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Pond to give your videos hands

Many people want to transform your country site, or just add to its interior is something special. To do this, today there are many ways and tools, and still remains the most popular to arrange a decorative pond with his hands. because, if you are still thinking over his yard decor complements, then this solution accurately you'll be pleased.

decorative pond with his hands photo

Which body of water to make?

If you decide to make a decorative pond in the country with their own hands, the first thing is to determine the order, as it should be. Total landscape design experts shared pools of four kinds, among which:

  1. small ponds, which involve only decoration landscape, and, respectively, They are not intended to rest beside them.
  2. The second embodiment becomes small reservoirs with rivulets, arrangement of waterfalls and fountains. They are executed in a recreation area, allowing them to enjoy relaxing near.small decorative pond on their own
  3. The next are small lakes. This unique private pits, in which trigger fish.pond for fish with their hands
  4. And the last kind are noted for domestic pools of water procedures.Home Pool yourself

because, before making a decision is to decide, Why do you need a decorative pond. If the goal will be the union of all tasks, the cost of this will be great enough, and at the same time relevant to you it will not be long.

To a large extent this is due to the need for a different environment for living organisms, and for bathing. In particular, and require different equipment, at best, the pool must be covered with a roof, in addition to put filters and do his cleaning. In the case of an ordinary pond for beauty, or ornamental pond, this need is not, Besides water and care must be different (when run fish).

Now we will focus on the first two options, without considering the more global solutions. And in particular, offer by the instructions, how to perform their own arrangement of the reservoir.

Small decorative pond of the old baths

The first option we consider the arrangement of a small pond in the country. Here, the easiest and fastest way everything becomes unnecessary to use the old baths.

Ideal product of more than 100 liters. This figure is caused by, that in the heat of the water evaporates, as well as visits to a country house or cottage is quite rare, the plants, living in it, can quickly dry.

For everything you can use any container, but as has been said the ideal option would be an old bathtub or a trolley. Luckily, these items have almost everyone.

artificial pond of the bath alone

After selection of the material, you need to deliver it to the place of, and you can immediately start work, which are carried out in several stages, in particular:

  1. site preparation.
  2. Professionally Decorated.
  3. Landscaping and decoration.

But let's take a closer look at each of the stages of work on the arrangement of the pond.


first, and most difficult stage is the preparation of, it runs as follows::

  1. The first section is completely cleared of debris and vegetation.
  2. In the case of the reservoir arrangement on the lawn, you need to cover it with film, not to damage, not clog it, that can ruin the whole landscape.
  3. Further it is necessary to dig a pit depth 30 centimeters longer, than the height of the container. In this case, the ground can be removed immediately, because it is no longer to make your own pond
  4. The next step should be sealed and align the bottom of the pit. Next, immerse the container and check its horizontality. Very important, that it was perfectly straight.pond of the bath alone
  5. All voids, which are formed under the tub and between the machines covered with sand, then sealed.
  6. Further, around the perimeter of the bathroom dig round the trench to its edge. The width of the trench should be dug 10-15 centimeters.

Preparation for this can be considered complete and can proceed to the next step.

Professionally Decorated

Now it's time to provide the decoration of our capacity, and here are the required steps:

  1. First and foremost it is worth paying attention to, that the bath surface is very smooth, because the pond will look unnatural. you must change the color for greater visualization and naturalness on beige, that is done with the tile adhesive. To this end, it is added to the dye beige, and the whole surface is treated with them. In this case, he should make the adhesive layer thin, while uneven, a rough. After applying the reserve container to dry at knock, cover it with foil.
  2. Also at the edges of the container should put metal mesh, after which the trench, previously prepared pour concrete solutions. Thus it manages to provide strength edges of the reservoir. Besides, same solution must seal the drain holes in the container (unless of course the used bath).

artificial water = eat at the cottage

And now you can move on to the final stage of work, Of course after, as the dry cement.

Decoration and landscaping

And the last stage of the work becomes part of a decorative arrangement, namely plants.

  1. At the bottom of the reservoir fits our clay, layer it must be at least 6-8 centimeters. It is used to hold plant roots.
  2. To put her, necessary to prepare a mixture of clay and water. Besides, also we coat the entire cement mortar around the perimeter of the same mixture of.
  3. Along the edges of the pond look good flowers, mnogoletki, because you can immediately fix them in clay and sprinkle a layer of earth.
  4. And the last decoration are all the usual lily. Their bulbs are recommended to lay down spring, so the summer is already a flower blooms. In winter time the plant should be removed and hidden in a warm place.

In this arrangement the pond with their hands out of the bath is finished. And now we move on to the second option.

Creating a pond of a film or finished form

Another way, everything becomes use of the formulation of the PVC. Such products now quite popular in the market, while presented in a large variety of shapes and sizes. And then consider, how to make an artificial pond in the country itself by using a similar capacity.

It is also often be found, and by the film ponds. In particular, it comes to preparing the pit, which subsequently completely sealed and are covered with a film. This choice is also quite good, as the market is a large range of coating film. At the same time, it is somewhat more economical.reservoir of the formulation

but note, that the use of the film determines the durability of the pond in the 5-10 years old. Wherein, buying inexpensive material, additionally must protect it from frost and UV radiation. Because it is better to use PVC form.

Calculation of reservoir resettlement

After that, as you have already decided on the size of your pond, should count, what a hole it is necessary to prepare for its installation. Consider for example the sizes 3 meters of 5.

For, to calculate the depth should be the least number of partitions on the 6. In our case, it 3 m, when divided by 6 get 50 centimeters.

Further it is necessary to calculate the length and width, This is done as follows:: to the desired parameter (the length or width of the desired size) added two depths, and takes stock 1 meter. Thus we get the following when calculating

  1. 3+0,5+0,5+1= 5 - width
  2. 5+0,5+0,5+1= 7 - length.

This distance will enable the stock without the shedding of land necessary to dig out a hole. Now you can proceed directly to the installation work.

Installation finished bowl

And now look at a step by step instructions in the bowl arrangement:

  1. We must start with the selection of the place, and choose him as, the sun there were no more than four - five hours a day, for example, in the garden.
  2. Now we need to dig a hole, what is being done according to preliminary calculations, I mentioned earlier.
  3. When obkapyvanii pit under a plastic pond garden, try not to break the circuit, To do this, put a plastic reservoir on the ground and upholster wooden stakes around the perimeter, then draw a loop and start digging.Preparing to install the pond
  4. If this should be below the bottom of the pit on 5-10 centimeters, than is necessary for the form itself.
  5. When a suitable hole dig, try on a pond, it is necessary to lay down in a well pit, and does not protrude its edge.
  6. Next, remove debris and large stones from the hole and fill with sand bottom, Moreover tighten its tamping.
  7. Align bottom level of, then set form, pour sand as void between it and the pit.
  8. At least secure the edges with soil and sand. It is also recommended to perform a trench made of concrete, as it has done in the first embodiment.
  9. Another step, which is necessary becomes decoration and design, it is also necessary to borrow with the first case. Namely, to process the adhesive mixture and to fill the bottom of fertile soil.
  10. It is advisable to water the soil around ornamental ponds with a hose for a long time, then again, pour the sand, soil and tamp.
  11. After that, proceed to the design of an artificial pond shores of the country, that you make with your own hands.
  12. You can neatly arrange stones, pebbles, gravel and plants. In the middle you can set a beautiful fountain in the form of a bell or a geyser illuminated.

In total design ideas can be a great many, we will talk about them in a separate article.

Everything pond film

And also need to talk about, how to do a pond myself using film. Although this is a less durable, but it is quite popular, and most importantly for the rabies - economically.

Step calculation remains the same, as is the case with the formulation, and the installation of several different. And let's talk about it:

  1. The first step is based on the size of the necessary dig a hole, also a bit more depth, than is necessary. In the aftermath filled with sand and rammed.
  2. It is recommended to do the excavation step, This will greatly reduce the load on the wall, and prolong his life. Besides, if you have children, for them this decor will be much safer than conventional.
  3. All edges are aligned at each stage level.
  4. Next, the bottom is lined with two layers, the first is non-woven fabric, for example, sintepon, batting or similar, a second film layer. This solution protects the base coat against contact with the earth / sand, respectively, will protect against damage.Pond of film alone
  5. In this provides a film of a size, that its edges extend beyond the excavation on 40-50 centimeters.
  6. Film presses the stones and fill our pond water. This is done, to press the material as much as possible more tightly to the ground.
  7. Thereafter, the film edges are fixed, and covered with earth, sand or decorative stone.

It is also recommended to cover the surface of the film at the bottom of the sand and clay, which primarily helps plants survival, and in addition will be the protection of the film against UV rays and frost.


Now it is only for decoration for your pond, which is held on the taste. As already quickly bethought himself, on design will be discussed in a separate article.

Finally, we offer a few videos, which more clearly show, how to carry out the work on the arrangement of the pond with his hands.

Video for creating a beautiful pond




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