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Factory and homemade hopper buckets

To accelerate and facilitate the task of plastering the walls and ceiling solution will help a special device - a plaster shovel hopper bucket, which automatically spray the solution onto the surface. Ideally suited for large areas. To make it possible to own from scrap materials. This will be cheaper but can be purchased in hardware store: worth about adaptation 7000 rubles.

Using a bucket for spraying plaster on the wall
Using a bucket for spraying plaster on the wall

The use of the bucket

Bucket factory production can be wall and ceiling. These models differ in the type, in particular, structurally Grip. At the hopper wall is angled 45 degrees, while the ceiling - 90 degrees.

Buckets are universal and, except plaster, adapted for use with such materials, as:

• concrete mixtures;
• cement-sand mixture and cork;
• textured paint;
• liquid wallpaper.

Hopper provides better adhesion solutions, plastering improves due to the greater forces of impact on the surface of the mixture. Each bucket is equipped with a compressor plastering - that it makes it possible to carry out spraying solution. At the base of the ladle nozzle located, to which a stream of air. Bucket fully exempt from a mixture of 3-5 seconds. With this one hour the master is able to plaster 60 square meters of surface layer 1-2 cm.

plastering Technology

Before starting work, put up beacons, wall or ceiling is moistened with water. If you plan on spraying, establish a reinforced mesh. Since the plastering process via the hopper takes place at high speed, and for 3-4 minutes of operation of the apparatus consumed approximately 50-60 kilograms ready mix, You are kindly requested to make a large supply solution. It is recommended to automate this process, using a concrete mixer or a mortar mixer. Compositions for application, plastering proportions.

By the spray mixture necessary to start immediately after its preparation. Pounce range is selected depending on the desired result, usually factory or homemade plaster hopper kept at a distance 4-5 centimeters from the surface to be treated. When the process is completed, plaster leveled rule, and after drying overwritten.

Bucket after the operation it is necessary to wash out

It is simple: its upper part is dipped into a container of water, then include a compressor for blowing nozzles. Residues solution is removed from the tool manually workspace, using a cloth. If, during the plastering is required to take a break, do the same: Hopper dipped into water and washed with, but leave the vessel until, until the job is resumed.

Independent production hopper bucket

Although buckets for plastering are relatively inexpensive, and in lease any model can be taken at a reasonable price, Some artists prefer to make your own working tool. His hands usually have to collect only the bucket, the remaining parts purchased.

Pattern one-liter bucket is represented in the diagram, but plaster shovel has various drawings, and if you will improve it in its sole discretion, This will not be anything wrong. Details of the hopper is cut from a sheet of metal. Presented in Scheme ladle made of aluminum and two strips reinforced duralumin. Its elements are connected with screws. It is important to, that between the edges of the parts had no gaps, otherwise the product will flow. To solve this problem, you can use metal corners and linings. If the hopper is made of a more durable material, eg, become, it makes sense to use no screws, and strife, and with leaking problem disappears by itself.

bucket Pattern
Bucket recommended to equip a comfortable and solid handle. Represented in the drawing model has left it to, that the main burden falls on the weight right hand. If the master - left-hander, the handle is attached to the right side of the hopper.

Also plaster scoop hopper equipped with fixtures to hold the spray gun and the hole, where the device is inserted. It is worth noting, that homemade models less power, than the factory, which have two, three or four nozzles. Some craftsmen add nozzle, hoping to increase the performance of their vehicles. However, and one nozzle per liter of mixture is sprayed 10-20 seconds, depending on the consistency of the material.

Bucket fits over spray, the latter is mounted hose, leading from the air compressor. Enjoy homemade hopper as needed, how and fabrichnыm, Is that an acceptable distance from the wall more - 15-20 centimeters. It is necessary to closely monitor the, so that when he scooping solution does not adhere to the outer side of the bucket.

If you use a plaster shovel hopper bucket with his hands collected, the need to care for her as well, as well as for the factory model. The product was washed with water in vessel, excess solution wash cloth.

Generally, homemade hoppers little in what concede factory, except for one restriction: they are suitable only for use with walls. Plaster ceiling with the help of hand picked Bucket uncomfortable. If there is such a problem, will have to produce a new hopper with a modified design, and sometimes - even to buy another spray, with a more ergonomic handle.

Generally, butvtomatizatsiya process of applying plaster on the wall will save you a lot of time and effort. The main difficulty will only consist in, to align deposited on the treated surface a solution of. Find out how much will need to plaster, will help calculator.

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  1. And what to do on their own bucket? Buy ready to be cheaper. Rates much lower steel, after that, as they began to make Cherepovets. Proceedings of thousands to 5 p. for strange results. So in fact it is possible and stucco to make himself. Certainly the Internet technology is, and at first glance, everything is simple.

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