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Classification by type of roofs roof covering

There are many options to protect the house from moisture in the house and heat retention, that people used. Consider the basic, and exotic species of the roof that may be applied to the roofs of houses from scrap materials.

metal roofs

The advantages of this type of roof are strength, durability, the possibility of mounting and the ease of, including, on the roofs of complex geometric shapes. metal roofing costs depend on the characteristics of the material manufacturer and brand. The basis metal roofing purlins or represent wooden lathing. If installation is correct, the metal roof, without requiring repair, It will last several decades.

slate roof

Shale is the oldest natural material, used for roofing device. Slate roofing is made up of fragments are large single block of rock slate plates. Because of the complexity extraction of oil shale and its processing cost, the cost is quite high slate roof, but its remarkable performance fully justify investments. The roof of slate aesthetic, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, not afraid of the negative external influences, its service life Extremely long. Roof, covered with slate, able to give any building a solid form, maintained for a very long time.


reed roof

For a device of such roof is used having a high resistance to penetration by water moisture and rot bulrush.

The essence of the roofing is, reeds that are placed on the roof is in the water outwardly of the stem portion. Unique properties of this material is, that its use significantly reduces the probability of occurrence of the roof, also allows you to preserve the natural atmosphere in the room. In the hottest summer days under a roof will be cool, and in severe winter cold - heat. In some cases, for example to preserve thatched roof during fire, material treated beforehand with special means. The advantages of reed roofs are well insulated, environmental Safety, durability and aesthetics. It is advisable to use such material for arrangement of roofing simple form. The duration of reed roof may reach 100 years old.


Roofing shingles

wooden shingles, or tire del, shingle, It is a natural material from hardwood species (beech, oak, cedar, larch). z beverages,Wooden shingle outwardly represents flakes, made by hand. Roof, covered with shingles, It looks like a forest cones. When moist wood increases in volume, giving rise to a dense cover of wood flakes. basic requirement, imposed on the raw material for wood shingles, - is a complete absence of cracks and knots. The wood must be mature, besides treated prevents its natural decay means. High quality shingle serve to 100 years as a roofing and still retain a great appearance of natural material.


turf roof

Arranged with the help of turf roof is not the first century used in construction. Installation of sod roof - dostatdernovaya-krovlyajpgNormally the time-consuming process. First of all, This material is characterized by significant weight, therefore it is necessary to strengthen the roof structure via planking and reliable device for its rafters. Secondly, turf for roofing requires the use of additional materials, in particular roofing, adhering to the floor with mastic. Then, the top layer was poured pebbles, gravel, and only then in the two layers are laid grass sod.

Despite the considerable weight due to the complexity of the material, arising during installation, turf roof has several advantages, following, eg, environmental security, original form, and low cost. That's almost the entire classification of roofs. Thanks for attention.


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