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As you close the door

Как и чем закрыть дверной проем
As you close the door.

Quite often, overhaul and redesign of the apartment accompanied by, Consequently, transfer of interior doors. In such cases it is necessary to seal the old doorways. How can self-closing door?

To close the door need:

  1. Select material. should know, it is recommended to close the doorways materials, with properties similar to those, which are used in the wall structure. for example, a doorway in a brick wall is recommended to close brickwork. A simple option is to create a design of plasterboard.
  2. Prepare opening. Remove the door frame. Remove the plaster around the perimeter of the opening, about 15 cm from the edge. To save the dressing masonry must be cut down by half bricks, are in every 4 row.
  3. Place the bricks on the mortar. Wait for solidification and apply a first layer of plaster. Make
    Встроенная ниша
    The option of using the door niche

    finishing. Install baseboards.

  4. No less popular method of registration of the doorway is a niche arrangement. Remove the door frame. Lay opening brickwork, but it lay not on the same level with the wall, a little further. Apply for the same niche, as well as in contact with her wall. Make shelves. Spend backlight.
  5. An alternative method old doorway decorating installation can be considered false door. Under this option, furnish necessary to keep the door frame and the canvas. Close the opening of brick masonry. Close the door and lock it securely in this position. Outer plane hollow doors can be used, eg, for drawing board.
  6. Another option than to close the doorway, It is to create a small closet. For these purposes it is necessary to make the clutch even deeper, than in the previous embodiments. The door frame is left in place. Install shelves in the resulting recess, over the entire height of the door opening. Hang the door glass. Such a cabinet can be used in the kitchen - for storing spices or dishes, and in the room - for books or any details.

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