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Home repair roof roof with his hands

Ремонт кровли крыши дома своими руками фотоTo protect the roof from imminent destruction, its paint. But the paint itself breaks down over time from exposure to atmospheric phenomena, sand and dust, the sun. Significantly speeds the destruction of carbon dioxide paint layer, which are many in the air. Hydrogen sulfide discolors most paints. sand dust, periodically carried by wind, abrade paint mechanically. Smoke simply pollutes the painted surface. Besides, during the cleaning of the roof, eg, from snow damaged paint cleaning tool (eg, broom). Sun actively discolor the fabric layer, therefore it is necessary to apply a light-stable paint as possible.

If the roof surface is painted smoothly, then it does not retain dust on themselves. Paint may lose the elasticity due to its poor quality, at non-uniform application or inclusion of large fragments pigment in admixture with a drying oil. Sometimes, in the absence of paint gustotertyh, it is prepared with their own hands, mixing dry pigment with a varnish. It may turn out very poor quality paint. May appear on the surface of the bubbles, If paint is applied to the dried after spackling bad or dirty surface. Cracking takes place, If paint is applied thick or uneven layer. If the paint is prepared on high-quality drying oil and apply a thin layer, after drying it has a shiny surface.

Upon heating, sunlight steel roof house roof expands. Since the coefficient of thermal expansion become longer, than the paint, old paint layers are torn, which lost its elasticity. As a result, the surface covered with a network of fine cracks, through which moisture penetrates, steel rusts, and it is necessary to paint the roof again.

Preparation for painting the roof

Подготовка к покраске крыши фотоTo paint the roof right, it is necessary to do it in two, preferably three times. A single staining does not give good results and only leads to unnecessary costs.

Roof roof of the house must be carefully prepared for painting. Properly prepared surface will provide reliable adhesion material. Preparation is to clean the surface from dust, dirt and rust. Heavily corroded steel brush cleaned place to metal. Thereafter swept dust and immediately applied first paint layer. Then checked for cracks in the roof or punched locations, formed when cleaning snow steel scrapers. In order to identify the smallest of holes is better to inspect the roof on a clear sunny day. Inspection produce better together - one with a long stick inspect the roof from the bottom of the attic and features a stick holes, Others note the chalk holes. You can then eliminate defects. His hands it will be done better and more reliable, than with the involvement of third parties.

start repair the roof should be a glossing over the holes on the ridge, zaglazhivaya carefully putty knife. Putty is made of crushed chalk, mixed with the drying oil. The thus-obtained plaster is obtained a strong and supple, It is well retained on the surface, during drying prevents cracks. The same putty, you can close the small holes on the plane. You can put on a layer of putty fabric patch and then paint.

Openings in the roof glued patches of thick fabric or canvas. Clippings hole size patch is impregnated with a liquid ink of red lead in drying oil and, wrung out of excess paint, is applied to the hole, good smoothing stiff brush. After drying of the patches can proceed to the full color of the roof.

Paint the roof in 2-3 layer with their own hands

Покраска крыши фотоFor the first layer the ink must be more fluid, than for subsequent layers. Liquid paint penetrates into all pores and adheres well to the surface. The first coat of paint has to dry for about five to seven days, depending on the time of year and weather, after which a second layer is applied.

For the second layer and later taken about 0,5 kilograms of linseed oil per kilogram of dough paint. Flow pigments depend on their type and the desired color saturation. for example, per square meter of roof expended 180 to 200 grams of ocher, or 250 to 280 gram copperhead. The longest is the paint on copperhead.

The third time the paint is applied through 5-10 days. On average, oil-based paint dries completely within 10 days. Such color-drying mode guarantees high performance. Practiced second coloration after two days of drying of the first layer, but this practice does not provide the appropriate quality. Staining of the roof is carried on the same technology, that the color of the walls or ceilings. Wear of brushes for painting new roof less, than when stained old coating.

In the process coloring roof, paint is shaded along the ramp. First colored roof slope, Further work continues to descend from the ridge. On the brush is typed some paint, which is shaded thin layer.

Work on the roof is recommended in shoes with felt soles or boots. You can bind to a conventional shoe felt sole. Felt does not slide on the steel and does not destroy the fresh paint.

If the roof is not protecting lattices, should insure a rope, tied to the rafters, crate or beam. It is unacceptable for tying a rope or other tube furnace!

Coating of the inner side of the roof

Окраска внутренней стороны кровли фотоSteel roof covering not only outside rusts, but inside. The most likely places rust - between crate. part of the roof, lying on a crate, can not rust, as protected by boards. Rust occurs due to penetration of hot air through the attic floor. practice shows, that often are rusted space between lathing, but they can also be a crate. To protect the roof from rust to be cleaned between the steel battens steel brush and paint over twice. Two-time painting will extend the service life of metal roofing. Upon detection of rust on the galvanized steel roof should be removed immediately rust, primed refined place the wet paint and covered by two layers of paint.

Especially for site independent repair of apartment.

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