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Calculating the number of wallpaper

Reaching up to the date of purchase of wallpapers for pasting room, apartment or room, always raises the question of the required amount of wallpaper rolls. If you buy a lot, wallpaper just will not be in demand and money will be wasted. When, If the wallpaper is not enough, problem becomes more problematic, as the wallpaper, it is desirable to buy a single party, not to different colors and shades.

If you are doing repairs, then you need to calculate how many rolls you too. With the number of wallpaper calculator can calculate not only the quantity of wallpaper in linear meters, but the number of rolls.

space parameters

The width of the room m
The length of the room m
The perimeter of the premises m
Ceiling height m

Doors windows

kolichstvo doors PC
The height of the door cm
The width of the door cm
kolichstvo windows PC
The height of the window cm
The width of the window cm

Wallpaper Settings

roll length m
width of the wallpaper cm
drawing rapport cm
shifted image

Stock up on the alignment

Stock up on the alignment
Number of wallpaper m. P.
Number of rolls PC.

Universal wallpaper quantity calculator takes into account data such as:

  1. Area pasting taking into account the door and window openings.
  2. Margin shear pattern.
  3. picture report.
  4. Stock up on the alignment of the wallpaper.

Example of calculating the required number of rolls.

Let's, you need to paste over the room 3 on 4 m2 and standard ceiling height 2,5 m. The room will be a doorway height 190 cm., and wide 70 cm. And will the height of the window 120 cm. and wide 100 cm.. Take a standard width of wallpaper 53 cm. and the roll length 10 m. Important to calculate the amount of wallpaper is a rounding up to the nearest whole.

so, We calculate the number of linear meters of wallpaper excluding openings:

  • The perimeter of the room = 300·2 + 400·2 = 1400 cm.
  • Number of wallpapers in running meters = 1400/53·2,5 = 27·2,5MP = 68.
  • = Number of rolls 68/10 = 7 rolls.

We calculate the amount of wallpaper, excluding door and window openings:

  1. Count the number of wallpaper on the doors and windows = 1,9·70/53+1,2·100/53 = 2.5 + 2.3 = 5 MP.
  2. Number of wallpapers in running meters = 68 – 5 = 63.
  3. = Number of rolls 63/10 = 7 rolls (round upward).

    The number of rolls of wallpaper on the room
    The number of rolls of wallpaper on the room

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One comment on the record "Calculating the number of wallpaper

  1. A very useful article. I remember, when we pasted wallpaper, miscalculated, did not consider that the need butt picture. As a result, not enough of the roll. I had to be fidgety, because, buying wallpaper, We took away almost all, the seller even elaborate on, all that's left a couple rolls of this color. Very lucky, that no one should have only a couple of rolls, we bought two. We decided to, it is better to let him stay extra.

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