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Manufacturers collar for downpipes

воротник для водосточных труб оцинкованный фото
Repair and installation of water supply. Collar for drain pipes, galvanized.

The first step in the manufacture of the collar with his hands is a careful marking roofing sheet according to given dimensions. Bend thus cut the workpiece, to eventually parts of the upper and lower portions of the side aprons turned paired: two right and two left.

We produce self collar for downpipes

The halves of the collar are connected by single seam, then propaivayut tretnikom. Rebated compound can be replaced by water drain directed limb, which primarily rivet by a rivet 2-3, having a diameter of 2-3 mm, and then sealed.

Depending on the size of the auditory its windows covered with one or two paintings. Before you begin to manufacture paintings, you must perform crates measurements to determine the diameter of the bottom of the window, the length of the half-cone po.konku, the length of the half-cone on the slope.

Then, in accordance with the received size is drawing the window with his hands (a front view and a side), which is cut by roofing sheet taking into account the allowances for seams and overhangs and harvested two paintings.

Collar dormer consists of one front and two side aprons, harvested in accordance with the specified dimensions on a workbench and using a mallet-mandrel rod.

First, the front apron are folded short side flaps, and then disposed therebetween long lapel. On the side apron first fractional folded edge, and then laid on the edge of the crate. Long edge is bent at a right angle, a short narrow edge dumped on a plane.

Dormer windows cover the same material, and that the whole roof. Particular attention should be paid to the butchering places of their connection with the roof slope.

Protecting headroom vent or chimney hood consists of a cover and four side walls.

Steel sheet blanks are cut from templates. The sidewalls are folded Drip, rectangular upper rims and edges for rebate. The cover is cut corresponding to the size of flue opening and folded inner flap. Then the cover is connected with the angular folds sidewalls.

Umbrellas are protected by smoke channels of the infiltration of atmospheric moisture. The shape of the umbrellas are pyramidal or conical.

For the manufacture of umbrellas conical suitable roofing steel, having a thickness of 1-1.5 mm, and for the pyramid - in 2 times thinner steel.

To perform a scan of a conical umbrella, should draw a circle of the desired diameter, then conduct from its center two radii thus, that the angle between them is 35 °, make allowance overlapped, then cut the workpiece.

Next, the workpiece edges are connected and fixed by means of rivets 3-4, from the outside is attached to the umbrella 3 rack, also using rivets.

To perform a scan of the pyramidal hood, necessary to draw a square of a given size, diagonals connect its opposite corners, forming 4 triangle. One side of the triangle is cut, by pushing the blank cutting line at an angle of 25 °, make allowances for rebated and hem.

The finished workpiece slightly deflect the sides of triangles, and then connect the closing seam. Four poles are fastened to the outside of the hood. See, just as is done installation of drain pipes their own hands.

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