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Installation and construction of drain pipes with their own hands

Installing the ventilation pipe with your hands requires maximum precision, necessary in order, to cut out a hole for it in the roof, because it will be very difficult to close the large gap.

There are two types of gutters depending on roof construction: pendant and wall.

Perform on the bench picture wall gutters. The double picture short sides of the sheets are connected to each other arranged in the direction of water flow double bed-folds.

On one of the long sides of the folded edge of the picture, required for connection to an ordinary coating. Stepping from the other long side of 200-250 mm, on the short sides make one notch depth 30 mm, and then folded along the long edges otvorotnuyu tape under an angle of 60 ° to the plane of the picture. Under the dual recumbent folds corners edges cut at 45 °. Depending on the annual rainfall board chute folded to a height of 120-150 mm.

Водосточные трубы фото
Installation of the drain with the ebb in the side

In the next step on the short side of the picture under the recumbent folds folded edge: The painting zhelobov, the right of the water receiving funnel, Left folds do down, and the right - up. Wall spout is attached directly to the edge of the roof, as it is used in the absence of overhang.

The most common false gutter with drain sheet. Basically, they are semicircular, but in some cases there are also rectangular.

Sheets in the film are connected by a double-lying folds and upset because, that they were on the outside of the gutter. The finished picture is bent by a mallet on a special device. At the end of not joining Funnels gutters put caps.

In order not to disturb the stylistic unity of the wooden house, using presoaked antiseptic box-shaped chute, hollowed out half log. Can be made, if desired, collar for downpipes a galvanized.


Methods for processing tubes

Options give color. When the scale and rust will be removed, iron carefully washed under running water, and then dipped into a prepared one of the following recipes for blackening solution.

  • water - 200 parts; sodium hyposulfite - 16 parts; ammonium chloride - 12 parts; orthophosphoric acid - 1,4 parts; Nitric acid - 0,6 parts.
  • Gradually, the solution was brought to a temperature of about 70 ° C and placed it approximately iron 20 min. As a result, it is covered with matt black foil.
  • Exert its effect solution may be at a temperature 20 WITH. The product in this case it is necessary to keep it at least one hour. As a result, the matte black film appears on it, but less strong, than at 70 "WITH.
  • water - 200 parts; caustic soda - 130 parts; sodium nitrate - 35 parts. The temperature adjusted to 135 ° C solution in 1,5 hour lowered iron, which is covered with shiny black film as a result of this procedure,. water - 200 parts; caustic soda - 300 parts; sodium nitrate - 6 parts.

The temperature adjusted to 150 "Not more than a solution, at 10 min placed product, which is covered in matte black film.

Upon completion of the procedure the product is first washed with hot water, then dried outdoors, and then applying to them a thin layer of natural drying oil.

The wall and the chimney above the roof drainage is the level of not less than 150 mm.

Overlapping internal rounded corner roofing sheets are overlapped at least 100 mm.

Diameter downpipes It is dependent on the amount of water, coming to them. So, diameter drainpipe for roofing, having an area 30 m2, is 80 mm; for roofing, having an area 50 m2, — 90 mm; for roofing, having an area 125 m2, — 100 mm. Installation of drainage pipes installed at a minimum distance of 30-35 mm from the wall and with the aid of pins immured with tongs and clamps attach to it. That the pins are not rusted, they should be pre-galvanized or cover any anticorrosive.


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