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Hot water floor heating

Calculator for underfloor heating systems and heating. Unload the radiator heating the house or completely replace it, at a sufficient thermal capacity of the water floor heating will suffice to compensate for heat losses and heating room.

How to make a calculation of hot water floor online? Water floor can serve as the main source of space heating, as well as perform additional heating function. Doing the calculation of the design need to decide in advance the main points, the purpose for which the product will be, to fully ensure the house with heat or chill surface for the comfort of the room.

If the issue is resolved, it should proceed to the preparation of design and power calculation warm water floor. All errors, who will be admitted at the design stage, It can be corrected only by opening ties. That is why it is important to properly and as accurately as possible to make a preliminary calculation procedure.

Calculation of warm water floor using a calculator online

Thanks to a specially prepared online payment systems today can determine the power density of floor heating for a few seconds and get the necessary calculations.

The basis of the calculator includes a method of coefficients, when the user inserts the individual parameters in the table and receives a basic calculation with certain characteristics.

feed temperature, OC.
temperature back, OC.
pipe step, m.
The thickness of the screed over the pipe, cm.
Specific heat capacity, W / m2
The temperature of the floor surface (medium), OC
Specific coolant flow, (L / h)/m2

After making all the given factors can be as accurately as possible to get the exact characteristics calculated underfloor. To do this, you need to know details:

  • water feed temperature;
  • processing temperature;
  • pitch and form pipe;
  • which will flooring;
  • thickness of the screed over the pipe.

As a result, the user receives information about the specific design power, average temperature of the resulting floor heating, specific coolant flow. profitably, quickly and very clearly for a few seconds!

In addition to basic data should take into account a number of minor, that the maximum influence on the final result of the floor heating:

  • the presence or absence of glazing of balconies and bay windows;
  • ceiling height floors in a building;
  • the presence of special materials for thermal insulation of walls;
  • the level of insulation in the house.

Attention: making water underfloor heating calculation calculator, should consider the type of flooring, if you plan to pack the wood design, the power of a heating system must be increased due to the low thermal conductivity of wood. At high heat loss arrangement of floor heating as the only heating system will be inappropriate and disadvantageous in terms of cost.

Features of the calculation of the water floor calculator.

Before you make a preliminary calculation of the water floor heating system should take into account a list of features:

  1. What type of pipe to use wizard, corrugated with an effective emissivity, copper, the high thermal conductive, XLPE, made of metal or penopropilena, low emissivity.
  2. Calculation of length to heat a given area, based on determining the length of the contour, over the surface in a uniform thermal energy distribution mode, taking into account the limits of the thermal load cover.

Important! If you plan to do packing more step, then it is necessary to increase the temperature of the coolant. Acceptable performance step - by 5 to 60 cm. It can be used as permanent, and variable steps.

beginners mistakes - the recommendations of professionals

Many users online calculator for calculating water underfloor allow significant mistakes, that affect the end results. Here are some user error:

  • In one loop pipe length is calculated at most 120 m.
  • If the underfloor heating will be in a few rooms, the average path length should be approximately the same, deviation should not exceed 15 m.
  • A distance between the branches is selected in accordance with temperature control of the heating system, most of it will depend on the region.
  • Average value of distance from the walls to the contour of 20 cm, plus or minus 5 cm.

What You Should Know, going for the necessary construction materials?

extruded polystyrene It is the best material in the case of floor insulation, it differs durability and monolithic structure. On top of the insulation should be laid waterproofing, it will be enough of a polyethylene film, and along the walls need to put a damper tape.

Reinforcement is the basis for fixing pipes and concrete screed, clips for pipes - another mandatory element. You should also take distributes collector, which enables economically and efficiently distribute the heat transfer medium.


Doing the calculation of water sex online, should take into account differences in coefficient data 10%, in this way the data will be more realistic and reliable.

Good luck to you in construction work!

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