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What better interior doors: from an array, veneer or ekoshpona

Modern buyer is very different from the consumer end products 20 century. People have become pickier. Many, before you go to the store, trying to get basic information on the characteristics of the goods and the criteria for their selection. Vividly show interest in those products, which is on the rise production, where the strongest innovative breakthrough is observed, new technologies and materials.

One such area is the production of interior doors. Which is better - from the array, wood veneers or artificial analogue - ekoshpona? Let's deal with the staff of the Internet - shop interior doors "The House", who prepared the expert material for you.

from an array of doors better

Interior doors today has become so massive, that some agencies are attempting to make ratings of companies, employed in this sector. The market is saturated with real proposals. Buy the right product in these conditions, it would seem that, simpler. In fact, interior doors to choose from so many options, taking into account the variety of colors, invoices and price - not an easy task, even if it is a specific category of structures. from an array of doors better, what to look for during the inspection, which is a priority, and that the secondary - these and other questions we propose to discuss in our article.межкомнатные двери из массива в интернет магазине

The fight for quality interior door begins long before the production. Before I get into the hands of the manufacturer, it must go through several stages of preliminary preparation:

  • Qualitative selection stage, environmentally friendly forest;
  • drying;
  • Rospusk louvre;
  • Bonding in a single fabric.

In view of the chosen style paneled design and produce doors of the re-array.

choice of wood

Here is the view not only the type of wood, but first and foremost the quality of. Simple buyer is not able to control the harvesting process of selection, but you can ask about the origin of the materials from the manufacturer to check the availability of certificates.

proper drying

In the production of interior doors is only dry wood, in particular an array, adjusted to the minimum humidity value - average 8%. To achieve this level are two ways:

  • Drying in natural conditions;
  • Treatment kilns.

Usually, manufacturers use the second drying method, because it is faster. Dried breed differently, Considering features of breeds, strictly maintaining the temperature and pressure.

Division of slats

There are no interior doors from a single tree trunk. Immediately after drying, the workpiece is cut into small bars, which, after bonded to each other and receive the door leaf of the desired size. Thus manufacturers struggle with internal stress, arising during operation due to the change of temperature, humidity, pressure. If you just cut the door in solid pieces, it will be very sensitive to changes, what is happening in the environment, so quickly rassohnetsya, crack, unusable.

wood protection

The protective properties of future construction attach two ways - by impregnating some special structures and for applying the other surface of the web, moldings. materials, which are used for external protection, also endowed decorative properties. For sale is a large collection of primers, morilok, wax having antibacterial and antifungal properties, and varnishes, paints, enamel with various embodiments tinting.

What are the massive doors is better - 5 comparative characteristics

we offer to evaluate 5 array types - pine, alder, oak, beech, Ash - on important characteristics:

  • moisture-resistant;
  • Behavior during drying;
  • figure;
  • Presence of knots on the surface, smolyanistosti;
  • price.


  • High tar provides high moisture;
  • Capricious in drying;
  • Expressed by decorative properties, beautiful picture;
  • Softwood, prone to scratching;
  • The cheapest array of all of the above.
Doors from pine array podlakom
Doors made of solid pine with transparent lacquer



  • harder than pine, but it has a high buckling;
  • low humidity, drying is carried out at lower temperatures compared with pine;
  • uniform pattern;
  • many suchkov;
  • Slightly more expensive than a pine.


Door of solid alder under the white enamel

For decorative finishes increasingly use tinted. Suitable for classical interiors.


  • Strongly absorbs moisture;
  • Not capricious in the drying;
  • beautiful picture;
  • little knots;
  • Highest price.

It has high strength, therefore suitable for the manufacture of exterior doors. The only drawback - a lot of weight. To fight him, choose quality, sturdy loop. box, Finishing panels are made of the same material.

Doors made of solid oak with a capital



  • It tolerates high humidity;
  • Not capricious in the drying;
  • Shows resemblance to oak;
  • On the surface at least knots;
  • The average price segment.
 door made of solid ash
Interior doors made of solid ash

Wood ash durable solid oak, however, more sensitive to the influence of the atmosphere.


  • Not tolerate humidity;
  • High natural humidity creates difficulties in drying;
  • Figure uniform;
  • Well treated;
  • oak cheaper, expensive alder.

     door beech
    Two-leaf interior doors made of solid beech

What doors better

The ideal is considered beautiful and stylish interior doors, suitable in color to create a design in the interior, as well as robust, water-resistant and inexpensive. In real life it happens - the highest-quality and durable doors are from 50 000 rub., so sometimes you have to ignore the image, priorities, to meet the available budget. And it's not, the door for 20 000 It brings a lot of trouble during operation, and in the absence of such a model elite status, that is a high priority for some buyers. Therefore it is impossible to answer in a nutshell - what massive doors better? Each selects in accordance with the general style and price. And to make it easier to choose, we offer to evaluate the product, close in performance and cost.

Pine or alder

Repels the intended installation site:

  • Pine, with its beautiful pattern - the cottage, in a country house or cottage;
  • Stronger alder - in apartment, preferably in a room with a classic dominant.

Alder or beech

They have about the same moisture-resistance and a lot of ways to trim. Beech is superior in strength, but at the alder more expressive drawing and lower cost. It is hardly possible to give categorical advice at the place of application of both solid. Want more natural beauty - it means alder. Arranges aristocratic uniformity and higher price - while a beech.

Ash or oak

To distinguish them from each other by a non-professional would be hard. Take a look at the cut - oak on the surface are medullary rays. In their ash there. ash stronger, but it does not mean, that the ash door is better. On the contrary, oak in the minds of most buyers expresses stability, strength, power and virtually forever, so, which is better - will decide on the spot, by comparing external characteristics of two models of specific.

Choosing veneered doors

Most of the collection of interior doors occupy exactly veneered products, because of the external characteristics are not worse doors of the array, but their cheaper. Perfectly appropriate question - what better veneered doors. Really, They differ not only in color, but also:

  • design: paneled (classic), tsargovye and moldings - for modern interiors;
  • veneer views: natural, Fine-line;
  • at the cost of: less than synthetics, more expensive.

The process of applying fabric veneer on the called veneering. In the course are all existing wood - meaning the array itself or simulate it in a variety of films, But more on that later. First, you must answer the main question - why do veneered doors, if you can just cut it out of the fabric of the array desired piece of rock? A motive for this has, and not one.

купить шпонированные двери

Advantages veneered doors:

  • Relatively low price: the difference is felt especially strongly with the purchase of several models;
  • It allows you to buy a door with the same natural grass and refuse synthetics, if there is no financial ability to order the doors of the array;
  • High level of water resistance - can be installed in bathrooms and showers;
  • Little weight.

Design is achieved by using a variety of veneer from different types of wood - from the simple to the precious pine oak, exotic rosewood - and modeling basics, creating milled, framed, tsargovyh designs.

How do you know - what's veneered door better and better

There is another way to diversify the collection of doors in the apartment, but it is applied within the category of "veneered door". Classification is performed by the form used veneer. Their, as known, 3:

  • Natural (natural);
  • Fine-line;
  • Ekoshpon.

The first is the most expensive, because it is made by removing a thin layer of wood. The same array, but a film thickness of up to 1 mm. The second option is also made from wood, but for a different technology. First sections of wood are glued to one sheet of plywood and it has already cut into thin layers. Ekoshpon made from pulp industry waste and polypropylene. Coating materials doors listed in descending order of price.

 door trim of ash veneer (
Interior door trim of ash veneer

As an ordinary person to distinguish the door from natural veneer from ekoshpona and fine-line:

  • Veneer - an exact imitation of the array, with same beautiful pattern and texture;
  • Fine-line is on the surface of many repeating units;
  • Ekoshpon - polymer. Look at the end sections, we'll see, that this film, and do not cut the tree. And the second point - ekoshpon comes in a wide palette of colors, including., those, which are not found in nature.

How to find out, which veneered doors better and better? Do not be afraid to touch the canvas, even sniff, than it smells. A good door absolutely smooth surface and no pungent chemical odor.

Which is better - the door of an array or veneer

there is an opinion, that the choice between the doors of veneer and solid wood made solely because of the price. statement is true, but partly, and it can not occur in all cases. for example, models from inexpensive pine may have the same or lower cost, than beautiful framed doors with natural oak veneer.

doors of oak veneer
Interior doors with oak veneer finish

What is better - an array or veneer? We offer a comparison of key parameters:

  • Scope: massive doors set in the richly decorated lounges, khollakh, as well as in homes, luxury finished office. Veneered models are less picky about the environment, although, to set the room door secondary and secondary + price segment, must be met. They were also ordered to apartments, offices, country houses, but do not necessarily fit into the exquisite interiors and are selected as a background expensive antiques;
  • Moisture resistance - considered, veneers better cope with high humidity, although this criterion depends not only on the material itself, much of his defense. Yet, if the door is needed in the bathroom, better manage veneer, so as not to risk a lot of money;
  • Price - here the undisputed priority of the veneered doors. The array is always more expensive, than a thin slice of wood, although, If two models are identical in design, whether or not to overpay;
  • The possibility of eliminating defects on the surface: at the door of the array are more, although there are special formulations, by which to, if not eliminate, do something invisible scratches on the veneer.

Another advantage of veneered doors is a small weight. Installation of articles of the array is typically performed on three hinges. In the case of veneer amplification is not required.

Solid pine or veneered

Pine, both the cheapest material among all popular alternatives, It is the only species, used in the production models of the re-solid and veneered doors.

In the first case of pine makes the entire web, and after coated it stains, wax, decorated with transparent lacquer or tinted.

Veneered doors of pine produce with two goals - to improve the external data and protective properties. For the coating of cheap wood veneer take expensive oak or ash. In this way, inexpensive design is obtained with a rich design. With regard to protection - we have already talked about the outstanding characteristics of the wood veneer. In the case of the pine is especially relevant technology solution, because veneering is possible at times to increase the water resistance and durability of softwood, and thus extend its life, not much raising the price tag.

How to prioritize? - Very simple: if you want to decorate the house with natural wood, as well as make the room a fresh scent of pine needles, Choose solid pine, but the solution is more suitable for summer cottages, country houses. If you want a classic, rich saturated color oak, thus there is no money to pay for the re-elite array, then offer to buy Interior veneered doors.

Door of solid pine painted
The door made of pine

An array or alder veneer

Alder stronger pine, but this criterion is almost on par with natural veneer. Since both types of doors are processed protective structures, producers manage to equalize the compared structure and moisture resistance. There is no fundamental difference between them and the price. It means, that serious indications for refusal from the purchase of veneer doors or model of alder, does not exist. How to choose? - Probably, We will decide on the spot. Yet, if you want to buy the product in exactly the color and F colors and patterns. Alder - tree, so respectability and a bias towards strict classics.

Solid oak and veneer

Solid oak - a peak in many respects, including strength, chic design - or rather, a great variety of designs, fit within the classic style. they surpass their veneered up in weight and price, although it, rather, minus, what is the advantage.

Veneered doors - this is also the beauty, but in a different format, because, eg, Veneer is not suitable for aging brushing, But here you can use a lot more trains to give shade, and therefore easier to choose a model under the flooring or skirting. they are inferior in strength and, but wins in the moisture resistance and, of course, in the cost.

in total: if you prefer to maintain the status for any money, then choose solid oak. When you want to at least the high aesthetics for less money - take natural veneer.

How to choose the doors ekoshpona

of ekoshpona door - a timely and intelligent solution to create a cheaper alternative to the doors of natural veneer. Hardly anyone would think to argue, that anyone can afford the goods worth 6-10 thousand. rub. The reality is, that we have to consider more options available, Bit I'd like, so that they are durable, beautiful, water-resistant.

The second point - weight loss, and all with the same purpose of saving. Usually, Such models are made of hollow structural fill or cheap material, eg, honeycomb cardboard. It turns easy, expensive, but with the minimum values ​​of heat, soundproofing.

Interior doors with ekoshpona
Interior doors with trim ekoshpona

What doors ekoshpona better - depends largely on the willingness of the manufacturer meticulously selected materials, It refers to the assembly, not ignore modern technology.

How to get ekoshpon

At the core are ekoshpona 2 key component - the cellulose fibers and polypropylene. Film prepared by the long-term pressing. As a result, it forms a very durable material, resistant to moisture and scratches.

Film is deposited on a prepared, well-cleaned fabric with special technology: First it is heated, structure is then placed in a vacuum for a firm connection. Make it to the so-called "line wrapping". The polymer is not cut into individual fragments, to cover each side separately and ends, and wrapped her every door element - tsargi, planed. The junction is obtained only in one place, and he will not go outside, and enter into the groove. In this way, will open only the top and bottom ends.

Staining ekoshpona produced in mass, at that stage, when the film is a cellulose fiber. First, they give shade, then bonding occurs, Injection molding press. Through this technique, the application of color remains the same door saturated, fresh after many years of operation, and it does not need to hide from direct sunlight, to prevent burnout.

Practical advantages ekoshpona

The film goes on the finishing of natural and artificial materials, so it may be a solid pine, MDF, DSP. In short - about the benefits of such models:

  • Available in wide range of colors - from natural to creative;
  • color fastness;
  • surface strength: not afraid of scratches, blows;
  • Moisture resistance - not install in bathrooms;
  • Not scratched when cleaning abrasive detergents - soda, powders;
  • repairability: over time, you can apply varnish or paint in a different shade, to adjust to the new interior.
ekoshpon door to the bathroom and toilet
The coated door ekoshpon the bathroom and toilet

Recommended applications - apartments, country houses, garden, offices, the shops, medical institutions, sanatoriums, public places, etc.. Such a broad scope of use due to the low price, strength, diversity.

What is the best door of ekoshpona: We check the quality of 5 settings

pay attention to:

  1. design.
  2. film.
  3. Fixing of glass.
  4. Moldings.
  5. Build quality.

check a design

of ekoshpona doors do with a dull blade or tsargovymi. Tsargi produce different sizes - width varies 90-150 mm, thickness 30-45 mm.

Note, wider tsargi, the easier it is to install magnetic locks. Such systems are good for hotels, offices, and the apartments are not always relevant. Wide side-bar is not appropriate at the narrow doorway (to 70 cm) - it spoils the design, burden appearance.

The cost model is used to tsargi 36 mm in thickness. They have a minimum bending strength. They are difficult to insert fittings. Therefore, the design are considered optimal width of a side-bar 36 mm, but not anymore 40 mm.

When choosing a door check, Does she not provisaet. Try to lift it, to determine the weight, at least to the eye. Despite the hollow insert, it should not be too easy.

check the film

The thicker material, so it is stronger. A similar rule applies when choosing a film. The thinner ekoshpon, so it is more vulnerable, the easier it is to scratch. Check thickness can be uncovered by the top ends of the web parts. Or ask the seller sample models in the context of.

Check the mounting of glass and panel

When choosing doors with glass inserts are important 2 the time - their strong fastening and thickness. Try to open a few times, close the door, listen to the sounds, should not be binging and feeling, the glass is within the "walk", so badly secured and the manufacturer decided to save on the sealant.

The panels can also be of different thickness. optimally - 10 mm. There are cheap construction with panels 6-8 mm. Such below not only the price, but also sound insulation, strength.

check planed

Please note the following details:

  • Thickness: it should not be too thin, otherwise the door will sag over time, and install a hard planed;
  • compliance ekoshpona: Moldings and coating on the web must be identical

Assembling tsargovyh doors

The assembly is carried out in two ways:

  • Gluing on Wyman;
  • Twisting the screws on.

Glued door cheaper, because they are made by bonding under pressure and can be obtained non-separable. Best strength are considered doors ekoshpona, connected to the screws and dowels. This prevents sagging - firstly, and secondly, It allows to make folding design. If you suddenly get a detail defect, it simply replaced on the same conditions in the factory.

tsargovye doors in color wenge
Tsargovye door ekoshpon coating color Wenge

PVC or ekoshpon door - which is better

Two key material for the facade design of interior doors. Both are widely used by manufacturers of products of low and medium price segment. The logical question consumers - which is better, PVC or ekoshpon. How to distinguish one from the other coating, whether there is a reasonable explanation, that should give up one for the other?

Let's start with the similarities:

  • Film materials are;
  • Supplied in rolls;
  • Resistant to moisture;
  • stronger, Laminated coating than paper-based;
  • Cheaper and doors made of solid wood veneer.


Texture: The first distinguishing feature. If you run your hand across the surface of each, It has manifested a smooth PVC, smooth texture. Ekoshpon in this respect is closer to natural wood, because it mimics not only visually, but it has a similar structure.

Security: wins ekoshpon. Its fastening to the surface is carried out without the use of special compounds - the connection is under pressure due to substances, members of the film itself. Fastening PVC and wood veneer is performed with strong synthetic binders.

The second point - both materials are polymers, Only PVC - actually, polyvinylchloride, эkoshpon - polypropylene. The second is not a part of the toxic chloride, therefore, considered to be the most beneficial in terms of environmental cleanliness, Although this statement is disputed, and expressed in PVC harmful properties are manifested only in certain conditions.

And PVC, ekoshpon and repel moisture, suitable for installation in bathrooms, including., in close proximity to the shells, but the doors of PVC:

  • It is not recommended to wash with the use of highly abrasive products;
  • Do not install in places, which always get a flood of ultraviolet. This will harm the texture;
  • Require careful treatment, because scratches, cracks, chipped, resulting from strong shocks, It can not be resolved without leaving a trace.

Ekoshpon - a beautiful, in appearance - natural, but still not expensive. His most vulnerable spot - it's strength, it depends on the film thickness. All is not well, that very very cheap: very low price should alert and to check to make unprotected end sections. Well, and if it is assumed careful operation, there is no apparent reason for not saving.

Construction of PVC doors and ekoshpona

Film materials are topcoats doors. They do not need to paint, beeswax, toned. They cover the entire spectrum of existing doors, including:

  • Tsargovye;
  • panelboard;
  • milled.

It is necessary to evaluate the quality of in each case, regardless of coverage, so look:

  • The upper ends of unclosed or request a sample of the seller, to estimate the film thickness;
  • Weight, It is too lightweight models - it is not always a plus, because they are the most vulnerable to severe impacts;
  • Fastening panels and windows - there should be no feeling cranky inserts;
  • Thickness and transoms: Choose according to the principle "where subtly, there and tear ".

Film coatings allow the door to pick up the color to any interior, but a reservation, that make it easier when choosing models from PVC. The film is available in all the RAL palette, and that a few dozen options, different subtle nuances. Ekoshpon in this sense, a little inferior to its more "senior" polymer, but its external characteristics are quite similar to the kind of wood.

Ekoshpon available in the colors bleached oak, wenge, apricot, etc.. This door looks, as a model of natural wood, and only this opportunity - to buy the richly decorated door at a low price - is the root cause of their appearance on the market.

so, PVC doors - is thicker and durable coating, but its synthetic origin immediately noticeable because of the lack Postpaid. in front of, ekoshpon - the same naturalness, but too thin, to enter in the premium segment. It means, that will have to choose, based on priority, after all, as often happens, One important beauty, and other strength.

Which to choose the interior doors - veneer or PVC

PVC doors and wood veneer differ fundamentally, if only the, one that is made from natural materials, and the other synthetic. Different origins to some extent affected the performance of all models, including price, design, performance characteristics and design. To them and offer to dwell.


certainly, if we compare the quality of oak veneer doors with models made of PVC, price advantage in favor of the former is too obvious. In fact, it is the door of the different "weight" categories: One - Classic, luxurious and the most that neither is a wooden, and the second may be present in a variety of interior styles, because it comes in any color - neutral brown to red creative, It has a smooth surface, than immediately gives its synthetic nature.

If there is in these categories model, similar properties, this design with PVC coating and interior doors with FineLine coating. In another way it is called Engineered Veneer, because it was the result of the application of innovative technologies. To obtain it takes a real wood shavings. The layers are stacked in a specific order, to create a drawing. The preform was dried in an oven, and then cut into cross plies. get thin, inexpensive, but the natural material without knots. To distinguish it on the eyes of the wood veneer can be ordered by drawing with repeating fragments. The thin coating is inexpensive and the price can compete with PVC doors.

the door to the color of bleached oak
Shponirovannnaya door in the color of bleached oak



On this parameter they are similar. Both options are used to cover the two types of webs:

  • From inexpensive pine with MDF panels;
  • From the re-array.

Mainly used array softwood, alder, because the cover synthetics or natural veneer of elite varieties of wood is not advisable, not to say, that foolish. The main thing - pay attention to the thickness of the coating material, build quality, weight. The fabric is heavier, all the better. So installed inside the more expensive amplifier, than a cell board.

Visual appeal and diversity

Inexpensive - does not mean ugly. PVC doors, too, can look like a natural. Consider their unnatural origin of descent can be difficult, but you can.

With regard to the most primitive representative of the "family" of veneers - the film Fine Line, it looks like it is adequate to its origin and price, i.e., pretty well.

performance specifications

The quality of the films today are so high, that there is no fear that's so easy to scratch or break the door. PVC does not require rigorous selection detergents - will suit the usual chemistry and denim. two wrongs, which can not be called:

  • Vulnerable point of PVC doors are edge. If defective or incorrect processing of the recommended standards of operation, they may come off;
  • If the coating begins to delaminate, repair it at home is not possible - it is necessary to carry the factory, which is not always convenient and profitable.

Lead can not be used without additional protection, so the surface is lacquered. It is not butt joints and edges, and therefore the doors of veneer less chance for failure. Even if a crack is formed on the surface or cleavage, they are easy to repair their own hands, and the defect is not visible.

What is better - or veneer ekoshpon

Hardly buyers learned, What is veneer, both appeared on the market its "cognate" analogue. What to do with him? What does the materials have to each other, and what is better - or veneer ekoshpon - to these and other questions more often have to respond to consultants.


veneered doors
Veneer doors in the bedroom and wardrobe


Natural Veneer made from wood of different breeds, and ekoshpon - inexpensive polymer, who invented a special, to meet the needs of people with a low level of salaries in quality and beautiful product. In fact, ekoshpon represents an artificial imitation of natural analogue, hence there was a difference in the cost of. And what better to choose - everyone decides for himself:

  • Or a few easy inexpensive doors with waterproof, but a thin film, It is exactly the same texture elite array;
  • Or a stronger, status and attractive classics, but to a lesser extent.

Let us compare the doors of solid pine and ekoshpona

We have already written, interior doors that are not made from a single piece of wood. any, even the most expensive model, It is a multilayered structure, topped with protective and decorative materials. Which is better - the door made of pine or ekoshpona - just depends on the inner product unit, which in turn affects the performance and cost.

When people talk about the choice of the door of the array of inexpensive or coated ekoshpon, They are not due to, that one qualitatively different. They just have a little bit different purpose and goals, which means a different approach to the design and materials.

What is - the door made of pine? - Option 2:

  • properly, the re-painting of softwood in kind, with preserved natural pattern;
  • Basis for interior doors with film coatings, including., ekoshponom.

I.e, doors ekoshpona (largely) inside consist of the same pine. The film is not glue directly on pine leaf. At first his sheathe MDF panels, and has top coated with a polymer.

It turns out, that will have to choose in accordance with the set objectives:

The door made of pine The door of ekoshpona
When important naturalness, true, rather than artificially created, wood pattern (by the way, pine it is one of the brightest). If you want to choose color, It is exactly the same furniture facades, floors, if you are allowed to have on all the doors in the apartment are absolutely the same wood pattern, and if not so important strength, sound- and thermal insulation, and you can donate these characteristics in order to save.


In summary ...

The above mentioned recommendations work only on one condition - that comparison come from high-quality doors, made taking into account the developed technological standards. Due to the irresponsibility of some suppliers born incorrect opinion on some models and materials in general,.

the main thing, it should be remembered - defined quality standards are at all doors. You can not just claim, that the model of fragile ekoshpona, serve little. Such a statement makes sense, if pronounced in comparison with other structure, eg, from natural veneer. Assume the, what is important to you - the price, glamor, strength or silence, and choose from those positions, which meet the requirements.

We hope, we clearly set out all the nuances of selection, but if questions remain - contact, experts store doors "in house" website endeavor to find a solution to your problem.

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