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Modern modular houses

What is a modular house

Modular houses are built from ready-made sections, known as modules. These modules are designed this way, to blend flawlessly with each other, and are produced outside the enterprise, delivered for development, and then merge into a finished building. This modern construction method offers a number of advantages over more traditional home construction methods..

Practicality and comfort in panel houses, depending on developing technologies and the development of interior decoration options. Prefabricated houses are designed this way, to make the most of the living space. And all the details, from external cladding to the color of internal walls, doors and windows, baths, coils, sockets and ceiling lights, can be made optionally upon request.

How long modular homes last

Modular houses are designed for the same time, as traditional. Prefabricated modular houses produced and installed in this way, to last for decades with proper maintenance, and all new homes receive 10-year NHBC certification.

As you know, prefabricated houses are manufactured in the factory, delivered ready-made and installed on your land model of the house. The cost of prefabricated houses varies according to their square meters. Ideal Prices for Prefabricated Prefabricated Houses, at the same time, customer satisfaction and quality are in the foreground, the best quality and the most suitable economic conditions for customer service.

Faster construction

The modular construction methodology is as follows, that construction work and site preparation are being carried out simultaneously. This helps to reduce the total construction time of the house by almost 50 percent, resulting in a higher construction speed. Besides, it also reduces the cost of building a house, including supervision, labor and financing. To save even more time, manufacturing processes integrate design and other engineering aspects of the project. Modular processes are also completed simultaneously with ceilings, by sex, roofs and walls. This is not the case in traditional practice., since the walls can only be erected after the floors have been laid, ceilings - only after the walls have been erected.

Modular houses are energy efficient

The houses are built in accordance with strict environmental requirements and have an EPC "A" rating - achievement, which is only claimed 1% all new properties in England. Modular homes provide a high level of quality in all aspects of construction and production, at the same time, airtightness is a key factor in reducing the energy consumption of owners and tenants.

Modular houses are cheaper

Modular homes can be produced on a large scale and faster, than traditional houses. We also guarantee, that fit and finish are key in the earliest stages of design, reducing the need for renovations to solve problems after the house is built. It all means, that the total construction cost of modular buildings could be lower, and they are easier to predict and control

The term "volumetric" refers to the fact, that the houses have a certain layout and cannot be changed. Volumetric modules form the basis of the design and are manufactured according to detailed specifications, which guarantees, that they can be easily combined with each other to create a complete home.

Prefabricated houses have a much more affordable price, than reinforced concrete houses. They are one of the most important reasons for their favorable prices.. Prefabricated houses, who have been building for many years, have a very nice appearance in terms of design. For these reasons, prefab houses are common in many countries..

Do modular homes retain their value over the years?

One of the main issues, asked by potential buyers of modular homes, - will they lose the value of the house due to depreciation. Modular homes do not depreciate; instead they rate the same, like their traditional counterparts.

The cost of modular houses

The best feature of modular homes is that, that they have construction guarantees. If you purchase a modular home from any of the best modular home builders, you will receive a construction guarantee, like any other newly built house. The warranty covers all functions of the home, such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural components. Be sure to discuss these details with your modular home builder..

Modular homes are a good investment

Without a doubt, modular houses are an excellent investment. Unlike mobile homes, modular homes retain their value and do not depreciate over time. In most cases, modular homes even gain value..

The resale value of modular homes is usually higher, than their original purchase price. In this way, this can be a good investment option.

Note: study it before buying a modular home. Check with several modular home companies and compare prices, used building materials and customer reviews, before ordering one.

How to build or buy a modular home

People have had bad experiences with modular homes. Modular homes were so expensive in the beginning, that people sometimes sacrificed the quality of the house. Instead, they bought inferior quality modular homes., because they were cheaper.

But you must understand, that these problems were cosmetic, rather than structural. If you can afford not to compromise on its quality, you can build a modern modular home.

It works in two steps:

  • First of all, you will need to buy land, on which the modular house will be located. To do this, hire an agent and work with him., to find a suitable and affordable home site for your modular home You can't just place a modular home there, where do you have land, because they may not comply with zoning restrictions. find out, is modular house allowed there, where do you want to place it. Consult your agent for this information.
  • Secondly, you need to buy a modular house. This can be approached in both ways.. You can order a pre-designed modular house, which can then be transported to your home, or you can design the house yourself together with the architect. You can buy a ready-made modular house on the Internet on websites or developers.

Everything will be delivered to your place of residence, where you can assemble a house with the help of professionals. One thing, you need to know, It `s that, that the house will not be complex. You will have to fill the foundation yourself. How to build or buy a modular house
Besides, you will need to hire electricians, plumbers and, possibly, carpenters. You must keep a separate budget for professionals, who will work on assembling your home.

House structure - wooden frame

Solid wood is a sustainable alternative to steel or concrete frames. The material not only improves thermal performance, but can also be applied in large-scale construction and reduce assembly and construction time. In particular, in multi-family projects, a solid timber frame is the most efficient system, using girderless, boardwalk and column frame.

As with other alternative construction technologies, solid wood requires more careful pre-planning before construction to optimize efficiency.

Cross-laminated wood material provides significant structural support, and also minimizes the weight of the structure, which can be useful for coastal areas or environments with poor soil. Massive timber frame ends up making buildings that much lighter, which gives an advantage to fundamental systems, which would otherwise be at risk in sub-optimal construction conditions. Although the wood material itself is a price premium, developers discover, that the savings on systems are determined elsewhere.

Opportunities for mass production of wood increase over time, as technology becomes more versatile, and also the amount of construction waste is reduced.

As the industry develops, there is significant capacity available to implement large projects. More suppliers find innovative ways to produce solid wood; however, they face problems due to labor shortages. However, these potential failures only reinforce the idea of ​​starting project planning early..


Modular homes are a great option for those, who wants to build their dream home, without facing the hassle of traditional construction. The process becomes smoother and faster, as the house is pre-assembled at the factory and assembled on site by professionals. Modular home builders are also aware of local building permits, zoning laws and home construction process.

You can choose an already created design or cooperate with the manufacturer, to customize your home according to your needs and desires. After that, how it will be designed and assembled in the factory, it will be delivered to your home, with little or no sign, what is this modular house.




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