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Classical bedroom in pastel colors

As a child, we all presented themselves heroes of fairy tales, many of us were princes and princesses, kings and queens, They dreamed of living in a luxurious and elegant palaces or castles. But we grow up, childhood dreams have remained dreams, and we understand, all very different in adulthood. But this little bit of childhood memories can still take with them into adulthood. And to do this by creating a bedroom in a classic style in pastel colors or in other words the royal bedroom. The warm shades of beige and yellow colors of the bedroom, decorated in a classic style, - This room, which should breathe majesty, elegance and beauty. To be both cozy and giving a sense of peace. The only downside of this whole undertaking is, that the design of the bedroom in classic style - very expensive.

The ceiling and walls in a classic style

Classic style ceiling removes one of the main places. This may be a standard white ceiling with lighting, stucco or other elements in the form of friezes and columns. It may also be suspended ceiling, stylized frescoes of biblical scenes.

The walls in the bedroom should be decorated, first of all, Environmentally friendly materials. In the design, you can use:

  • textiles or make wall paintings;
  • quality decorative plaster;
  • natural stone or ceramics.

Here in the design you can come in handy ceramic tile from Kerama Marazzi collection. This tile is made in oriental style, It simulates the texture of yew wood and has a miniature decor with stylized floral ornaments for Japanese characters. Tile has two color solutions: beige and brown. Making one wall or part of a wall with tiles create an extraordinary decor and give your bedroom an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.

Floor bedroom in a classic style

The floor in the bedroom should be the main decoration is very important and at the same time to use a good quality floor coverings. This feature may be of expensive parquet wood or marble covering sawmills. But one of the best solutions is to use tiles Code of Italon. bright, elegant, sparkling and mesmerizing view - it, perhaps, Only part of the characteristics of this ceramic tile, which will give your room a luxurious look.

If you are staying on the floor covering of granite, choice you will not be easy - the producers have tried to surprise even the most demanding customers. for example, Collection of Russian factory Kerama Marazzi , will effect. Collection of two shades: beige and gray, It is giving you the opportunity as closely as possible to realize your ideas in design. This tile can be used as a decorative insert, what, perhaps it will look even more spectacular.

But the collection of the Italian firm, shallow Italon Code , It makes it possible to finish the walls and floor so, that they are in harmony in shades, texture, decor.

tile Italon Cod

Accessories for classic bedrooms

The main rule when choosing accessories for bedrooms must be harmony and restraint. When monophonic design of the walls they can be decorated with paintings in the framework of fine wood or gilt framework. Drawing the picture should match the style of the room.spalni-v-svetlykh

Special decoration of the room will be magnificently framed by a massive mirror, various statues and ornamental plants. An important rule in the design space in a classical style - a balance of colors and harmonious combination of all things to each other. Stick to this rule, and you have its own unique bedroom in classic style. find out, as a set decoration.

Pastel colors in the interior

What can tell about a person interior of his home? A lot of things: what his social status, temperament, whether it is saturated or monotonous life, Do you have this human artistic taste and even more you can see, after looking carefully. The nature of the host and the rhythm of his life can often be found, drawing attention to the color scheme in the rooms.

bedding colors
bedding colors

Usually, pastel colors in the interiors preferred by people engaged. They come home and want, their warmth enveloped, and his eyes rested on a nice light, unobtrusive colors. Make a room in pastel colors can be, regardless of the selected style.

design options

Bedroom in pastel colors always looks elegant and gentle, and it is very suitable for women. If you want to make a man's bedroom, worth a stop on the blue-blue tones, with the addition of shades of green. In any case, light powdery colors will make the interior of the freshness and softness, which is very appropriate in the bedroom. Usually, when designing interiors use one of the following three schemes:

  • In the neutral tone is used as the base, as an additional - pastel. examples: beige and light blue, gray and pastel pink, gentle brown and mint.
  • And as the base, and used as an additional color pastel. In this case, you can combine any colors, eg, blue and pink, blue and purple, lemon and mint, coral and turquoise. All pastel colors perfectly in tune with each other, so you can make up a pair of your own taste without risk to make a mistake.
  • Use just three or even more pastel shades in a variety of combinations. Do not be afraid, the result will be too bright - pastel colors soften color combinations, and finished interior will be happy and at the same time gentle.
  • As the colors of the diluent pastel shades are most suitable light beige. In this role, may also serve white, brown, Gray, but still the most suitable designers believe beige, milk, cream, cream. Gray is used in cases, when they want to bring to the interior cool notes, brown and allow to include vintage elements to it.

If you create the interior from scratch, make sure that, to combine with each other, not only the color of the walls, accessories, but also harmony furniture, and outdoor environment throughout the coating corresponded. In this interior is appropriate simple furniture. There are graceful, sculpted lines, Metal elements. Suitable glass tables, mirror on stenah.Napolnoe coating also should be simple - you can buy stoneware tiles, laminate flooring or tiles imitating.

Want to bring a drop of luxury - buy carpet regular shape. Its color should be combined with accessories in the room. Moreover, the carpet may be a dark color.

Pros and cons of a bedroom in bright colors

For the bedrooms are best suited bright colors, and no wonder they are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to a number of positive aspects of the interior, namely:

  • Increases the space visually, It is making it bigger and it feels, that place much more, This is especially true for small rooms. There are many options to choose from Interior, as bright colors have become part of most styles.
  • Light colors are more versatile, These may come a variety of patterns and combinations, design solution will be more interesting due to the wide variety of options.
  • This room more positive, well-dressed, full of freshness and elegance, at the same time calming effect on the nervous system, it is just important for the bedroom. Even if the room is a deficit of natural light, the bright colors will still make it much lighter and fresher. In addition the choice of furniture in this case would be easier and less expensive.

Along with the advantages you can always highlight the negative aspects. In this case, it is worth noting, that this interior is also necessary to draw up correctly, that it was not gloomy and boring, nevertheless still requires some interesting details. In addition, the light will have to clean up the bedroom more often.

Color solution Bedroom

Interior, Classically decorated, It should combine only noble shades of soothing and muted pastel tones.

Very well suited cream, sand or coffee color in combination with white. To give a special charm to your bedroom, use in moderation gilding.

One of the main decorations of the room can become a window, if you order a window sill, lined with mosaics. This will bring the window sill in the design of your bedroom a touch of modernity and chic. One embodiment of the sill lining can be checked. She looks much juicier and more effective than other mosaics and is simple stacking. Of course the best solution to use natural stone as windowsill.

The curtains on the windows should be designed in the same style. It is best to choose suitable curtains of heavy fabric with lambrequins in combination with a light and shiny organza.

Please pay attention to the details

If you decide to create a soothing atmosphere at home, perfect the style of an old country house: bright, as it faded warm colors, comfortable wooden furniture, cushions on the couch and the mandatory presence of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, etc.).

If present patterns, they should also be calm - flowers, strip or cell. On the floor are best suited wood or granite light brown , "under the tree". Do not underestimate the presence of trinkets - just little things and give the interior integrity, a cozy room.

This style will look great in the kitchen and the bedroom. You want to be in the apartment of harmonious color schemes, but the living room to make a more dynamic? Make bright colors with accessories: figurines, pillow, vases, etc.. And then, trust, no one can say, that pastel colors are boring and monotonous. Before, like venturing repair, think carefully, what colors you want to see on the walls, semi, how they will be combined, and in what style you would like to see the room. The more details will be considered "on the bank", more interesting will be the result in the end.




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