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Calculate the amount of Cellulose Fiber for insulation

Ecowool - a modern heating material, which has a good performance and quickly applied. Calculate the number and amount of insulation for exterior walls, as well as the side surfaces of the foundations of different structures can be advanced online calculator. Performed a quick calculation ecowool based window and door openings, based on the manufacturer's specifications to calculate the cost of insulation.

How to calculate the amount of insulation

To find this number would need to take into account some information:

  • packing density of the material;
  • view of the house for insulation (roof, walls, floor, attic);
  • Cellulose Fiber thickness;
  • insulation area;
  • the cost of one bag ecowool.

Incremental steps of calculating

If you do the calculation amount of the insulation using the online calculator, then it requires a prepared form to enter certain values, specify the insulation thickness in centimeters, laying area for each part of the house is insulated and ready to receive data about the number of required packaging and material cost.EKOVATA

With self-insulation of the various elements of the house is important to consider performance-density material, they will directly depend on several factors:

  • producer ecowool;
  • equipment for its preparation;
  • by grinding newsprint mass;
  • packaging method.

Because the package size and weight may vary between a (This should be considered when buying a self-material).

Weight of one package may be from 10 to 20 kg, and the volume of goods 0,5 to 0,8 m3. When calculating the density of the material, it turns on the indicator 90 to 190 kg per cubic meter.

Features of the calculation

From the quality ecowool will depend on the density of the material laying, It should also take into account the presence of additives in the composition and the presence of flame retardants introduced. The greater the density of insulation, the greater the thermal conductivity is obtained, taking into account the cost overruns ecowool per square meter.

The density of the material will vary, whichever, which will be used ecowool.

  1. In horizontal installation material densities are from 30 to 45 kg per m3.
  2. On inclined - from 45 to 55 kg per m3.
  3. When "casting" the walls with one or both sides - from the 55 to 70 kg per m3.

It is important for self-acquisition of insulation is necessary to ask the seller:

  1. What calculated density stacking of the material.
  2. Does the manufacturer's warranty on the absence of shrinkage of the construction product.
  3. The conformity of the reality.
  4. To consult the specialists according to all parameters of insulation before purchasing.

Indicators stacking thickness of insulation

ekoaty and competitors costsIn determining these data need to find a compromise between the two values:

  • insulation resistance of the building component;
  • beam thickness.

Ecowool is a bulk insulation, and therefore the thickness of its filling into the cavity roof (for example) It will depend on the spacing, which define rafters. And to change this figure, Unfortunately, almost impossible!

Features ecowool
Features ecowool

Benefits calculation ecowool calculator online

Thanks to the automatic system of calculating the amount of insulation for the walls and other surfaces, while laying the foundation for a few seconds, you can obtain the necessary data.

necessary parameters:

  • insulation area;
  • Cellulose Fiber production;
  • packaging volume;
  • Recommended material density stacking;
  • surface warming.

The calculator can determine the bulk density ekovaty, layer thickness, the total length of all the walls, the height and density of the insulation. As a result, we get the results by the number of insulation and its approximate value.

Always need to keep a small percentage of error, no more 10%. Taking into account the human factor in filling data. The findings on the results of the calculations can be used with confidence when laying insulation.

that is insulated
Density kg / m3
area insulation, m2:
insulation thickness, cm:
Weight kg:
Number of bags (15kg):
horizontal structures (floor, ceiling)

sloping structures (mansard)

vertical design (walls)

Wet-glue application


Application Method ecowool.

Before you calculate the amount of insulation should be familiar with the methods of laying ecowool:ecowool application on the wall

  1. The dry method involves blowing out the insulation until, until the desired density of the product is achieved. A significant disadvantage of this method is that, ecowool that over time gives a sharp shrinkage, although some manufacturers guarantee the life of the dry process ecowool stacking up 20 years old.
  2. The wet method can be carried out using special equipment, whereby ecowool pressure is applied to the surface and to avoid temporary shrinkage. The only negative - subject to mandatory wall cladding.

These characteristics are important to learn before laying ecowool, taking into account all possible advantages and drawbacks.


Ecowool - a hypoallergenic material, does not rot, It has excellent performance heat and sound insulation. Due to the fire retardant ingredients can be sure, that the house will be able to sustain resistance in fire. EKOVATA 22

A significantly decreases the likelihood, that the house is imbued with rodents and other insects. Antiseptic increases resistance to rotting. In terms of sound insulation ecowool better than any mineral wool!

Material Stacking occurs so, that all voids uniformly closed insulation special compound based on high-tech cellulose. Because of this composition can be "shut down" the wall with one hand, or with two.

With ecowool work easy and simple, area house 150 m2 You can completely insulate the material in one day, taking into account all the available partitions.

Ecowool can be bought in every region and area, it affordable, fully meets the stated objectives. The main thing - competently approach to the choice of the producer and calculate the amount of insulation material in bags consumed.



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