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Different ways to decorate corners in an apartment

By finishing in the corners of the apartment should be used in cases, when small children grow up in a family or keeping animals. Since the finishing plaster mixture does not have great strength, they are destroyed when exposed to light.

Especially often are destroyed outside corners. On wallpapered corners often appear dents, have stained the corners appear notch.

To protect the corners requires special devices and techniques, protect the corners from breaking.

immediately, we note, corners finishing process in an apartment is a difficult and crucial stage. A flat surface is much easier to get, than to align the angles. Next, look at ways to protect the corners of the walls in the apartment and the house from damage

When you want to finish the corners?

Finishing corners in the apartment is suitable if you are installing in the corners of the rectangular furniture. angular alignment eliminates distortions, It allows harmoniously placed rectangular furniture.

For large imbalances is not necessary to resort to the equalization of angles, because the useful floor space is reduced when leveling, but possibly beat rock.

What material is better suited to protect the corners

In all corners of the room are divided into internal and external.
And if before the inner corners difficult to reach, the outer corners are affected more often, and not only from the careless movement of heavy household appliances or furniture.
Angles scratch animals, and the children they often stand in the way.
often for finishing corners using plastic, metal, wooden corners, Special galvanized steel profiles, decorative rock.
At the plastic parts of the extensive range of colors. They have increased softness, varying degrees of roughness.

the question: "How to decorate the corners of the walls in the apartment?», best answer below given article.

wood and stone design 001
Consider all the materials and accessories, used to protect the corners of the walls.
Under materials means the use of drywall, and as the use of metal devices, wood, expanded polystyrene parts, over PVC.

Aligning corners is one of the most difficult stages of finishing the interior, requires theoretical knowledge, extensive practical experience.

Protection of wall corners by installing special devices. In the corners of the different materials are most often used as a protection wall corners.

The most common protection angles are set corners of PVC. Plastic corners should be installed after all the finishing works.

Plastic corners are mounted on the wall using the mounting glue products from plastic. Plastic corners are available in lengths 2.5 m. The width of the corners is different, from narrow to wide.

To choose the right corner of the width, you should measure the angle of curvature. At high curvature corners preferable to choose a larger width.

Narrow angles are used in almost exactly the corners. For beginners, we recommend you opt for the average width of the corners.

The most common - plastic corners to protect the corners of the walls. Do not think, what such protection looks wretched. In any case, no worse, than frayed corners. Just plastic is different in appearance - polished, with metallic effect, with satin (matt) surface, with various relief. understandably, that in order, to find something specific or special, have to run around hardware stores and markets. But there are many types of design. If the corners to protect the corners of the walls are selected correctly, they fit seamlessly into the design, absolutely not attracting attention. At the same time, they protect and decorate the joints very reliably.

The most common and inexpensive way, is the use of plastic parts of various sizes and colors. When choosing, pay attention to the correct angle, the correct formation of the angle to the wall depends on it.

 Sizes over PVC
Types and sizes of PVC corners
    1. 1.Plastic corners are mounted on pre-prepared surface. If needed, glue or remove old wallpaper with a knife.
      2.Apply glue on the inner surface of the corner 10-20 mm. Glue is applied dotted.
      3.When the glue reaches the desired viscosity (Follow the instructions on the glue), attach to the plastic corner protected corner and fix the top masking tape.
      4.In place of liquid nails may use colorless silicone.

plastic cornerThese options protect the corners of the walls are also suitable when using a metal profile parts.

There is another option, how to glue the corners on the wall with wallpaper, painting. You can use double-sided tape. Stick it to the corner first, then, having removed a sheeting, push to the corner. There are corners, to which the adhesive tape is already glued. Some types of foam rubber or plastic (usually flexible or universal).

Decorative corners

If you don’t manage to find an acceptable color, and the corners in the apartment must be protected, pay attention to transparent plastic corners. They are of different types - hard, flexible, with different wall thickness.

patterned corner

If you want to not only protect the corners, but also fulfill decorative design angles in the apartment, use wood or polystyrene foam, polyurethane corners.

Corners of polystyrene foam do not absorb moisture, to them mud does not stick. Polystyrene corners can be used in rooms with any temperature control.polystyrene Area

The surface of the polystyrene corners lends itself to staining. Profile corners created by pressing and produced in various forms.

Decorating the outside corners of the apartment with the help of expanded polystyrene corners justified in those areas, where a small cross-tenants.

Decorative corners of the styrofoam can not only protect the corners, but also perform decoration corners.

Mounting is possible on a special adhesive and the ordinary acrylic sealant.

Corners of wood

The main advantages of the wooden parts are:wooden Desk

  • attractive appearance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of creating a thread or decoration.

Corners of wood is an essential material for decorative corners in the apartment.
Not the best option to use wooden corners in rooms with high humidity.

Various options for decorative corners

Cork corners to protect corners
Cork corners to protect corners
  • Rubber. Commonly used in hospitals or kindergartens.
  • Foam rubber. Same as rubber, but softer. Suitable for protection against injuries of too active children.
  • from MDF. Allows you to set the desired angle.
  • Duropolymer angle.
Duropolymer corners painted Decor-Dizayn
Europlast polyurethane corner

Transparent silicone corners

Attractive and flexible material, which found its application in the decoration of the corners of the bathroom. High resistance to water allows you to use the product in the humid environment of this room. At the same time, the corners themselves are flexible, which allows you to mount them even on uneven surfaces.

Soft silicone corner protects the corner

Stone as a means of decoration

Recently, the use of stone became fashionable in interior decoration. Especially organic decoration stone looks while protecting external corners.
trim angle stone
The use of stone is particularly relevant, when the outer corners have large deviations from the geometrical form. No need to align walls and corners.

Just note! Better to use decorative stone. He and lighter natural. A smooth surface makes maintenance easier.

Mounted stone with a special mortar or adhesive plitochnog.

Step 1

By stacking a decorative stone surface should be prepared,
of dirt, dust, old coating and primed.
If the surface is very dry, or you perform work at a temperature of + 30C or higher, it should always moisturize.
This is necessary for better adhesive adhesion. .

Step 2
The glue is prepared in accordance with the attached instructions in quantities, which you can use while working. adhesive properties are maintained for 2 hours.

Step 3
Cooking glue is better in a plastic container using a drill with a mixer-nozzle. After stirring the glue held for a few minutes and thoroughly thwarted.

consumption of glue. On 1 m² area require at least 6 kg solution. How many tile adhesive, you will need help to learn online calculator.

Step 4
On the back side of the stone solution was applied with a spatula, tile edges coated with a solution of. On the wall surface is applied several lozenges solution and applied stone.

Step 5
The stone with the force pressed against the surface, checked plumb and level correctness of its installation.

Step 6
Having laid a stone in three rows, stop the work. Glue two hours hardens completely. This allows you to continue laying the following 3 rows.

Non-compliance with the requirements of step 6 will lead to the collapse of structures under its own weight.

Plasterboard with finishing corners

The use of gypsum boards GCR aligns any, most corners curves.
To mount plasterboard sheet there are two ways: frameless, framed.
drywall frameless
way of 1
Frameless installation of gypsum boards used in both the domestic, and external corners:

  • performed surface preparation;
  • is applied to the surface of a sheet of drywall, and is labeled;
  • on the other hand the angle is applied as a sheet and is labeled;
  • knife cut blank and being made a plane gouge mating angles plasterboard;
  • gypsum boards prepared preform again applied to the corner, and adjusted;
  • into sheets applied foam;
  • both applied to the preform wall and pressed;
  • sheets are removed, leaving traces on the wall of foam;
  • re-applied on the sheets foam;
  • foam is necessary to give a little dry and attach sheets in place;
  • will adjust the angle, using a wooden rail or building level.

In details on the slopes of the windows.

How to fix the corners on the walls?

Ideally, of course to form a corner even at the stage of repair when puttying or plastering. The formation of the angle at the stage of rough work is carried out in the following order:

    1. 1.With the help of the building corner should be to measure the deflection angle.
      2.Kneaded solution of the desired consistency of putty dry mixture.
      3.The solution was applied to a conventional trowel, flatten corner, giving the corner a rectangular appearance.
      4.After drying angle, attach a plastic perforated angle and close it putties.
      5.When the layer is completely dry, produce abrasive polishing surface mesh.

outer plastic corner

way of 2
Carcass method recommended in cases of large curvature surface.
This method is more time-consuming, but can significantly improve the sound- and thermal insulation:

    • necessary to measure the angle deviation;
    • set the framework, using galvanized steel profiles, fixing them with dowels, screws;
    • mounted on the frame of gypsum board and is attached with screws;
    • the resulting surface puttied, polished;
    • corner protected by perforated mesh.angle of plasterboard

If you plan on mounting frame made of wood required to treat pieces of wood preservative, protects wood from mold and parasites.

For more information on types and installation of PVC panels.


  • proposed ways to trim the outer corners can be combined not only in one apartment, but in the same room;
  • easy finish drywall corners require additional expenses;
  • the most expensive material for protection and decoration design corners - an artificial stone;
  • trim angles in the corners of the apartment allows you to make room not only a finished appearance, but to protect the corners from damage.
Material pros Minuses
Plastic Not afraid of moisture, easy to fix, you can paint if desired (or immediately buy your favorite color). Cheap plastic deforms easily and fades when exposed to direct sunlight, and there is also a risk of cracking due to serious mechanical stress.
Silicone corners Lasting, not afraid of mechanical impact, can bend, making it suitable for decorating arched openings. transparent corners of the honeycomb time may fade.
MDF Wood look panels, low cost. Does not tolerate moisture. low strength.
Wood A wide range of choice, gives elegance to the interior. The naturalness of the material affects the cost, in addition, such material is easily flammable and does not tolerate contact with moisture.
A rock The highest strength of all options. Installation has sophisticated technology, material is heavy and difficult to process.
Galvanized Metal Profile used, if you need to align the external corners of the room, window or doorways. Not afraid of contact with moisture or direct sunlight, light weight. Difficult to handle.




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  1. Hello! What can be done with a lot of corners in the apartment? I made repairs around the home, but one room is a big problem! In its six corners!

  2. Before the appearance of a cat in my life, problems with the angles I did not know and did not even think about them. But, when I brought in the kitten home, and he was a little older, it was something, he poobdiral all angles, wallpaper, When the wallpaper peeled off the walls reached. It was a cat, which dolazil a running almost to the ceiling. He is with us and became a devotee of repair. After the daughter was born, and the cat helped to rip off the wallpaper in the corners and in the wall pokalupatsya, that the plaster began to rain. In the hall we made plastic corner, They fit perfectly into the interior, Only hardship alignment angles, master, who worked on this, I spent on alignment 2 day, but they quickly set corners. In the bedroom we corner are finished using expanded polystyrene. With him pokreativnichat much as possible in terms of design. But in the kitchen of stone, I like best, First looks very modern, secondly quality excellent, as for me angles from the finishing of stone itself will last longer, and the kitchen is a great option, the more there are all external corners. Refer to the design of his apartment, the sum of, you're willing to spend on saving the angles, but as for me, it is the right thing! Angles are always suffer the most.

  3. In principle about angles wallpaper, then fit standard plastic, or wooden. To select an apartment corners easiest. My question arose bit on another topic, have any analogues of such parts? My wife and I recently decided to open a small clinic. So the problem was, the angles very worn and deformed. Yes, in principle,, as the walls. That's decided to address this issue. If there is anyone advice, please leave a comment:)

  4. Hello everybody!
    Help is needed: As for the question of the notorious corners of the apartment)) I never had any problems, when it came to foreign direct (I emphasize: EXPRESS!) angles – I picked up the corners of the color of the wallpaper, taped and all! I forgot! In the presence of my animals, namely, cats, which by its nature is constantly rub about all the corners of the apartment, no problems – I see only, that there is a smudge – plastic corner wipe with a sponge and clean! The problem arose in the new apartment, where we have a little “launched” doorway, in this connection, formed by the outer corner hallway, but not direct, as usual, and unwrapped (more 90 degrees). Can anyone help with advice – what can be protected (decorate) an angle? finishing stone is not suitable for the style. Hallway small size, so I do not want to overload it unnecessary decor, ie. We need something concise and practical, tk. cat is still with us)) Plastic, or expanded polystyrene corner would be the ideal solution, but commercially deployed over I have not found…

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