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How to choose the interior doors properly

Detailed instructions on the selection of interior doors to apartments.

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How to choose interior doors.

Not a secret, that the interior door is one of the most important elements of interior. That interior doors have a connect two very important indicator - impeccable design and quality. And it is very important to understand, that the use of exclusive high quality glass door ensures your perfect look and originality, and it is an important factor in shaping the individual design of your home. In order to choose a door should familiarize themselves with simple instructions on choosing an interior door. Paying about ten minutes, you can make the right choice in favor of a good door learn all about the door.

Criterias of choice

The main criteria in the selection of high-quality interior door are:

  1. Very important, that interior doors It was made from natural, clean and ecological materials. In this case, be sure, that a good door in front of you. This may be solid wood materials or wood veneer. No less important is the factor, that the door was covered with expensive, high-quality and harmless to health varnish.
  2. You should definitely pay attention to the state of the surface of the door. Remember, that the surface of a good interior door should be smooth and without any nicks or defects. Check the door to the touch - you should feel pleasant and warm sensation. Again, pay attention to the nail, which covered the door - it should be an expensive and environmentally friendly. It is not necessary to give your attention tricks Seller, because a good and high-quality paint will last a very long time, and even after ten years, he will not lose its excellent appearance and properties. Besides, quality lacquer ensure durability and protection to your door. lacquer quality can be checked very simple way - by pressing a fingernail at the door. Remember, that quality coating does not leave marks on your nail, but cheap and simple varnishes always reflect the following. Very important, so that the nail was not included in the wood. You should know and then, lacquer - this is one of the most expensive materials in the manufacture of doors. And often, many manufacturers save on this material. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers use so bad varnish, that it may be harmful to your health. And to determine a type of varnish is very easy - it always leaves traces and fingerprints from your fingers. So it's worth it to take into account, when you do not know what to choose interior doors.
  3. When choosing a high-quality door should also pay attention to her painting and color. Remember, that the color of a good door should be uniform, clean and deep. And in any case, the presence of specks and spots is not permitted. But, however it was painted door, therein must necessarily manifest natural structure. happens is, some manufacturers in order, to save conceal blemishes and imperfections with a door toning, by doing so they give it a muddy color and deprived of natural and natural beauty - a door, just, not worth taking.

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  4. Very important, to the door there was no unnecessary gaps and overlaps in places baguette connection, gratings and frames. These places must be exactly adjusted.
  5. One major factor is the geometry of the door. Remember, that the door should be perfectly flat, maximum divergence, which can meet needs, up to one millimeter - no more.
  6. worth remembering, that quality is never cheap door glass will be used. In these doors only expensive and quality glazing will always be present, which will also have high-quality mounting - silicone sealants and gaskets.
  7. Do not miss the moment, that the box must be seal without fail.
  8. And do not forget to pay attention to what, that the finish of the door leaf, casing and the box should be the same in quality and color.

If you did everything right and were able to prevent falling into your hands the door with flaws, then be sure, that you have chosen a quality door. It is important to take into account all of the above items, if you want to choose the interior doors. And then you can not go wrong. For you to be able to distinguish the quality of the door can substandard explore another small manual, which you will also be able to help in the selection of interior doors for your home.

Point one - checking the coating and painting the exterior surfaces door

If you notice. What is the color of the door is not smooth, There are stains and incomprehensible turbidity, as well as the paint is heterogeneous and messy - be sure, that the manufacturer wants to mislead you, as there used to hide the toning defects, gaps and surface roughness. Clearly - so the door is classified as substandard.

  • Poor door can immediately impersonate porous surface, lack of smoothness and the presence of small tubercles. May also meet specks, hairs and filth under the paint, all kinds of black dots and trash. If you are not convinced, then move your hand on the door - probably will not experience the best.
  • With a little effort, slide your fingernail on the door. If the varnish was a trace or did nail split, then be sure that, that in front of you a door with poor coverage, and maybe even very dangerous to your health. Such a door in any case it is impossible to acquire.
  • If the ends of the door a different color, or by some other indicator - the door is of poor quality.
  • If you find all of these factors when selecting a door, you should make only one conclusion - in any case not to buy such a door. All that you can get in the future from such a door - a peeling varnish and paint, not perfect look to your home decor, and worse - can affect your health those chemicals and substances, which can be released from the low-quality cover door.

The second point - the test is performed

If you decide to go shopping for interior door, do not forget to take a roulette. The thing is, that in order, To understand this door has been manufactured under what conditions, necessary to have a very uncomplicated and simple steps:

  • Diagonal measure the distance from one corner to another. Now compare results. Remember, that high-quality door will have differences from 0 to 1 millimeter, but have poor quality indicators such doors can be up to 10 millimeters. It means only that, that the door was made "on the knee", Consequently, take such a door is not necessary.
  • From the side end a closer look at the door leaf. Very often, you will notice, that the doors of many manufacturers are very visible "eight". It means only that, that the wood has not properly dried. But the thing is, that such a figure eight over the years will only increase, so it pays to thoroughly think - if you need to take such a door, or better to choose another interior doors.

worth remembering, that only high-tech plants can produce high quality doors, which meet all international standards.

The third point - check surface

Very important, to the door surface is perfectly smooth. To check, you need to run your hand over the surface - you should feel a pleasant sensation. Nor any gaps and irregularities should not be. Just pay attention to the upper ends. Very often they are rude or rough sawn.

Paragraph Four - check the glass.

  • Gently shake the door, if you hear rattling, it should be that the glass is loose, and it can not talk about the quality of the door.
  • Pay attention to the condition of frosted glass. If you notice a greasy or dull spots, you know, that they will bring nothing more than impossible, since these stains can be removed using special equipment after handling door.
  • It is worth to pay attention to the origin of the glass - it should not be cheap.
  • Be sure to try to find out - what used to seal the insertion and fastening of glass?

Paragraph Five - check baguette and construction joints.

When choosing a door is required to carefully inspect all connections design and in particular baguette doors. Remember, that there should be no, nor any irregularities, clearances, overlaps, cracks and, most importantly, in any case should not present an uneven abutment parts.

And in conclusion I would like to say, that the choice of interior door should just ask - the material from which made the door itself? You yourself must understand, that quality or when the door is not made of cheap chipboard. Follow the hints and tips you'll always know how and what to choose interior doors properly and safely. It would be useful to know: What better way to fix the door in the opening, how easy embed hinges in a doorway, fit and secure casing.

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  1. Good article about the selection of interior doors. You do not mind if we will post it on the site with a link for you?

  2. When my husband and I were doing repairs in the apartment, changed at the same time and the door, like veneer. In Sophia picked up a very appropriate under the already chosen floor and wall color door Tyrol. It looks elegant and fresh.

  3. When selecting exterior doors need to pay attention to what do the basics or metal frame. It is better, that it was created from a single profile. And then the door will last longer.

  4. I read that when choosing a front door is important to face the sheet had no welds.

  5. We decided to change the door with my mother (We live together without a father). A couple of days over the weekend went to the shops, phoned salons selling doors. They took the door “Granada”, with delivery. We do not regret. Everything suits me. So that, if you need the door for home delivery, only to.

  6. Thanks for interesting article! Metal doors to choose is not so easy, but much more difficult to choose the interior, so much so that would combine! We bought a door from the company Statusdor, their premium line of very good fit in almost any decor.

  7. Good article, It is seen that he wrote a knowledgeable person. I like the installer with experience more than 5 years old, I want to give advice to people, who want to buy a door to the apartment, in any case do not buy laminated doors, except that as a temporary, it is best to save up and buy or veneered doors with ekoshponom. They cost more, but will last you many years. Recently, I found a site where the lowest prices on the door to the Internet. There will be able to choose for themselves the door. I hope my advice will come in handy to someone!

  8. Good Economy door is not completely with Color Options. I took with vinyl leather, it seems to be not the same. Made in Moscow, PC Visit to order. all arranged. There were bronenakladki, but did not take.

  9. Thanks for the useful and interesting article!

    Often, many people have questions on how to choose the stage of repair interior doors. After all, in any home, apartment or other premises they have. In addition they share the room with each other, yet they have to perform an aesthetic function, and perhaps complements your home decor.

  10. I think too, that the door should be made of environmentally friendly materials. And to reduce the carbon footprint of consumption (if you think about nature and your responsibility, of course), take from local producers. I live in St. Petersburg and when I was doing repairs in the studio, found several Velldoris brand stores at once - a local manufacturer. She is not very popular, it's a pity. Nice doors, inexpensive, durable, cute and eco-friendly.

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