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Easily and quickly build the house of the wall sandwich panels

To date, it is possible to carry out construction work as soon as possible, since there is such material, as a sandwich panel. It is characterized by low weight and immense strength. Therefore deliver such panels on a building site is very easy. Since the overall load on the basis of the resulting structure is small, It is possible to do even without the construction of a massive foundation. Therefore, the work can be performed quickly and cheaply.

Construction of self-supporting insulated houses

Walls, by using the SIP sandwich panels (SIP) , differ maximally smooth surface. Therefore, some additional work does not need to be carried out at their finishing. If a section of the wall is damaged, conduct repairs can be for a minimum period of time. materials, making up the panel, are not able to absorb moisture, they are not afraid temperature extremes. Therefore it is very popular house from SIP panels.

Their level of insulation is incredibly high. They also differ in ecological safety. Sandwich panel made from organic compounds, that can withstand a variety of adverse impacts from the outside.

The basis of this building material - galvanized profile or timber. Inside the panels are filled with a heat insulator. As it can act as a simple foam, and basalt fiber tech. Therefore there is no need to additionally use any insulation materials. Sandwich panels available in all sizes.

Thickness is typically about NIB 15 cm, width - 60 cm, and the length can reach 10 m. It all depends on, what challenges facing builders. Installation of this material is quite simple, but it should only be carried out in full compliance with technological standards. Only then you can get not only a solid, but also extremely durable design.


There are exact connection scheme, to be followed. The main fixing elements for this material are galvanized screws. Sandwich panels are mounted by means of data elements on a metal frame. Connects to the seats were tight, use different sealing compounds, rivets and polyurethane pads. Poor docked or insufficient account of technological requirements can lead to, what happens insulation failure, so the building will not only cold, but noisy.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Every year, demand in the construction industry for the creation of country houses is growing at a sandwich panel. This is due to its advantages, durability, thermophysical properties and strength. These panels are very large in size and with the help of them you can very quickly build a house.

SİP (SIP) It can be mounted in a vertical wall, horizontally and even diagonally. Of these, just as you can create the foundation of the roof. At the same time, these decide the issue and loft insulation. Internal partitions, too, can make of sandwich panels, as well as the intermediate floors. Yes, is often used in these cases is more miniature elements, but the advantages of sandwich panels, in retaining heat. Even using them can make beautiful facade, that little something give way in his elegance.shumoizolyaziya_sip_panelei

This type of panel is well tolerated different atmospheric exposure, perfectly insulate the room and are very durable. As for the color, you can choose what you want, it is not just concrete or iron, which is always the same color.

With the help of the sandwich panels can be quickly and easily build your desired building, almost in any weather, which is a very big plus at the present time. As for the purchase of, buy something today, high-quality sandwich panels, corner or wall sandwich panels can even over the Internet- there is a large catalog of the sandwich panels, so the choice will be simple and fast.

To build a house from SIP panels profitable buying finished

The list of reasons, in which the future owner does not buy the finished house, but prefers to order the construction of a new, the main ones are the following:

  • Each seller is willing to sell the house tends to the best advantage, so the cost of acquisition of land with payment of construction on it at home will always be less, than you have to pay when buying a finished house;
  • all the risks of losing money are excluded after the decision on the construction of homes and non-acquisition of finished;
  • ordering the construction of a house from SIP panels, the developer can specify features houses from SIP panels and why it is profitable to build a two-storey house from SIP panels;
  • the customer is granted the right to choose one of the options for heating - air heating of homes SIP panels, home heating electricity from SIP panels or the installation of "warm floor" system;
  • during the construction phase the customer can control the quality at every stage of the build the house of SIP panels, including the reliability of the connection between panels CIP.
the price of houses from sib
The cost of houses from sandwich panels

Some fears and weaknesses

Increased flammability and bad ecology often cited by skeptics to prohibit the use of such materials for construction work. but manufacturers, applying special equipment for the impregnation and organic components for the manufacture of, provide customers with products, meets all the standards and quality and safety standards.

experts say, SIP panels for the construction of the building - the best option for people, prefer the advantageous combination of "price-quality". That this is the future.

fire resistance

Many people believe, that the SIP-house flammable. proved, that such facilities even safer, than from a tree house. And often the walls of buildings, constructed from SIPs panels, internally sheathed gypsum board liner, which increases fire safety in times. If the houses on the Canadian technology to comply with the necessary rules and fire protection requirements (as in other types of buildings), then such SIP-design perfectly safe.


The prevailing view of rodents and SIP-houses in exaggerated. materials, are used in the manufacture of these panels, It is of no interest to rodents as food. They attract no more and no less, than wooden buildings.

There are many prejudices and myths about the flaws SIP panels. In spite of this, it is this construction technology is widely used for the construction of houses in all the advanced countries.




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