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Impact screwdriver: characteristics and features

Screwdriver - an indispensable tool in everyday life for every man. With it will not be difficult to attach a shelf or hang pictures. Screwdrivers specifically designed, to tighten and loosen the screws, nuts or screws. electrical appliances market is so diverse, it is difficult to navigate and choose the appropriate tool. The best option for today - it's impact screwdriver. In what its differences from the conventional, What are the characteristics and features?

Impact screwdriver DHP453RFE
Impact screwdriver Makita DHP453RFE

Advantages of the impact screwdriver

By purchasing this power tool, you are to a large extent to make our life work at home or in the studio, and on an industrial scale it is simply irreplaceable.

Consider the main advantages of the tool:

Impact Drill screwdriver HITACH
Impact Drill screwdriver HITACH
  • it completely replaces the screwdriver;
  • using impact screwdriver you can twist or untwist all the nuts and screws;
  • if necessary, drill a wood or even metal or concrete;
  • device is much smaller and easier to use, than, eg, drill;
  • this type of power tool is equipped with an adjustable clutch, that allows you to limit the torque and prevent damage to fasteners;
  • there is no need for strong pressure, when tightening screws or screws, that allows you to save their hats and then they will not be difficult to unscrew, if the need arises;
  • high wear resistance tool;
  • can be mounted in tight spaces, due to the compactness of the device.

Characteristics percussion screwdrivers

Before choosing any power, should be familiar with its characteristics. Relatively percussion screwdrivers he

Cordless Impact Drill screwdriver BOSCH GSB

and following:

  • weight: 1-1,3 kg;
  • power: 230-300 W;
  • idling, frequency per minute: 0-3600;
  • the number of beats per minute to 3200;
  • It has a double electrical insulation;
  • equipped with reversing mechanism;
  • Many models have a light bulb, for illuminating the working surface.

cost of

Prices Drills shock slightly higher, than usual. This fact is due to the versatility of the device. The cost varies depending on the brand of the manufacturer, additional options, which may be equipped with the power tool, eg, battery indicator, light for illumination of the working surface or in a complete two batteries provided. All these details can affect the value of.

The price range varies from 4500 to 30 000 rub. depending on the manufacturer and the characteristics of the screwdriver. Its average price is about 9-10 thousand. You can find a tool worth 5-6 thousand., but on the characteristics he would concede.

Characteristics percussion screwdrivers
Impact screwdriver Dewalt DCD995

It all depends on, what goal you are pursuing in operation, If you need a screwdriver for domestic purposes and the lack of use is enough to model for pricing policies below average. If you get the tool for a workshop or production, better to give preference to models from the more expensive series, endurance they will be higher.

relatively manufacturers, their choice is wide, each of them has established itself on the market instruments. The most popular brands of screwdrivers: Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Dewalt.

Preferring shock Screwdrivers, you get a reliable assistant in everyday life or in the production of. This power tool will facilitate your work and will appreciate the ease of use.



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