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How to get rid of cockroaches forever, the best means

In any house or apartment cockroaches are not welcome. The presence of these insects, of course, is not conducive to comfortable living. Luckily, With years of experience struggle with cockroaches in the apartment and the house, I accumulated a lot of ways to get rid of them. In this article we consider the basic methods and rules to combat these insects. Perhaps you may need to so the same instruction how to deal with mold on the walls apartment or fungus.

How to bring the cockroaches from the apartment?

For cockroaches water is much more important than food. When the room is plunged into darkness, cockroaches are primarily looking for a source of water, drops on the floor, sink, toilet. When, when the insect has eaten poison, but then had time to drink water, it will not die. Total. Kitchen during the struggle against these pests must be kept meticulously clean. Particular attention should be paid to the surfaces, they should always be wiped dry. by the way, without eating cockroaches can live for a long time. Even in cases, when you leave the apartment for a few weeks, and take away all the food supplies, do not expect, that during this period the insects disappear.

Как избавиться от тараканов в квартире фото таракан
The best effective remedy for the home of black cockroaches in the apartment is ...

Many methods of controlling cockroaches in an apartment built on one particular. In the event of contamination, even a cockroach, when he returns to the nest, he infects others. On this principle work means many of these insects. These creatures are very curious. They are always very interested in new pleasant smells.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever and quickly with these features? First, consider the "national" means and methods of combating these pests. note, Such methods are very effective, but to implement them need 3-4 of the week. Only then you should wait for the results.

Effective folk remedies for cockroaches

Men, who for many years lived in communal apartments and dormitories, and there is the problem of cockroaches is very urgent, It has been clarified by the fact, These insects are very fear boric acid. Boric acid kills insects instantly. But when they touch it, they have a very strong itching and pain, and eventually die. With the help of their antennae one cockroach acid passes their relatives, which is also beginning to experience a very unpleasant sensation. To implement this method,, only need to buy the pharmacy boric acid, and process it all surfaces, where the most common cockroaches. These include sources of water, ventilation holes, baseboards etc.. space insects cluster. Boric acid does not bear harm to people and pets. So there is no fear for pets.

Эффективные народные средства избавления от тараканов фотоAs noted, Cockroaches are very curious. This ability can also be used to combat them. First you need to boil the potatoes and eggs. Then mix these ingredients and add boric acid. As a result, you should get a thick mass. From this mass necessary to dazzle the small balls. When the beads are dry, place them around the house or apartment. Emphasize especially the bathroom, and kitchen. Put the balls in the places you need, where often there are cockroaches. for example, the kitchen should put them near the garbage can. The bathroom - near the toilet. In the afternoon, you can remove the balls, because you can accidentally step on and crush them. And in the daytime cockroaches is not very active. But at night you need to lay them back.

How does this popular way to get rid of cockroaches?

The smell of food smell interrupt boric acid, and the insect must come out to inspect the bait. It is worth it to touch the bait with their antennae, and the cockroach is doomed. Little of, after returning to the nest it infects yet other "cousins". The more interesting "bugs" will be coming to the beads, the faster will spread the boric acid and die cockroaches. Once the cockroaches are displayed, it is desirable to keep several balls in the places, where they will not interfere with anyone. Such as cabinets. It is not excluded, that neighbor cockroaches can get to you.

The best, fast and effective means of getting rid of the home of black cockroaches in the apartment

There are a lot of ready-made tools for the control of cockroaches, that work quickly and efficiently. One has only to note, chemicals that need to be very accurate. After their application remains stable unpleasant odor. Especially it concerns dispensers. In addition, some drugs can be harmful to pets and humans. So the choice of means to control cockroaches need to be treated very carefully. And be sure to read the instructions and follow all the recommendations for use of the, or means and th.

The types of tools to deal with cockroaches

Gels cockroaches. They are sold in syringes. Gels are applied to the surface of the small drops, at a distance of approximately ten centimeters from each other around the perimeter of the room. For the treatment of an apartment or house, depending on their size, It may take several syringes with gels. This poison works well.

Самое лучшее эффективное средство от домашних черных тараканов в квартире

Also very popular tool in the fight against insects are traps of cockroaches. Trap is a small circular box, in which there are a few openings for the entrance of insects. Inside the box there is a poison. Once infected cockroach returns to the nest, and infects other insects.

Houses of cockroaches. They are a small cardboard boxes in a house. Inside the house a bait for cockroach and adhesive tape. The smell of the bait luring them into house, there they are glued to the walls of the house. View glued to the walls of the house relatives in no way deters new insects.

It is also quite common sprays for cockroaches. Aerosols sprayed the place of their clusters, doorposts, plinth, slit. It takes time to change the spray from time to time. As they gradually get used to the same aerosol, and its application to become ineffective.

Very popular and cheaper means are small cockroaches. Finely processed plinth, slit, door jambs and other insects accumulation place. It is recommended that treatment once a week.

One of the most reliable and fast methods of controlling and getting rid of the home of black cockroaches - it's a challenge of a special service. In each of these services, their methods of struggle against insects. They conduct a thorough and serious treatment facilities. Each such company provides a guarantee on their services.

Cockroaches are not only disgust and spoil the aesthetics of the house or apartment, but are carriers of dangerous diseases. Of course, fight with them - it is not a simple. But you of all the proposed methods and the most effective means of, certainly find one, which will help you rid your home of cockroaches forever and at the same time in a short time. Stay online and in addition look video control cockroaches in the home!





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15 Comments to the post "How to get rid of cockroaches forever, the best means

  1. Very carefully with services for the extermination of insects, for residents their venom may be harmful, than cockroaches. I recommend yourself to buy and use the same sombat, do not forget to clean it thoroughly the whole apartment. The money will have to pay less, the result is absolutely the same, except, that garantinovanno Kombat guaranteed harmless, unlike those poisons, that the use of the company, with it you can not guess.

  2. You need to use multiple tools, I used dichlorvos and boric acid, using boric acid gave them feast))) (I put several small containers of water and sugar in the kitchen and lavatory with boric acid), so do the bare minimum 3 day.

  3. Consult a good company and you can help, most importantly do not buy it, that are sold in stores! Cockroaches have long developed an immunity to the, that sell. I have small children, and this constant crumbs everywhere, kill cockroaches called specialists
    no cockroaches, I am pleased, and you can help)

  4. baby, what are you? yours “Dihlofos” cockroach does not take. It does not apply to them. The author has written and someone it will help.

  5. It is better to combine. Immediately use two, three methods of getting rid of cockroaches (gel, boric acid, traps).

  6. Before, how to get rid of cockroaches and cockroaches special forces brigades, needed on the day of treatment to withdraw from the room all residents and pets. After treatment, following the instructions of the manager, spend wet cleaning in the house and aired all the rooms.

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  8. First you need to understand from where they have appeared (brought from the street, when you move, neighbors, garbage disposal, etc.) And then we need to choose the means and from where to start the fight.
    So fight and win. We used different traps. Once they disappeared, and then reappeared. To see a specialist and they helped us. We live and enjoy.
    Good luck to everyone in the fight against these parasites.

  9. Tried cockroaches many of these funds are, but they did not acted, I do not know why, eventually turned into Dezfoks. They arrived the next day, and all I've done rapidly and is now about cockroaches, I do not even remember, if not Dezfoks, I would still be tormented with cockroaches, and thanks to them there.

  10. Told buy and forget about mutants tarakashek 100% Unverified, year already do not have these reptiles. Very rarely scouts come from neighbors, Be alert to sink a couple of them and raz.Voobschem no means non-toxic, water-based. Guglete (remedy for cockroaches wix tarakan)

  11. boric acid powder can simply sprinkle in places where pests or mix it with egg yolk to cook poisonous bait balls. Boron compounds are not only deadly to cockroaches, they also inhibit the function of reproduction, thereby effectively destroying the entire population.

  12. If the problem with cockroaches tortured for a long time and takes the form of an epidemic should immediately call the special service. If cockroaches are so far only in your apartment and not a lot, you can get rid of their own. At the time of my apartment cockroaches saved crayon Masha and bait poisoned food. For a week the use of these funds, cockroaches become extinct. by the way, there is a very simple way to. If the window winter, but the apartment is heated cockroaches, just need to open the window. Cockroaches killed at low temperatures at about eight degrees below zero.

  13. Once upon a time we are faced with such a problem. Below us I lived a man and very often away from home, and when he came, housekeeping never engaged. And in half a year this neighborhood from it crawled to us cockroaches. First, all the angles we sprayed dichlorvos, they crawled from the bath and kitchen, therefore, these two premises, we paid more attention, squirting even floors. For a week the cockroaches disappeared and again appeared in the bath. Then a grandmother bought pills from cockroaches, which had to be spread out to every corner of the apartment, which we did. Derange all 3 rooms + bath and WC. And again for efficiency walked dichlorvos bath, kitchen and hallway. And voila, all gone. The truth is still the neighbor gave the same pills and personally followed, he spread out their. After that passed years 8-10 and never more of these reptiles in our apartment there was no, thank God. Tablets have been very effective!

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