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Wiring in the video apartment

Электропроводка в квартире своими руками видео, фото
Wiring in apartment with his hands

It is believed, that consumes an average modern apartment near 8 kilowatt. so, you should use the automatic switch on 40 ampere. It's enough, to protect against overload and short-circuit current. RCD (t.n. OUZO) needed to protect people from electrical shocks, as well as in the races of the supply voltage. Most often set 2 OUZO, one - to the leakage current on 10 milliampere (For bathroom) and the second - 30 milliampere (for the female group). To learn more about the proper installation and can be in the article about RCD.

A wire is selected on the assumption, that the load on it shall not be higher 8 A / sq mm. For the female group is enough solid copper provoda1,27 mm in diameter.

You should carefully consider the scheme wiring runs, To safely carry out wiring in the apartment, and video tips below will help in this. Should be considered, shtroblenie that the walls should be minimal, tracks should not overlap. Wiring is routed only to the horizontal and vertical straight lines. The apartments usually do concealed wiring, located in Stroebe - 1,5 – 2 centimeter recess. Shtroblenie walls made of disk grinding machine. Is used in this diamond cutting disc. Adapters for mounting and junction boxes punch puncher. Wiring attached alabaster solution every 25 cm - 30 cm. Installation jacks and fixed alabaster. It is impossible to save on wire length - it should be enough to free all the necessary connections. Isolate the joints better shrink tubing or PVC tape. It is forbidden to directly connect wires of different metals - only through terminal blocks. Also not recommended for use when connecting stranding. With time, in field twists the wire becomes increased fragility. Better use with active solder fluxes type zinc chloride.

All places of any of the wires are placed in the distribution boxes, without exception,. Also, be aware, what concealed wiring in the apartment, made with their own hands, or going under plasterboard, siding or clapboard, It must lie in a protective sleeve.

Grooves under the socket or switch does not go above it. Installation boxes, plastic is better to take - they provide a tight fit. Calculating the number of outlets - 1 socket 6 square meters of floor space. Switches and sockets are best positioned at a height 75 -80 cm. sex.

All work carried out on the dead network. Connecting machines to power only after checking the entire network.

Wiring in an apartment with their hands Video


See another video "How to replace sockets and switches”. It will be useful to view all, who is faced with this and do not know how the wiring in an apartment, video boards are attached below.





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