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What better to do on the slopes of PVC windows - plasterboard, plaster or plastic

Какие откосы лучше делать на окнах ПВХ фото
Choosing the right slopes for plastic windows.

Setting the slope as an important step of the installation of windows. Slope - the inside of the window opening, a place, which is inserted into the window itself. When you have to change the window, you must pay attention to the slopes, the higher quality, the better it will look a whole.

When you install the windows of PVC today offered the following types of slopes:

  • plasterboard;
  • plastering;
  • plastic.

Without (okosyachky) any thing new and quality window will look unfinished and sloppy. And often learn about the slopes during the repair of an apartment or replacement of windows. So, the old slopes for a long time stood without a single crack, there is an explanation. Old window design had improved breathability. From gapping cracks and ash pit, that created gentle slopes temperature zone. But the modern design of wooden and plastic windows has a leak. The air does not flow into the gap, who simply do not, and slopes are between the outside cold and warm inside, that is, the temperature boundary, which is expressed quite sharply. When opening windows for ventilation, cold air gets warmed up on the slope, because of what it is cracked. It is also plays an important role condensate.

Plastering slopes for plastic windows

mortar, which are made of slopes, It is not connected firmly to the PVC frame, and that sooner or later lead to the delamination of the slope. The slope is not plastering materials, which would have been good insulating properties, This leads to opening hypothermia in the cold, the window. This causes condensation, how Windrow, and on the pane.

For the manufacture of plaster slopes it takes a long time. On technology material is applied in layers, and each new layer can lay down only after drying of the previous. Otherwise, the surface will crack. Plaster, which is superimposed on the concrete or brick, It continues a wall. Therefore slopes obtained cold and freeze at the joints with the frame. by the way, look what is today modern technology insulation windows, the most common technique - oknadena .

Plasterboard soffits

The same flaws and slopes of drywall, which still require a good attachment. If glued on a thin plastic sheet of plasterboard, Quality will not be at the height of: This time-consuming work under insufficient stability plasterboard and unreliability adhesive compound also leads to the destruction.

Thin plastic sheets are not suitable for finishing, although it is one of the easiest ways to trim. Okosyachka window in this case is not insulated, and this leads to the formation of condensation and frost, a method for bonding leads to delamination of the plastic from the compression / expansion material.

PVC plastic slopes

Now on the market of building materials you can find a panel of cellular plastic. When mineral wool insulation, using a mounting profile, panel mounting rail You can use this material. We should choose the highest quality manufacturers. Cheaper with time bar change color, on the face visible stiffeners, which in turn leads to loss of the overall attractiveness of the window, seems artisanal decoration of the window opening at Quality construction window.

Slopes of MDF panels cost cheap enough, than made of plasterboard, They do not have sufficient resistance to moisture and need quality mount.

In one-sided sandwich panels good aesthetic characteristics, but there is no sufficient rigidity. This is particularly undesirable when the slopes of the broad, because the slope will sag.

To date, produced two-layer sandwich panels and special plastic slopes, which are considered the most high-quality and practical to use, although they are more expensive than others.

Setting the slope of PVC plastic windows It provides a good seal, ensure that no cracks, create a sense of solidity and completeness.

An important role in the overall impression of the room, removed and the junction of wallpaper and slope. The most expensive high-quality repairs will be nullified, if they can be seen lagging at the junction of wallpaper and cracked slope. Eliminate it is also possible with the help of the slope of PVC. Perfectly eliminate visual minus when changing slope wooden structure to plastic, when the band is due to the difference in the thickness of wooden frames and plastic. In addition, the installation of slopes of PVC does not take much time, they have moisture resistance, They are not afraid of direct sunlight, substantially transform the appearance of the room. Significantly, that in the event of damage to the plastic slope PVC, it can be replaced easily with a new. Due to operational quality and reasonable cost, plastic slopes gained much popularity. It is important as well install window sill given inclinations distortions.

Installation of plastic slopes

The completed installation of slopes plan for PVC windows is the easiest. K because plastic, Unlike other materials, strain can tolerate up to a critical point. If the slope wood can not withstand seasonal changes in temperature and deformed without varnish protection, the plastic is easily transferred as moisture, and temperature extremes. From a decorative point of view,, slopes may resemble textured finishes such as metal, tree. This is achieved by laminating a special film, which simulates these materials. Learn about new way of mounting slopes, which will be very interesting.

Video installation of plastic slopes




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