • glass area - depending on the area of ​​the window depends on the power conditioner.

calculation coefficients Q2 and Q3 simple enough:

  • Q2 = the number of people in the room · 0,1 kW
  • Q3 = Number of computers · 0,3 kW + Number of TVs · 0,2 kW + Power remaining devices · 0,3

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