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Installation butterfly hinges on interior doors

There are different mechanisms of loops, but perhaps the most simple to install on the wooden door hinge designs are butterfly.

hinge mechanism, by and large, It is extremely simple and is responsible for the opening and, respectively, for the closing of the door leaf, as well as for, to it as much as possible more tightly adjoined to the door frame. In order to properly install on interior doors hinges, before proceeding directly to the setting process, should pay particular attention to their design. If it seems too difficult for you, the installation process on the interior doors butterflies loops are best left to the professionals.

A bit about the types of loops

Conventional loop be embedded directly into the door leaf itself. But in order, to implement it, you need to have professional skills. Otherwise, is likely to spoil the door. standard inset hinges in interior doors with his own hands is quite a complicated process, that the strength is not for everyone. For this reason, it would be better to entrust this work to professionals.

loop types

    variety of mechanisms

There is a solution - the hinges of the "Butterfly" are overlaid, It differs very attractive appearance, as well as the relative ease of execution. The installation process of such loops on the inner door can be accomplished in several ways. This will depend, first of all, by themselves mesh-type structure "butterflies", type door leaf, as well as on the type of door frame.

color butterfly loops

These hinges are called "butterfly" because of their plate in shape strongly reminiscent of butterfly wings. They are called with card, because as one plate is embedded in the cavity of the other, that is strongly reminiscent of the mixing process of playing cards.

After installing these hinges look very attractive and neat. The very process of installation is carried out easily and simply, because they do not need to cut into the door leaf, but just enough to impose them on its surface and screw. This procedure is quite possible to carry alone.

Mortise hinges for interior doors are compact mechanism, formed as a cylinder and divided into two parts: one for the door leaf, and the other, respectively, to the door frame. Plates themselves mounted quite easily. However, it is very important to choose the right mechanism is based on the total weight of the door, and the material, from which it is made (plastic, steel, aluminum). The difference between them lies mainly in the number of pins. Usually, their two. But in some cases it may be three or even four.

Hidden design loops istetov

Sometimes there are situations, when the door hinges are absolutely not fit into the overall interior space, as well as in the design of the door leaf. In such cases establish special mechanisms concealed type. They are constructed, significantly different from the conventional structure of the door hinge. After closing the door between these loops are completely invisible from the outside, because they are mounted in the end part of the door leaf.

concealed hinges
Kind of a hidden hinge design

The complexity of the design with a hidden hinge mechanism is as follows:: It is the central axis of the rotary; fixed pivot axis is also, making it completely invisible on the surface of the door leaf even, when the door is fully open; in the process of opening and closing the door are utilized moving axis.

The advantages of a door hinge with a hidden mechanism can be attributed, in particular, their versatility (suitable for interior doors absolutely any type, are often pre-installed); and the ability to see the loop only when scrutiny of the door leaf.

However, in such a door hinge are available and disadvantages. First of all, make the process of installing them on their own is virtually impossible. And secondly, they have a relatively high cost.

Learn about the new and fast methods of installation mortise hinges and locks of varying complexity and size using templates from Pavel Soldatov and Frida Kamala, UFK Profi karetok.

How to put your own butterfly hinges on the door

For those, who knows, how to embed hinges in interior doors explain, This process includes the following steps:

  • applying to the surface of the door leaf, as well as on the surface of the door frame special markup for hinges;
  • drilling using a drill the holes for the hinges in the pre-marked locations;
  • check the density of the door abutting;
  • check door performance.

on how to fix the door frame and set loop butterfly on interior doors will directly affect their service life. The color range is not so wide. The most common imitation of various metals. In particular, copper, gold, bronze, or nickel. Hinges butterflies can be either opaque, and glossy.

For those, who knows, how to install the hinges on the interior doors give detailed instructions.

Apply on the surface of the door leaf and the door frame to the surface of the markup;

  • Set rotary axis, which is the main structural element and which ensures the functioning of the whole mechanism.
  • Measure from the top and bottom edges of the door 20 cm.
marking a loop
to mark the
  • Place the loop on the label.
  • Pin plate with screws.

We carry loop fastener to the box:

in a box

  • insert in box canvas, in the same manner noted marker finding other hinge part at the outer edge;
  • make the place one of the butterflies, circle marker points for openings;
  • carefully drill holes, attach the product to the place and perform mounting screws;
  • loop unscrewed from the end, then attach to an external site, awl to identify places for holes;
  • make holes and fix the hinges with screws, First, attach the inner part of the loop, and then applied to the outside of the duct.

This design is suitable for almost all types of door leaf, with the exception of, perhaps, Heavy massive oak doors. Hinges for hefty doors are a little different from the usual simple, have greater flange thickness and integrated with bronze bushings.

For greater clarity, we recommend to see a selection of videos on installation of loops butterfly.



Possible solutions include installation problems

Since the ideal setting of this type of fastening is only possible with the door leaf perfectly flat (that is uncommon), It may occur during the operation of some shortcomings: nekritičnyh, but require, However, rectification. tell, how to fix possible defects, appeared during installation.

door clamp
It is important to set the gap between the door and the frame

The most common problem when installing the loop butterfly is a gap between the hinge plate and the door frame. If such a defect has, it means, that the door can not close tightly, that will eventually lead to a loosening of the structure and rubbing threshold. Solves small pad of cardboard this problem, wood chips, gum (It can go even match). The presence of such a spacer slightly degrade the quality of the installation, but, gap problem successfully solve. If you do not like the fact, that loop butterfly plates are closed too tightly, It can be a little "drown" in the thickness of the door frame one part of the loop.

Features loops butterfly

Since loop butterfly does not cut into the door leaf, and fastened on top, become unnecessary preparation work, which are necessary, when using the normal loop.


Easy installation allows you to easily hang the door, quickly, and without too much difficulty. Set butterfly hinges on interior doors have an interesting appearance: little vintage, but very elegant, and gives a unique flavor to any door. The low cost of this fixture makes it available to the whole world. speed of installation. The hinges are quite reliable and durable.

When initially installing the proper and accurate operation, they can last for many years. The hinges allow the butterfly to hang on the door as the right, so the left side of matter, What width of the aperture. Generally, for interior doors - is the best option: fast, convenient, aesthetic and quite reliable. You may also be useful to learn about, what are the warmest doors for private homes.


In fairness it should be called, and the shortcomings, that it is available for this type of door fasteners. The device is loop-butterflies can not take the installed door with hinges. I.e, if the need for the removal of the door leaf occurs, loops have to be completely dismantled. Not everyone likes the unusual design with the door open.

Sometimes, when you use this model, there are mounting misalignment of the door frame, Beauty and harmony is not added. Loop-butterfly only suitable for light doors: with a heavy oak canvas of this model does not deal. To carry out installation of the loops, the door leaf must be perfectly flat, in order to avoid distortions. Because of these disadvantages increasingly popular in this kind of work are mortise hinges.

I hope the article was helpful, In addition, read how to install the trim on the door.

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