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Calculation of paint for painting walls

If you are going to paint the walls, floor or ceiling, and maybe all together, Before you buy paint you need to make a calculation of the required amount of paint, enough to paint and left a lot of surplus. Paint, it is desirable to buy in one batch, that was the same shade. Calculate the necessary amount of paint you can use the online calculator or by hand.

Ink volume count for painting walls
paint type
The length of the room (m)
The width of the room (m)
The height of the walls (m)
area window (m)
area doors (m)
Number of windows
Number of doors
paint consumption : 0 l
Counting the paint flow at ceiling painting
The paint?
The length of the room (m)
The width of the room (m)
paint consumption : 0 l

To determine the amount of paint forward area, be painted.

S = S1 + S2 + S3 -S4


  • S - total area of ​​paint;
  • S1 - floor area;
  • S2 - the ceiling area;
  • S3 - wall surface;
  • S4 - the area of ​​doors and windows, which can not be painting.

Then it is necessary to calculate the amount of paint, required to cover a given surface layer. The approximate volume of the paint for coating a single layer 1 m. sq., depending on the type of paint:

  • Water-based paint - 0,15 l.;
  • enamel - 0,12 l.;
  • Silicone paint Extra - 0.083l.;
  • Plastic Paint Standard - 0.083l.;
  • Plastychnaya paint Safari Plastik Boya - 0.083l.;
  • Standard silicone paint - 0.083l.;
  • Acrylic Universal - 0.083l.;
  • Lateksnaya, waterproof paint - 0,1 l.;
  • elastic paint, antifungal - 0,1 l.;
  • Plastic paint Sahra - 0,125l.

for example, for painting one surface layer 140 quarter. m. we need the enamel:

140 * 0,12 = 16,8l.

The calculator will help paint volume as accurately as possible to calculate the necessary amount of paint and save money on the purchase of excess material. Learn how to choose beauty and paint the wall or ceiling properly, you can follow any responses to our website .

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