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The lighting in the interior, selection of lamps for rooms

If you pick up the right lighting for your living room, then not only maintain eye health, but will also highlight in the usual interior. Your room will be considered a well-lit only, if per square meter will fall lamp power 20 W. Yet it is not necessary to understand these words literally and will not step to move away from these indicators, because your house has a special purpose for each of its zones. It turns out, and that the lighting should be appropriate for every room.

What kind of light is much better to set?

For the largest room in the house, it is desirable to use a chandelier, in which the light sources polnostyu.Otlichno open fit into the interior modern LED chandelier. Frosted bulbs are perfect for ceiling light, because their tone is the most optimal and pleasing to the eye. The floor lamps, built-in lamps and wall sconces can be used incandescent or low power LED.

Value for money and saving on lamps. It only remains an important issue as LED lamps?

The main thing that I want to say, nebyli matter how good modern LED lamps they have a hertz oscillation that affects the eyes.

Lamp, that you use on your desktop, let it be no less than 60 W. Over the workplace can be positioned halogen lamp, which is perfect as the top light. Such a device should be provided with a control of the intensity of light - dimmer, which will allow you to control the lighting depending on the eye fatigue. Suitable for the office and fluorescent lamps, which is labeled "840". Just do not forget, that when working with a lamp must always light and ceiling light. In this case, the load on the eye is not so big.Освещение в интерьере, подбор ламп для комнат фото

The presence of bright light in the interior of a bedroom is not necessarily. A much better solution to ensure complete rest is soft, diffused and soft light. Bedside zone can illuminate, using LED Strip, whose power does not exceed 25 W. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, then you can use the lamp flicker or lamp with shade. It should be clarified, that flicker - this is such a lamp, which creates a simulation of the burning flame of a candle. It gives a little light, and from a distance you can not tell her "flicker" from this burning flame. In order to know how many and what bulbs you need to power, use online calculator lighting rooms.

Now you know what kind of light is much better to install in your rooms. A better approach to the selection lighting in the apartment more scrupulously, in fact depend on it and common sense when you are in the room. And if you just want all planned and to make a false ceiling plasterboard, it is a great opportunity to play with the imagination and light.

Tips for choosing fixtures for apartments

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  1. Incandescent leave the life of modern people. In my flat are energy-saving fluorescent lamps, Though they are more expensive than conventional light bulbs, but also to change their accounts and savings rarely visual. Somehow I do not regret the money and buy LED, I wonder what kind of a miracle to save. The light in my house warm in all rooms, yellow, buying a lamp did not even think about this one.

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