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Interior PVC doors - pros and cons

Fairly widespread in recent years have received interior PVC doors: the pros and cons of these products will be of interest, if you want to install at home a new door, but have not yet chosen, exactly what you will approach. PVC is the material for many of the new, unusual, because buyers there is quite a lot of questions, which we will try to answer.

Should I buy a door?

Before you buy PVC doors, pros and cons of the product it is necessary to examine in detail and weigh. Quite possible, that for your conditions so the door is the perfect combination of price and quality, but let's say, and option, that in your case it is necessary to look at the other models. so, The advantages of this product include the following:

  • PVC is sufficiently durable material, who is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes. Such doors can be safely used not only for indoor installation: they are ideal for outdoor use. They can be installed in a heated, and in unheated rooms, eg, the gazebo, used to distinguish the space in the yard of a private house together with plastic partitions.
  • MDF interior doors/PVC have an attractive appearance. They can be covered with MDF, and simulate wood or other expensive materials. Depending on the trim door may or may not be suitable for different operating conditions: eg, MDF is afraid of water, so put a door in the kitchen or in the bathroom is not necessary. But if the door is covered with a special film, It is perfect for rooms with high humidity.
  • Great choice on prices. There are quite inexpensive design, consisting of a wooden frame, obitogo MDF, which is covered with vinyl tape. This door has a minimum weight, It looks good, stronger, than the usual door of an uncovered nothing MDF, it is better repels moisture.
  • If you need an inexpensive, but robust design, you can pay attention to the PVC doors interior ekoshpon.

PVC doors, advantages and disadvantages
ekoshpon Doors

it is a modern, environmentally friendly material, well-transmitting structure of natural wood, however having good protection against moisture, light weight and affordable for most buyers price.

  • Wooden frame structure porous articles, allowing you to make the product easier, ensure its ventilation components.
Interior doors MDF / PVC
Inner Door structure

So the door is easy to install even without outside help, because it can raise one person, in the loop does not affect weight, which greatly increases their lifespan. The same applies to the box.

  • The design absorbs noise, It does not allow heat to leave the room.
  • Polyvinyl chloride film does not burn, so, if the door is under direct sunlight, its appearance is spoiled not even after ten years of use.
  • The films are resistant to mechanical damage, may have a different color scheme, including repeat reliefs expensive finishing materials.
  • During a fire, so the door is not lit., It does not emit harmful gases.
  • Due to the hermetic MDF door film coating design reliably protected from moisture, that allows you to install it in any room of your home. This is a good solution for bathrooms, bathroom, where there is always strong enough increased humidity, and simple wooden doors swell over time. Since on the door does not start mold and fungus, it adds another plus to using it in wet areas.
  • easy care. PVC veneer interior doors do not require additional protection and treatment. Set them once, you will forget all about the additional services such as painting or treatment against parasites.
  • Wash design can be using a damp cloth. You can use detergents. it is recommended not to use aggressive substances or powders, which can harm the film.

If you like Doors made of natural wood, but you do not like the price, besides you want, that all doors were absolutely identical, which in principle is not possible using natural materials, You can order the right size PVC door, colors, design. It looks to be virtually indistinguishable from expensive wood, at the same time it will cost no more than the usual Chinese MDF doors.

Pvc interior door pros and cons

That can be attributed to shortcomings?

Nothing ideal does not exist, but it is difficult to allocate enough significant design flaws. PVC doors, the pros and cons of which can be compared with each other, largely have more positive qualities. However, negative properties include the following:

  • Require careful attitude. Most exercise, whack easily spoil such a door, because the material is lightweight and does not have sufficient elasticity.
  • These doors can not be used as a protection against criminals, since they readily dislodge if desired.
  • The flap is closed quite tightly, it can be placed insulation, but the sound is still holding back worse, than an analogue of natural wood.
PVC doors pros and cons
An important advantage - a variety of colors and textures

Which door to choose?

Before you decide, What better interior doors, veneer or PVC, you should compare them carefully. Simple door veneer has no protective film, It looks poorer and easier, but a bit cheaper. In this case, the price difference is not so great, to become critical. PVC products have the following advantages:

  • PVC has good resistance to various influences of temperature and moisture, which makes them suitable for use in unheated rooms. Veneer such treatment is not tolerated and quickly will become worthless.
  • Large selection of colors and design, that allows you to create a suitable design, pick up the same doors to all rooms.
  • Coating relatively strong. In contrast to the MDF, PVC is not as susceptible to scratches, spoil the coating is difficult, even if you have pets, which may start scratching its.

PVC - a convenient and inexpensive material, well suited for all types of buildings and outdoor gazebos.



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