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Appointment of articulating lifts

There are many different types of boom lifts, but one of the most popular is the electric articulated boom lift. This type of lift is ideal for indoor or outdoor use., and it offers great versatility, when it comes to climbing to the top.

These lifts come in different sizes and capacities., so it is important to choose one, which best suits your needs. More detailed information about what they are articulated lifts.

What are lifts used for?

Aerial lifts can be used in many industries and work sites. for example, we see, that air lifts are used for:

  • maintenance and replacement of road lights;
  • painting and maintenance of walls and roofs;
  • tree pruning;
  • multi-storey window washing;
  • installation, repair or adjustment of signs;
  • rescue work.

Lift, also called aerial work platform or people lift, is a type of lifting equipment, which can lift workers and their tools together high above the ground for safe and efficient aerial tasks. These air lifts have flexible mobility for indoor or outdoor operation., Retractable scissor or boom design for compact storage and stable vehicle base, providing strong support to the elevated platform.

Features of Articulated Lift

The advantage of an articulating boom lift over a telescopic boom machine is that, that with its help it is possible to reach the most inaccessible places, located, eg, on the roof or inside buildings.

The boom can also be used in a fully extended position.. Articulated boom lifts have a working height of up to 48 m and horizontal boom reach up to 23 m. The length of the boom can be increased by mounting additional sections and jibs.

Articulated booms are usually shorter than telescopic booms when folded, and therefore articulating boom lifts are easier to maneuver in tight spaces on construction sites. Articulated lifts provide a fairly high speed of movement of the working platform, just managed, have wide functionality, which is largely determined by the design of the boom; any of its folds are easily controlled.

The load capacity of scissor lift work platforms can be up to 300-1200 kg, Articulated lifts have an average platform load capacity of 200–300 kg.

Advantages of electric articulated lift

One of the biggest advantages of an electric articulating boom lift is that, that it runs on electricity, which means, that it is much quieter, than other types of lifts, running on diesel fuel or gasoline. This makes it ideal for use in places, where noise is a problem, eg, in hospitals, schools and residential areas.

Self-propelled electric crank lift SKYER EKP1220

Another advantage of the electric articulated boom lift is its high maneuverability.. Articulated arm allows the operator to overcome obstacles and go around corners, facilitating access to hard-to-reach places. This makes it an excellent choice for such tasks, like painting, window cleaning and repair work. These machines are designed to provide access to high places, like ceilings, roofs and high structures. They are equipped with a platform, which can be raised and lowered, allowing workers to perform tasks at different heights.

This type of lift is designed specifically for the tasks, requiring lifting a person to a high place. Articulated lift platform is usually smaller, than on a conventional boom lift, but is designed for one or two people. Articulated lifts are often used for such applications, like pruning trees, building maintenance and window cleaning. They are also widely used in warehouses and factories to reach high shelves and equipment.

Articulated Boom Diesel Lift

Articulated Boom Diesel Lift, ideal for outdoor use, skillfully overcomes many obstacles due to the large reach. Easy to use, he can lift 2 man from above 16 to 41 meters in its modular basket. Articulated boom diesel lifts are very easy to maneuver, and their large turning radius guarantees, that work can be carried out in complete safety.

Self-propelled diesel articulated lift SKYER DKP2723

Articulated lifts are available with diesel engines in all-wheel drive versions (4x4) with off-road tires, with oscillating axles and high ground clearance, which allows them to be used on any surface..

The vertical boom lift is equipped with a motion alarm, pinch protection system, platform with protective bar, overload sensor, hour meter, built-in diagnostic color LCD panel and other advanced features, ensuring the safety of working at height.


  • Possibility to work in hard-to-reach places due to knee joints;
  • Accurate positioning of the platform in the desired position and automatic correction in case of a dangerous slope;
  • Modular basket rotates 160°, tower - 360°;
  • Solid tires for stability when moving the platform;
  • The basket can be lowered below the level of the lift itself.

Depending on the model, they may work on, diesel fuel or petrol. When buying an articulated lift, it is important to consider the height, which you need to achieve, and load capacity, which you require. Consider the type of terrain, where you will work, as some lifts are better suited for rough terrain, than others.


Finally, if you are looking for an articulated boom lift, there are many different options to choose from. Do you need electric lift or diesel, there is always a lift, which will suit your needs. Just be sure to do your research and choose a model, which is safe, reliable and fits your budget. A salable articulated boom lift is a great investment for businesses and individuals, who need access to hard-to-reach places. With proper maintenance and care, an articulated boom lift can last for many years, making it a valuable asset for any business or individual.

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