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How to furnish and equip a children's room with 15 a photo

Как обставить детскую комнату фото
Design bright children's room

Child's world is incomprehensible for an adult, therefore it should be surrounded by all is not so, like a normal person! We will study how to better equip the children's bedroom, and photos with examples will help to create a beautiful and bright apartment.

Children are able to pay attention to many aspects, that an adult is not noticeable. Thanks to each element in the environment develops common mosaic, which can significantly affect the formation of the child's personality.

Thanks to the children's room the child should not only be comfortable parents, but also it necessarily have to like your baby. In general, the whole atmosphere in the house should be conducive to the child, I make him feel at ease.

How to equip a small children's room

Particular attention should share with the children's room - this is where the child is forced to grow, learn and explore the world. Environment need to create a, that it has a strong influence on a positive attitude and contributed to the development of the positive nature of its small inhabitants, their habits and itineraries life.

required furniture, which is able to form a space in the room and may be the most important element for the child.

Among design options Modern children's rooms can be found pirate cabin, fabulous room for a princess, and cut off in a spaceship. But look - there's more. Furniture Children must meet certain essential rules.

Firstly, this is about safety for the child. Be mindful of easy breaking glass and sharp corners, on which children can get hurt. The child often climbs on furniture, therefore it is necessary to search for a room a strong and wear-resistant, and eliminates loose elements. Making furniture should be only from environmentally friendly material.

And secondly, furniture should match the taste and character of children. Under no circumstances should force do not make the child to be in the room, which he does not like. When you are buying furniture for children's bedrooms, be sure to consult with your child and try to find out, on a variant of the room he dreams, You can show him an example of the directory. But be careful, children violent fantasy, and he himself is very difficult to make an independent choice, so try to choose the option with the situation, which means that each day your child will be happy.

Also important is the fact, that in the circumstances the children's bedroom must be conformity to the age of the child, and its growth. For example, that the child took out their own high-shelf items and items, turn on and off the light, without risking fall or hitting.

Specific recommendations for the arrangement of furniture in the room, no - it affects planning, interior lighting, type of furniture and the needs of slum children's room.

Just remember, that the bed should not be near a heater, and the table must be located near the natural light, it fell to the left side.

What wallpapers for a child

The walls are in the children's room, can say, its main element, and the child always sees them in front. Moreover, they are the first material, where children try their hand as young artists. First learned bukovki, koryavenko hand lettering, portraits of family members often lie indelible marks on wallpaper recently nakleinnye parents.

The question of "what to choose wallpaper for the nursery" is not idle, it is well known, that shown in these images and patterns have an impact on the child's psyche, so the choice of wallpaper should be taken very seriously. Wallpaper Children's Room necessarily must comply with environmental requirements, practicality, security, as well as be in the best for children's eye colors.

Now, natural wallpaper on the market are paper, textiles and wall cork material.

most practical, and the cost, option would be the use of wallpaper. Their choice is so wide, that determine the coating for any interior not be a problem. Moreover, paper wall does not pose any threat to the health of babies, because they are environmentally friendly materials and do not contain in its structure any synthetic fibers. Of course, they do not differ too long life, however, and the price is very affordable, but because they can often be changed without much damage to the family budget and without regret.

clear, Paper monolayer wallpaper that can not be subjected to serious cleaning or washing, because they are not resistant to moisture, but their colleagues are already dual-layer can be wiped with a damp cloth, moreover, they are not so much fade in the sun.

so, Further discussion regarding, some wallpapers for a child should choose. Another type of natural wallpapers are cork wallpaper. they are different from other wallpaper for its anti-static properties: because of, that they are not electrified, they do not collect dust on its surface, which greatly facilitates the care of them ha and extends the life of the coating. It is because of its properties of cork wallpaper are a great option walls in the nursery, especially if, if a child are frequent allergic reactions. However, these wallpapers have a drawback - the price. they cost more, than conventional paper wallpaper, therefore afford them, Unfortunately, not everyone can.children's wallpaper

Another of the types of natural not cheap wallpaper for the nursery are textile wallpaper. they are produced by two-layer: one layer - a paper or paper basis, the other - drawing on the basis of fabric or thread, natural or man-made materials. the steel market now appear manufactured specifically for children's bedrooms textile wall, an upper layer which is made from flax.

Besides, that textile wall are relatively high cost, another disadvantage is the difficulty of care for this coating - they must be at a very high accuracy wiped with a dry cloth or very carefully vacuumed. Textile wallpaper is not only very beautiful look on the walls, but also are environmentally friendly, has a good noise insulation properties, nonflammable, that too is an advantage.

The market of finishing materials and related offers consumers the wallpaper in a huge range. They are abstract paintings can be displayed, can be heroes of favorite movies and cartoons, all kinds of ornaments, etc.. Moreover, There are even some wallpaper, It is specifically designed for, that the child drew them.wallpaper image

However, defining, some wallpapers for a child to choose, experts recommend to give preference to coatings with calm colors, a beneficial effect on the psyche of the child. Therefore, the best option presented wallpaper soft pastel. It is undesirable to use the wallpaper with the often repeated pattern, because children this can very quickly get bored and will cause a sparseness.

Which would cover you preferred, should always remember, that the children's room should be as cozy and comfortable, because it is the child's world, in which it develops, increases, matures.

The main criteria

There are a few rules, by which to equip a children's room - a bedroom can be done, cozier, more, wider and more spacious, if you use light colors. But the dark shades of the walls will narrow any room. As for the activity of the child, that for hyperactive children is desirable to paint the walls in shades of green. As known, Green calms, but the red - listed in Activity. therefore, to stir up the passive child, fill his room with red objects, toys, balloons.

World of the child - is a tale of our childhood. therefore, try to translate it into practice for your child, to equip a children's room, try to beautifully, but 15 Photo examples will help in this.

Methods how to furnish a nursery in the photo

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Compact furniture in the apartment

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обустроить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото

Как обставить детскую комнату фото



No need to afraid to experiment in an environment and you will definitely not less exotic and brightly, like these 15 photo examples!



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  1. Children's room – this is a great scope for implementing parental fantasies. The child can now choose one, and another tomorrow, so be prepared. The main focus, of course, on safety, whatever it may be the smallest room, You do not need to hang shelves above the bed or install it near the wall outlet. The Internet is now plenty of photos with the children's rooms, looking at ten of them, It is dazzled due mostly too bright colors. The color scheme should help the child, focus on taking lessons, configure to rest. In no case do not use harsh colors, that excite and tuned to hyperactive behavior.

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