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Repair of old wooden windows with their hands

Ремонт старых деревянных окон своими руками. Реставрация и утеплениеUsually, Wood windows have always been and still remains the most beautiful and quality windows, among such a wide range of, available on the market. It goes without saying, It is now very different technology used in the manufacture of wooden windows and the quality of, the resulting, It can not compare with the quality of the windows, which were installed in our home years 15 – 20 ago. Respectively, after all these years, old wooden windows need to be replaced, or repair, warming. Most people, of course, think, that the restoration of wooden windows with their hands - an unnecessary process and better to buy and install new modern plastic window, but they do not have those qualities, which are present in the timber, and especially the restoration of the old technology is not is costing you a pretty penny, as opposed to buying new. It is not necessary to have special skills and knowledge, that their own hands to restore its old window, as this process is not complicated. Let us mention some of the key steps.

stages of work:

Prepare your old frames strippers will Top first action during the restoration of the windows with their hands. This procedure is done in two ways: mechanical, any chemical. The first option will demand a little more tools, such as chisels, screwdriver, wash, brush, putty knife. For the second method, you'll need a putty knife, and building dryer. If you have prepared all the tools, it is now necessary to remove the frames with the window opening, then rinse and thoroughly clean the paint from the frame.

Shpatlevanie will second action, or you can call it a second stage, restoration of wooden windows. For, to hide the existing large cracks on the frames, We need to use glue and using screws to fix them. The fine-grained sandpaper is ideal for polishing the frame after, Stopper it as you.

Further third stage - is painting the window frames. Painted window in different ways, both by spraying, and also a brush roller and. The choice of paint - a very important process, because of its quality will depend on the durability of the frames service.

Silicone seal the windows, which are inserted into the already inserted in its place in the window opening frame, Do not skimp on silicon, it will trap moisture, so she does not get inside.

Thermal insulation of old windows

Утепление старых деревянных окон своими рукамиThis will help us modern materials. In the vast selection method and installation, considered the most reliable sealing of tubular form. Measured the width of the window frame and the window of the gap in the following way: in a plastic bag or film wrap a piece of clay and close the window. When selecting the width of the seal based on these sizes. When installing, do not stretch the tape, she must bear exactly. Secure the material with small nails or staple gun in length, that the tape was recorded, and when you open the window does not slip and is not moved from its place. These tips is enough, To make self-repairing old windows and insulate them. And as practice shows - wood windows are much longer than their plastic counterparts.

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