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Why is misted window, sweat

Потеют металлопластиковые окна фото
Why sweat the plastic windows?

Enough common life situations - fogging glasses when exiting the cold from the room, glass in the bathroom or the windows in the apartment. Condensation - precisely the problem faced by millions of people. Identify the cause of this phenomenon is simple enough, if we consider several options.

The main reasons for the appearance of condensation on the windows metalloplastikovyh, ie. zapotevaniя, are two factors - humidity and temperature. That change these values, from a scientific point of view, It may affect the situation. for example, if raising the humidity at constant temperature, or, conversely, at constant humidity to lower the temperature, you will achieve the phenomenon misted windows. This is because the, that the surface of the apartment is the coolest, in the case of windows. And often the problem faced by condensing it in the winter, due to the considerable difference in temperature and humidity.


Why windows fog up due to temperature? in different rooms This difference is due to several factors - external and internal. The first is the impact of wind. In the case where a window overlooks the purged side, it will be cooler box, which overlooks the courtyard. By reason of internal battery relates assignment in different rooms to multiple risers and different degrees of warm air from the access window to the batteries. To avoid misting, you need to choose the right glass unit. If there is a single chamber in your apartment, replace it with a two-chamber. Also check the access of warm air supply from the battery to the windows. Very often it is a wide window sills, screens, etc.. serve as a barrier. Raising the temperature of the inner surface of the window, you can avoid condensation problems, stop "sweating".


Why sweat the plastic windows from moisture? High humidity must be brought to a normal level. Usually, overestimation of this factor occurs after repairs (eg, concrete, plastering, upholstery). In this case, regularly ventilate the apartment. If you live in a private home, check the hood. maybe, it is outdated and it's time to replace.

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  1. Living on the fifth (extreme) floor apartment with a corner, confronted with the problem of misting. Every morning I watch, accumulation of water at the bottom of the glass. reason, probably, in windy side and high humidity in the apartment. In the future, we will have to change the window for better unnecessarily. on the set due to moisture appears mold, blackened corners. Of course, Council right to buy good windows, consult with experts in the sales offices. It is not necessary to save the health and comfort.

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