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How to upholster, sheathe a metal door

With metal doors, people learned to protect themselves from thieves. but it turns out, These robust door themselves stealing. They steal the heat in the apartments. Through the gap between the door and the jamb out heat as, how much of it would have happened in a quarter of your vents. Plus, the, steel door, Unlike wood, she is a very good conductor of heat. Solution is simple and has long been known - Upholstery.

Как обить металлическую дверь
Sheathe the front metal door.

to upholster, sheathe the metal door you need:

  • plywood;
  • epoxy adhesive;
  • leatherette strip width 10 cm and a length of the entire door;
  • staple gun;
  • scissors;
  • foam thickness 2 cm and wider dimensions of the door leaf on 10 cm;
  • Hrvatin.
  1. Interior metal doors a little harder, than wood. After encasing material should be fastened with nails. Hammer a nail into the metal will not work. Therefore, from the outset, take the plywood pieces and glue them to the door. Okleit plywood desirable entire plane. Use epoxy adhesive.
  2. After pasting the door, leave alone for about a day. On the beauty of plywood covering can not worry. When all the work is done, plywood will not be visible.
  3. When the plywood is glued, loans directly to upholstery. The gap between the jamb and the door leaf to be closed roller. This is the main element of the upholstery.
  4. Make preform for roller. First take the strip width leatherette 10 cm and a length of the entire door. Fold it into the wrong side, and arrived at the door of the small nails every 10-15 cm or secure staple gun. To leatherette not bristled, cut it with scissors next to the door hinges.
  5. When the workpiece is ready to roll, secure nabivku. Use foam thickness 2 cm and wider dimensions of the door leaf on 10 cm. On top of foam lay two layers of batting. It also arrived on the entire plane. Now it's time to put leatherette.
  6. Leatherette need tailor with a small margin, by 3cm from all sides. Start nailing the center. first on top, then the bottom. Leatherette material during installation to pull as much as possible should be. When you grabbed leatherette fabric on top and bottom, It should appear in the fold. This indicates that, you pulled the material correctly. Then padding is secured with simple stud around the perimeter.
  7. Roller you should be filled with batting. Take the remains of batting and twist into a tube. Along the perimeter of the door tube Apply a batting and wrap it in a blank for the roller. Immediately workpiece edge nailed to the door.
    roller ready. You can do mount the door handle and door peephole. That's all, Now upholster or sheathe the metal door will be easier, knowing how.




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