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Door cassettes for sliding interior doors

Door cassettes for sliding interior doors are designed to conceal the open door leaf. It is specially constructed box, which not only makes it look more decorative designs, but also protects it from dust, hides all mechanisms. Sami sliding doors are convenient, that can save space, make the opening wider and more functional.

The use of cassettes and their variants

It is not always like the owners of the premises, when it is seen wide-open door leaf. Especially, if a family has young children, great risk, they move the door and pinch your fingers. cassettes sliding doors not only hide fabric, but also to protect the inhabitants of the room from accidental injury. The cassette is located along the wall, It helps to use the extra space, which would be occupied by web, since it is possible to hang shelves, used as decor.

There are several types of door cassettes. Most types sliding doors do not require additional space for opening, Unlike swing. However, when you open the sliding canvas is important, to the wall and along nothing was placed back to back. The use of cassettes allows move up the furniture against the door, wherein, without interfering with its opening.

Magazine for the sliding door is considered to be part of the wall, although mounted on top of it. When opening the door leaf goes inside the cartridge and does not interfere with objects located around. When choosing the design should take into account the width of the door opening, canvas size. In total there are three types of cassettes:

  • unilateral, when one door leaf and goes in the same direction.
  • Bilateral models are designed for door panels, drop in opposite directions and being on the left and right side of the door opening.
  • By way of installation and external feature vnutriproemnye. The first type is established even in the construction of buildings. In the wall, where there will be a doorway, leave a special cavity, which will hide the door leaf. External cassette installed at any time and are mounted on top of the finished wall, without requiring it to split.

If one blade, cassette can be positioned either on the left, or on the right side of the doorway depending on, Q What are the side opening is planned canvas. When the door vertically divided, classical one cassette performance is its placement on both sides of the doorway. But there are some design, when both doors are pushed to one side, then the cassette can be placed on it, but it is worth considering that this should allow the wall thickness, because the design will be sufficiently broad. More complicated is the setting for three tapes- or chetyrehpolnyh designs, however, the mechanism provided for them.

Sliding door coupe
Toilet and bathroom with sliding doors

If necessary, the cassette door can be built in a completely any wall, but this would require analysis of its, If such an idea was not originally incorporated in the planning of the structure of the project. If you work in an apartment, and is required to disassemble bearing wall, It will need to obtain special permission to do so.

There is a small trick, and the wall can not disassemble, mounting the cassette over its side and closed by means of a false-wall, which can be made of wood or drywall. This approach will help get rid of extra work and obtaining permits, and visually will not differ from the classic designs gathered mount technology.

Wall in any case have to sheathe decorative panels, because, if it is necessary to disassemble, it will be partially damaged and lose attractive appearance. The surface can be plastered, pre-upholstering of its metal mesh.

How to mount?

Cassette assembly sliding door put before, apply the door leaf and everything attached to it mechanisms. This is a fairly time-consuming, but not a difficult job, which can hold their own when necessary, which will save on operating services.

In order to properly perform the installation, We need to know the design features of the product. The first thing to decide, where it will be located the future doors. Sliding door - great idea to save space. It is well suited for those places, where narrow corridors or furniture is so, that when you open the hinged door will interfere. Leaf sliding system takes almost no space when opened, and with proper installation closes tightly enough. The design of the cassette of the system consists of the following elements:

  • Metal carcass.
  • guide system.
  • Roller mechanisms for moving blades.
  • If doors have many folds, is used to synchronize the device.
  • Limiters and fixers.

Cassette sliding door pencil going easy. To do this, you must first install its basic elements. Manufacturers produce ready frames, to which is attached a detailed assembly instructions.

Rail-guide would interfere, if it is placed on the floor in the doorway, therefore not required to touch the floor. The entrance will be deprived of the thresholds. If the door mnogostvorchataya, synchronizers required for simultaneous opening of all the valves, even if at the same time pull one. If the cassette set correctly, visually it will blend in with the wall, It is one with it. The structure must have sufficient rigidity, look monumentally.


Table size door canisters
Sizes door canisters


Why design is convenient to use?

Sliding door coupe for a number of advantages compared with conventional door constructions, which include the following:

  • The doorway is completely free, There are no rapids and other obstacles, inherent in the door with a box.
  • The tape helps to better isolate noise, cold air, smell, providing a sealed room.
  • The cloth does not block wall space, so it can be used at their discretion.
  • Sliding doors save space significantly when opening and can be used in narrow spaces.
  • Easy to open from either side.
  • It can be used in the openings of a width of 5 m, it is not possible when using swinging designs.
  • You can adjust the width of the opening of the door opening.
  • The tape protects from accidental injury, It does not allow self-opening and closing the fabric.
Kasssety for sliding doors
Installing kassetyi rails

Design features allow you to adjust the position of the door leaf. Usually this happens in three ways, that allows you to set the door perfectly straight. Only in this case the canvas will not have problems when opening.

you can customize, tilting the canvas and adjusting the depth: This helps to make the minimum load on the frame and significantly extend its operation.

The only drawback of such a system is the partial destruction of walls. However, if you use a plating method, tear down the wall is not required. This user-friendly solution, since a long time to get permission, and give it away is not always.

Installation of sliding doors with cassette-Foam is a practical and convenient to operate the idea, applicable to all types of premises.

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